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Ok, the blog feature seems to be spam free now. It's been up for a while and the new permissions structures and upgrades to the software should make it useable now.

For the months of August & September - 2 rounds leading up to both games - two sets of prizes.

A cool exclusive Voyageurs shirt (not one that is for sale with your name on it)

A CSA centennial scarf, not sold anywhere.

1. Best rated blog entry

2. Most viewed

3. Best blog set up - Blocks, Colors, Graphics.

These can be about anything related to soccer in Canada. National teams, pro teams, youth clubs, being a coach...

As soon as there are at least a few blog entries up, I will change the front page content to the most recent blog list.

Let me know if you have any trouble, or your account is not in the right user group to make a blog.



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