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On 1/26/2019 at 7:35 AM, Vic said:

I caught a feed of Atletico Madrid v Malaga today.

The quality of play was so incredibly high. We don't have anything remotely or fractionally near it.

We are so completely, utterly, massively and royally f#*ked.

Hate to harsh the mellow but Canadian women's soccer is Dead Man Walking.

We have a limited chance of success in France this summer but it's the least kick at the cat.

Well probably always have a Buchanan or Lawrence or Fleming, kind of like our men with Davies or Hoilett or Larin, but we can't put 11 on a field like others will be able to.

And we know the ranking of that formula / scenario.

Women's CPL is coming. I just hope it comes soon.

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China becomes another country where sanction of a top-level men's program requires a women's program as well.


"This is a pattern on which we can model our women's game. So we have decided that each CSL [Chinese Super League] side should have a women's team by 2020 so the men's game will lend their strengths to the women's game."

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