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You neglected to mention the part about Cox comparing TFC ratings to Raptor ratings (before the playoffs) and both being well below Argo ratings or the rumours going around about TFC games being papered which is one of the main things the TFC people accuse the Argos of. 

Or TFC being so unpopular on TSN that they've given the rights up, something which even I didn't think would happen considering it's Canadian content for TSN.

Or how about people happily prophesying about the CPL and then when it appears it might not be a go suddenly start shitting on the thread bare, poor CFL owners.

Or the other part that you neglected to mention your hatred of the Argos and CFL and your active support in trying to kill them which is beyond scummy.

How's aboot we take this conversation over to your thread shall we and everyone else can participate as well.

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2 hours ago, BringBackTheBlizzard said:

You feel the need to spam a soccer forum with CFL propaganda why?

In case you've lost the ability to think and read (which evidently you have) let me spell it out for you, this is a General Off Topic Discussion Thread For everything else non-soccer: Other Sports, Hockey, Gridiron, Baseball, Politics, Current Events ... . 

The CFL being off topic from soccer as far as I know.

Propaganda?  What isn't true in this thread?

Please answer one thing for me if you can straighten your tongue for a second and tell the truth.  If they are doing so poorly and they are (re attendance) why are the Argos a threat to you and do you feel the need to kick them when they're down.  You guys never seem to have an answer for that.

If you want to troll this forum great, I'll head over to yours and throw shit like it's never been seen before and do what what some of the TFC people do, just make it up as I go.  Apparently you want to go there, so I'll make sure the people in the TFC and MLS forums know who to thank.

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This is a soccer forum not a CFL one. There is nothing unreasonable in soccer fans being happy to see the mainstream media finally acknowledge what has been obvious for many years now where the relative interest in TFC and the Argos in the GTA market is concerned and no reason why a CFL themed thread on a soccer forum shouldn't be used to point that out. Not sure what you perceive my forum to be, but before you do that I should probably point out that I haven't been involved with any of the TFC fan groups for over eight years and haven't been at BMO Field to watch a game since 2009 as I am seldom in Toronto nowadays.

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What shit are you going to throw come over we are waiting , TFC papering the house really where did you read that? That Cox article got you all wind up lol, Cox finally speaks the truth. Easy old guy I know your an old fart like me take deep breaths lol. Moreover, that article posted by BBTB was posted in it'a proper forum not here so what's the problem? Moreover, the Impact are a weird team attendance wise, they have done pretty good attendance wise even when they were in the other leagues before moving to the MLS and again these year have had good attendance throughout the season, however, what the hell was that attendance on Sunday only 15000 on a Sunday for a playoff game really, the Allouettes in a nothing game had 20 000 props to the Montreal CFL fans for coming out the same can't be said of the Impact fans for that playoff game.

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14 minutes ago, canta15 said:

Ok I think the article was posted subtly to attack Joe. He has kept his Cfl beliefs in this thread and not in the main threads for a while now so I see no need to pick on him

Thank you.  We haven't seen eye to eye in the past but anyone being reasonable like that I will meet halfway.

Each franchise has their own separate challenges but there's really no need for either to be threatened by each other.  TFC growing will not hurt the Argos, years of mismanagement will.  And that is something that was miscalculated this year and hopefully will improve in the future.  I haven't heard too many comments about anyone having a bad fan experience with the Argos at BMO.  It's going to take more time than many of us thought, but it can come back.

I think you guys can understand when the public and media shits on you for no good reason, TFC has had years of it and the CFL is on one long run of it from a hostile mainly Toronto media (aside from TSN)  There's really no need for the two smallest sports to beat on each other.

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If it was posted to attack then it would have been posted here, it wasn't, the article was of interest to a soccer related forum , so it was posted in that soccer forum , it was not posted here, if it was posted on this forum then I would agree , but it wasn't so I don't see a problem with it being posted where it was.

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The Rouge: Ranking the health of CFL franchises
Gary Lawless TSN Senior Correspondent November 2/2016

How strong is your favourite Canadian Football League team? How well are they positioned for the future? Are they on the verge of a golden era, or are they sliding as an organization?

The last week of the regular season seems as good a time as any to take a look at the health of the league’s nine teams.

