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Joe MacCarthy

The Singing Nun Suor Cristina

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Siervas in Concert.  Forget the religion, forget they're religious sisters, I am fascinated by seeing the growth of this little band of amateurs into slowing blossoming professional musicians.  It's almost as if we could see the Beatles perfecting their craft in Hamburg, learning how to relax/use their voices, improving on their instruments, hearing their roadies getting better sound.  Yes, they now have roadies.  Lots of footage available to see the improvement from the first days,

Some highlights: 

Hermana (Sister) Dayana doing the Hulk Hogan ear/crowd thing in the opening.
Hermana Camilla doin' some shreddin' at 41:55 (she's only been playing for a couple of years plus she has a full time gig doin' nun stuff)
Hermana Dayana going into the crowd 47:15, they are off the charts in the likeability factor.  Notice the guy in the background with the Keep Calm Confia en Dios T-shirt.  Servias now has merch (Confia en Dios was their first hit)


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If the cynicism of the world hasn`t totally gotten hold of you, you might like this inspiring story, you might even shed a few.  Gotta love the Spanish priest Father Rafael, it cracked me up when he did the smoking thing.

Sorry to get away from the primary purpose of the music in this thread but this was too good a story not to share.


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On 5/5/2018 at 5:22 PM, Joe MacCarthy said:

Father Ray Kelly does a nice job of REM`s Everybody Hurts and the dude is retirement age.  He`s in the bookies` top three to win Britain`s Got Talent 2018 and I think he has some staying power as he`ll likely do his great version of Leonard Cohen`s Hallelujah next while the other`s may have already shot their load (pardon the expression).  But he`s Irish and a priest which likely means Britain will not vote for him.

I s'pose we should look at the performance that never was.  They (Father Ray and/or the producers) made a tactical mistake in not performing Leonard Cohen`s Hallelujah to get to the final.  Funny thing about the BGT video, you hear Father Ray talking about his video going viral at one thousand and then two thousand hits, how's aboot 65 million! (where it is now and was near), and that was before BGT.

Some background:  he had to get permission to change the lyrics. 

And with that I give you, the performance you should have seen at BGT but unfortunately didn't.


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