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Hi there


I'm a long time follower of the Canadian soccer but new to The Voyageurs. I've been to a handful of national team games and watch the live streams whenever I can and usually watch TFC games when they're on. I also just started a blog where I interview Canadians playing outside of the MLS (I joined to get feedback on it actually). Outside of Canada, I'm a Benfica and West Ham fan. I look forward to whatever I learn on here and to meeting more fans :)

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hi everyone. after one depressing week i've been reviewing myself and i spend too much time here. i'm exiting (partly). i want to say bye and sorry to anyone i pissed off greatly ranging from @shermanator to @BringBackTheBlizzard to @Ansem (if any of us ever meet, in ansem's case meet again, i'll buy you a beer and we'll talk over our differences). I want to thank these forums for letting me rage for 3 years but it's time to give what needs my attention the attention it deserves. bye (partly) forums (i'll be back to bitch on you weekly maybe but not hourly).

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