Using a five-point system — and the criteria of ownership, stadium, management (CEO, general manager and head coach), quarterback and fan base — we’ve come up with rankings for the franchises.

Stadium is vital in the CFL as it basically represents the entire value of a franchise. It’s where most of the revenue, other than broadcast dollars, comes from and can make a franchise viable — see Ottawa and Hamilton.

Mixing the five elements together, The Rouge came up with a score out of five for each category, for a total of up to 25.

Edmonton Eskimos

Ownership: Community owned. Historically one of the CFL’s most profitable franchises, Edmonton is in excellent financial shape with millions in the bank. 4.5/5
Stadium: Commonwealth Stadium was built in 1978 and has been continually refurbished and upgraded. A little on the large side for a CFL franchise, but it remains a plus. 4/5
Management: CEO Len Rhodes handles the business and has a strong football operations team in GM Ed Hervey and head coach Jason Maas. The tail wags the dog in Edmonton with Hervey wielding a lot of power. 3.5/5
Quarterback: Mike Reilly is one of the best. 4.5/5
Fan base: The Eskimos lead the league in attendance more often than not. 5/5
Overall Score: 21.5

Ottawa Redblacks

Ownership: Rock solid. Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group have deep pockets and a vision. 4/5
Stadium: Perfect for Ottawa. They sell out regularly and the atmosphere around TD Place is the best in the CFL. 4/5
Management: Managing partner Jeff Hunt is a sports and entertainment visionary who has played a key role in revitalizing the Ottawa 67’s and CFL football in Ottawa. GM Marcel Desjardins is both a planner and aggressive. Head coach Rick Campbell is even-keeled and his staff loves working for him. 5/5
Quarterback: The present (Henry Burris) and the future (Trevor Harris) are looked after. 4/5
Fan base: With the Redblacks both new and winning the fans in Ottawa have been great. But what happens when they hit tough times? The city has lost its CFL franchise twice. 3/5
Overall score: 20

Saskatchewan Roughriders

Ownership: Community-owned team is run by a board that stays out of the way of the people it hires. 4/5
Stadium: Brand new Mosaic Stadium is a state-of-the-art facility. 5/5
Management: President Craig Reynolds and head coach/GM Chris Jones are just finishing their first year together. They appear to be headed in the right direction. 3/5
Quarterback: Darian Durant is unsigned for next season, so there is some uncertainty. They’re good for a few more seasons if they can resign him, but in trouble if they can’t. 2.5/5
Fan base: The best in the league. 5/5
Overall score: 19.5

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Ownership: Bob Young is wealthy, smart and passionate. 4/5
Stadium: Tim Hortons Field is low on frills, but it’s the right size and new. 3.5/5
Management: CEO Scott Mitchell is zealous in his pursuit of all things Tiger-Cats but also puts the league first when he needs to. GM Eric Tillman is a proven winner and head coach Kent Austin has done everything but win the Grey Cup in Hamilton. 4/5
Quarterback: When healthy, Zach Collaros is one of the best in the business. But he has struggled to stay on the field the last two seasons and it has hurt Hamilton. 3/5
Fan base: They’re back in Hamilton and sellouts are the norm. 4.5/5
Overall score: 19

Calgary Stampeders

Ownership: Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation owns the Stamps and the Calgary Flames, among other properties. Good operators with a lot of horsepower. 4/5
Stadium: McMahon Stadium is tired. There’s a proposal for a new facility, but it has yet to gain any traction. It’s a huge question mark for the Stampeders and holds them back from being among the league’s top franchises.1/5
Management: Hard to argue they aren’t among the best in the league. CEO Ken King handles his business and let’s GM John Hufnagel and head coach Dave Dickenson run the football side. They just keep winning. 4/5
Quarterback: Bo Levi Mitchell. Enough said. 5/5
Fan base: Solid. Calgary is a good football town. The hardcore fans show up, but the well-heeled aren’t buying boxes and making the Stamps an event. 3/5
Overall score: 17

