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The Voyageur's Paid Membership Helps You With Tickets To CWNT Games How Exactly??

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So we have announcements from the CSA that they have scheduled 4 Pre WWC 2015 friendlies against the #1, the #2 and the #3 ranked teams in the world. Great news and cause for Vs all across the country (those that support Frauen Fussball) to get together and plan how to show our Women's Team the highly committed support that the Vs are known for.

All we have to do now is get our tickets together in the designated supporter's section with our Voyageur's connections to the CSA and we are good to go!! Wait, what's that you say? There are no tickets available from the Vs? Nothing at all on the website? You mean just like last October for the game against Korea? You mean that the CSA is way out ahead of the Voyageurs on this and that if you want tickets you go through them?

Apparently so. WTF??

BTW, I got the T Shirt I was promised but did not receive any hat, toque, scarf or any other swag like it was promised or at least implied. Thoroughly underwhelmed here. :mad:

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