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Michael Petrasso

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3 minutes ago, Pottsy3 said:

I've never really fancied him as a fullback. Would love to see him a bit higher up the field when healthy. Ottawa wouldn't be a bad place for him to get another shot.

Yeah, same here. He can play there, but it never really looks too convincing, does it?

Unlike Cordova, or even Aird, he really looks like a winger being shoehorned into the fullback position.

I think he needs to play higher up the field, whether that's with Montreal, Ottawa, or somewhere in the CPL.

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Charlton just signed a left back, has no particular need for a winger, and while they might make more signings don't seem to have any imminent. Steve Gallen, Charlton's director of recruitment, was working in Q.P.R.'s academy while Petrasso was there. I expect this is just a favour.

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