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Ownership: A non-profit organization run by a volunteer board that used to meddle a lot. Now under control, but saddled with major stadium debt in the neighbourhood of $100 million. 3/5
Stadium: Investors Group Field is too big, was built in the wrong place and is haunted by construction details. It looks great and once you’re inside the park it’s an awesome place to watch a game. It’s also top notch from a team facility standpoint. 3/5
Management: CEO Wade Miller has put a plan into place and stuck to it. GM Kyle Walters has grown on the job and the same can be said for head coach Mike O’Shea. Now they need to win something. 3.5/5
Quarterback: Matt Nichols has been a revelation but is a pending free agent. Kevin Glenn is good insurance. The future remains a question mark. 3.5/5
Fan base: If the stadium was 27,000 seats they would sell it out all the time. At 29,000 they would flirt with maximum capacity more often than not. But with 33,000 seats, there is no scarcity of tickets and no pent-up demand. People can decide to go to a game at the last minute. They haven’t been treated to a championship in over 25 years and yet they keep coming. 4/5
Overall score: 17

BC Lions

Ownership: David Braley has done a lot for the CFL, but owning a franchise takes vision as well as cash and that hasn’t been seen in B.C. of late. 3/5
Stadium: B.C. Place is effective but too big and it lacks atmosphere. 3/5
Management: CEO Dennis Skulsky is difficult to evaluate because of the presence of Braley above him, but the Lions aren’t humming as a business. GM and head coach Wally Buono is still among the best in the business. 3/5
Quarterback: Jonathan Jennings is young and talented. He could be an elite CFL pivot. 4/5
Fan base: Fair-weather football fans. The stadium isn’t a destination. They’ll average around 20,000 per game this season. 3/5
Overall score: 16

Montreal Alouettes

Ownership: Bob Wetenhall has been an icon in the CFL but this team needs major stadium and practice facility investment. Is he the rainmaker to bring Montreal up to the CFL’s current standard? 3/5
Stadium: Great location and the right size, but McGill Stadium is old and woefully behind on standard amenities. The team has offices and dressing rooms at Olympic Stadium but buses to the practice field. It’s the worst situation in the league. 1/5
Management: A mess. CEO Mark Weightman, GM Jim Popp and head coach Jacques Chapdelaine all have confused roles and there are plenty of rumblings about power struggles within the organization. They should give Weightman his portfolio, let Popp hire a coach and focus on player recruitment. Popp has won four Grey Cups and took the organization to 10 title games. He knows how to build a team. But his role must be clearly defined and he should not be involved in the coaching side of things, other than to hire the best candidate. 2/5
Quarterback: They’ve got some guns hanging around in Vernon Adams and Rakeem Cato, but they need time to develop. Another route would be to chase a free agent if Darian Durant or Matt Nichols goes to market. 1.5/5
Fan base: Tough to fault the fans in Montreal. The stadium is a major disadvantage. Grassroots football is alive and well in Quebec and the sport is red hot at the university level. 3.5/5
Overall score: 11

Toronto Argonauts

Ownership: Larry Tanenbaum and Bell purchased the Argos last year. Tons of cash but short on CFL track record. 2.5/5
Stadium: BMO Field is the perfect fit for the boutique Argos in the Toronto marketplace. 3/5
Management: This is the first year together for CEO Michael Copeland, GM Barker and head coach Scott Milanovich. Barker and Milanovich have won Grey Cups and they can turn the team on the field around. Copeland has a huge task ahead of him to revitalize the Argos. 2.5/5
Quarterback: No answer for the present (Drew Willy, Dan LeFevour, Logan Kilgore) and huge question marks for the future. 1/5
Fan base: The hardcore fans are awesome. There just aren’t enough of them. 2/5
Overall score: 11

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See the usual nonsense making its way into another thread. The most recent data indicates the CFL is considerably more popular than MLS amongst 18-34 year olds. Image this time (hope it works). As someone who likes both types of football, and actually prefers watching the round ball variety (mostly due to time commitment) - they only dog I have in this fight is to stop the perpetuation of bullshit. 



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19 minutes ago, Gordon said:

As someone who likes both types of football, and actually prefers watching the round ball variety (mostly due to time commitment) - they only dog I have in this fight is to stop the perpetuation of bullshit.

That's where I come from as well except I prefer the CFL and then our women's team and then the men.  i don't care for MLS but I won't actively campaign against it unless severely provoked.  And I certainly don't want to see it or any of the Canadian teams die.

Back to the subject of the thread check this out, it is pretty cool


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The Great Canadian Ratings Report: Good times continue to roll for CFL
Chris Zelkovich Eh Game November 17/2016

If there was a year in which the CFL shouldn’t have been able to stop its television ratings slide, it was 2016.

The Toronto Argonauts were a disaster on the field and at the ticket booth. The Montreal Alouettes continued their slow decline, something that traditionally doesn’t go over well in La Belle Province.

Worse, the Saskatchewan Roughriders hit the skids and even briefly lost their title as the top television draw in the league.

Despite all that, the league’s broadcast ratings increased at a time when most sports are experiencing declines. That’s quite an accomplishment.

Ratings were up five per cent during the regular season, stopping back-to-back decreases, and jumped 14 per cent for Sunday’s division semifinals.

They also thrilled their devoted fan base by beating the NFL head-to-head in both games. The West final averaged 1.06 million viewers on TSN, almost 200,000 more than the late-afternoon NFL offerings on CTV.

The East final averaged 903,000, more than 300,000 above what the NFL’s early games drew. Add in the 90,000 who watched both games on RDS and that bodes well for this Sunday’s division finals and the Grey Cup.

There are many possible reasons for this boost in fortunes. There was more offence this season and an increase in competitive games. Sunday’s semifinals both went down to the last minute, something that always boosts audience interest.

Having a dominant team like the Calgary Stampeders also tends to boost interest, especially in Calgary.

While things look promising for the rest of the CFL season, there is one potential ratings-killer beyond boring blowouts in the finals. That’s a lead-up to the Grey Cup dominated by stories about unsold tickets rather than what’s taking place on the field.

If the league and the host Argos put that fire out before next week, the good times should continue to roll.

Here are the most-watched sports events on English-language television from the past weekend, according to Numeris overnight ratings:

1. NHL, Pens-Leafs/Wings-Habs. Saturday, CBC-City: 1,600,000
2. CFL, Blue Bombers at Lions, Sunday, TSN: 1,060,000
3. NFL, Cowboys-Steeles/Dolphins-Chargers, Sunday, CTV: 981,000
4. CFL, Eskimos at Tiger-Cats, Sunday, TSN: 903,000
5. NFL, Broncs-Saints/Vikes-Skins/Falcons-Eagles, Sunday, CTV: 594,000
6. NHL, Hockey Central Saturday, CBC-City-Sportsnet: 592,000
7. NHL, Rangers at Flames, Saturday, CBC-Sportsnet 1: 507,000
8. NHL, Canadiens at Blackhawks, Sunday, Sportsnet: 504,000
9. NFL, Seahawks at Patriots, Sunday, TSN: 465,000 (NBC audience not measured)
10. NHL, Flyers at Maple Leafs, Friday, TSN Regional: 389,000
11. UFC, UFC 205 preliminaries, Saturday, TSN: 319,000
12. NBA, Knicks at Raptors, Saturday, TSN: 282,000
13. NHL, Jets at Avalanche, Friday, TSN Regional: 273,000
14. Curling, Tour Challenge women’s final, Sunday, Sportsnet: 266,000
15. NHL, Stars at Oilers, Friday, Sportsnet West: 253,000
16. NHL, Hometown Hockey, Sunday, Sportsnet: 234,000
17. Curling, Tour Challenge women’s quarters, Saturday, Sportsnet: 231,000
18. NHL, Kings at Senators, Friday, TSN Regional: 228,000
19. Curling, Tour Challenge semifinals, Saturday, Sportsnet: 217,000
20. NBA, Raptors at Hornets, Friday, Sportsnet: 214,600
21. Figure skating, Trophee de France, Saturday, CBC: 213,000
22. Curling, Tour Challenge late draw, Friday, Sportsnet: 191,000
23. Curling, Tour Challenge evening draw, Friday, Sportsnet: 185,500
24. Curling, Tour Challenge men’s quarters, Saturday, Sportsnet One: 185,300
25: Curling, Tour Challenge men’s final, Sunday, Sportsnet: 174,000

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This could be interesting

The REDBLACKS will look to RNation to power them to their second straight trip to the Grey Cup as they eye a 12th consecutive sellout to rock TD Place. The only other thing needed … more COWBELL! Fans are encouraged to wear red and show their REDBLACKS pride to receive a free REDBLACKS cowbell. 20,000 cowbells will be handed out on Sunday.

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R-Nation rewarded for allegiance to Redblacks
Decades of bad football or no football made fans hungry, but also informed ownership
Mario Carlucci, CBC News Nov 20, 2016

As the Ottawa Redblacks get set to take on their Grey Cup nemesis from last season in the eastern division final, fans of the team are counting themselves lucky for another shot at the championship game.

It seems hard to believe now that the Redblacks opened their inaugural season by going winless in nine games, finishing the 2014 campaign dead last with a record of 2-16.

The Sunday afternoon tilt against Edmonton comes after the Redblacks finished first in the east for the second straight season, albeit with a 8-9-1 record, several wins shy of their 12-6 record the year before. But, as many diehard fans of the team will tell you, it's not just about the wins.

Fan appreciation

Season ticket holder Matt Skinner, 41, takes his eight-year-old son Charlie to all the games, and to several team functions too.

"I've always been a fan of Ottawa football teams but the Redblacks have something special in the age of social media. The Redblacks are so active in the community... the team is incredibly accessible. We've met so many of the players, gotten so many pictures with them, and autographs. Being able to go on to the field after games to meet the players is a great idea.

"[Their] social media team is top-notch, they really make you feel like you're a part of the team. My interaction with the RedBlacks Twitter account, which started between the first and second seasons, is a huge part of why I feel so invested with the team.

"We were going to a Fury game and [defensive tackle] Moton Hopkins tweeted he was going as well. I invited him to join the Bytown Boys [supporters group] at the pub prior to the match to march with us to TD Place, and he did."

Team had hurdles to climb

Team president Jeff Hunt, says there were risks and obstacles in bringing pro football back to the nation's capital. But owners Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group went in with their eyes open.

"Well I think any time you launch a business you have optimism for success. We knew we had some hurdles to climb. Was there a lost generation of CFL football fans? Could it ever be relevant again in Ottawa? We proceeded because we felt we could have success."

The highest of those hurdles came in the form of the group Friends of Lansdowne, which wanted the park re-imagined as a community green space with minimal corporate involvement, leading to a protracted court battle.

"We felt probably it was going to take years to build. The new stadium was the centrepiece of our business model in that it was a great place to go and if people want to be somewhere or enjoy being somewhere then that really is half the battle. And Lansdowne was such a distraction in its old condition. I'm not sure any team could have succeeded no matter who ran it," says Hunt.

Mayor Jim Watson thinks the people running the Redblacks are a big reason for the team's overall success.

"We went through that whole period with the Rough Riders. It was not always a stable management organization. We have some of the best business people in the city running the franchise [now], and it shows."

'The most admired fans in the league'

At least so far. Consider Hunt's own experience as a fan before his foray into team ownership.

"Fifteen years of owning season tickets to the Rough Riders, I saw one semifinal game in Ottawa. And now, to be going to our second eastern conference final after a season of 10 consecutive sellouts, it's really quite something.

"It's now maybe the most admired franchise. Certainly our fans are the most admired fans in the league."

Hunt says those fans, by and large, fall into two camps right now.

"There's the diehard fans who remember Gerry Organ and Tony Gabriel, and 1976 Grey Cups and all that stuff. They have that nostalgia and they want to relive that nostalgia," says Hunt. "And I think the other half are new fans that don't know about those great years and don't, thankfully, know about those bad final years."

'The biggest bar in Ottawa'

That's where the Lansdowne redevelopment, and the game day experience, had to deliver.

"I say, on Redblacks game nights, we're the biggest bar in Ottawa. And the football game is core, it's the centrepiece. But it's really a social event."

Hunt has maintained that his biggest competition has been the comfortable living room and the flat-screen television. Now, Hunt says, he's beating that competitor too.

"We're social beings and we love to be in large crowds together, unified in watching your home team play. When you're sitting in the stands and there's a big play or a big run, a big return, it gives you goose bumps. And you don't get goose bumps in the living room."

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Fantastic Eastern final, snow angels and all.  Blowout Western final. 

Will be interesting to see the ratings.  Apparently tweets were going across NA for people to tune into the East game on TSN and ESPNNews (because it was a good game in the snow) but Ottawa has been rumoured to be one of the poorer rating teams for reasons I can't figure out.

I don't expect the western final to be too good because of the blowout which causes people to tuneout

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