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A Voyageurs book launch.

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I received the following letter of support yesterday:


Out of the nine individuals that I approached for these letters, the following has been the response:

six replied with the requested letters:

1) Mr. Shawn Atleo, national chief of the Assembly of First Nations

2) Mr. Bob Lenarduzzi, president of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC

3) Mr. Paul Mullen, executive director of BC Soccer

4) Mr. Gregor Robertson, mayor of the City of Vancouver

5) Mr. John Ruttan, mayor of the City of Nanaimo

6) Mr. Douglas White III, chief of the Snuneymuxw First Nation

two replied with letters that wished me well with this venture, but their personal mandates prevented them from writing letters of support:

7) Ms. Christy Clark, premier of British Columbia

8) Mr. Bal Gosal, federal minister of state/sport

one failed to respond:

9) Mr. Adrian Dix, leader of the BC NDP

Edited by Robert

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I'm approaching the end of my part in this project. The design of the Harry Manson nomination presentations has been completed, arrangements have been made with a printer and the finished products for the BC Sports Hall of Fame and The Soccer Hall of Fame and Museum in Vaughan, ON should be ready to be submitted around the first week of September, both well before their end of September deadlines.

The Harry Manson nominations for Canada's Sports Hall of Fame and the Nanaimo Museum's Sports Hall of Fame will be prepared and sent out at a later date, when the submission deadlines for those Halls of Fame draw nearer.

Thus the toughest task; "the Waiting Game," begins.

Edited by Robert

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I picked-up the BC Sports Hall of Fame and The Soccer Hall of Fame Harry Manson nomination presentations from the printers in Victoria two days ago. I am very pleased with the end result and feel I have done my best for Xul-si-malt.

I will hand-deliver the BC Sports Hall of Fame nomination to Jason Beck, the BCHoF curator, on Tuesday, September 3, 2013, and mail The Soccer Hall of Fame nomination to Kim Watson, the SHoF curator, that same day.

I will be attending the BC Sports Hall of Fame's Banquet of Champions on September 19, 2013 to witness what will be in store next year if Harry is successful in the induction process.

Edited by Robert

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This morning I hand-delivered Harry Manson's BC Sports Hall of Fame nomination to Jason Beck, the BCSHoF curator, and mailed the Soccer Hall of Fame nomination to Kim Watson, the SHoF curator, in Vaughan, Ontario. The latter should arrive at its destination by Thursday, September 5, 2013.

For the BC Sports Hall of Fame, all nominations will be considered at an initial Selection Sub-Committee meeting at the beginning of November. Depending on the outcome of that process, further information on the nomination may be required. The final selection process will take place in the middle of November and the names will be released to the media in December.


The presentations for the Nanaimo Sports Hall of Fame and Canada's Sports Hall of Fame will be submitted in the months to come, as these deadlines are still a ways off.

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I received the following confirmation from the BC Sports Hall of Fame last week:


Today I'm in Victoria picking-up the nomination presentations for the Nanaimo & Canada Sports Halls of Fame, along with thank you cards for each of the 28 individuals that helped create these presentations. It would not have been possible to get this project completed without their contributions.

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I think the following post was lost when we were off line.

Session 2: "Marvellously mundane: Inspired writing from the everyday."

Wed. November 6, 7-8:30 pm

Guildford Library

15105 - 105th Avenue

Surrey, BC V3R 7G8

Join our panellists to discover how the everyday inspires and informs their works.

Michael Hetherington writes short stories, many of which have been published in literary magazines. He is known for The Late Night Caller (2003) and The Archive Carpet. His novels Hooked, Halving the Orange, and The Playing Card: a Novel in 52 Chapters will be published in October 2013.

Rahela Nayebzadah is the author of the autobiographical novel, Jeegareh Ma. Rahela is an Afghan Canadian and received an MA from Simon Fraser University. Writing is her passion.

Robert Janning is a Vancouver-based historian, who has had a life-long passion for soccer. Westcoast Reign is his first book.


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The BC Sports Hall of Fame will announce its 2014 inductees on Tuesday, Dec.11 @ 11am PST.

Thank you Vancouversoccerman. These are indeed very exciting days for so many, including yours truly. Thus far I have submitted nominations for Harry Manson's induction to the following 3 halls of fame:




A fourth nomination will be submitted to the NANAIMO SPORTS HALL OF FAME AND MUSEUM in February, 2014.

There were many individuals who contributed in many different ways to making these four halls of fame nominations for Snuneymuxw First Nation soccer player Harry Xulsimalt Manson possible. I had individual thank you cards printed up for for each of them. All of them also deserve to be acknowledged publically, as there is no way I could have created these presentations without their participation. My heartfelt gratitude therefore goes out to all these friends of Harry Xulsimalt Manson. I believe if Harry were alive today he would say Huych qa to all of you. All my relations.

1) Fred Anderson

2) Shawn A-in-chut Atleo

3) Roger Barnes

4) Dana Bertrand

5) Carla Burgmann

6) Suzanne Campeau

7) Bill Glasgow

8) Ben Ingram

9) Reina Janning

10) Bob Janning

11) Bob Lenarduzzi

12) Ken Lyotier

13) Mike Magee

14) Donna Manson

15) Emmy Sa-Leatunat Manson

16) Gary Xulsimalt Manson

17) Andrew Martin

18) Paul Mullen

19) Gregor Robertson

20) John Ruttan

21) Craig Shemilt

22) Marilyn Smith

23) Janet Thomkins

24) Jenna Visram

25) Doug White II

26) Douglas Kwulasultun White III

27) Mike Wise

28) Bill Yoachim

Edited by Robert

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BC Sports HallofFame ‏@BCSportsHall 12m

Pioneer inductee: born Victoria in 1881, one of Canada's great early tennis players Robert Powell.An Olympian and Davis cup capt #2014Class

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The hardest part of yesterday was phoning Gary Manson to tell him his grandfather will not be inducted into the BC SPORTS HALL OF FAME next year. He replied by saying that he loved me.

The following are a few of the messages that I have received since:

Robert I lift my hands up to you and we will do it next year, really appreciate your great work. We won’t give up!


Bill Yoachim

Hi Robert,

This quote had me think of you this morning.

December 11

"Today's disappointment, viewed six months hence, may turn out to be one of the best breaks we ever got."

Jackson, Mich., February 1958

"Why God Says No,"



Thank you Robert, I just saw this. I’ll get to an acknowledgement of this (more, actually) in a day or two (they promised me they would “immediately” email me the results. They told me this twice, and still failed to do so!)

Anyhow, it’s a good news-bad news thing.

I have your number if I need to get back to you. I’ll keep you up to speed.

Martin Dunphy

Hi Robbie,

That can't be a disappointment if he ended in a tie for first place on the first try.

As you noted yourself it looks better for next year, Too bad a year has 12 months.

Love you, Dad.

Hello Robert,

Good news. You did a great job and I am looking forward to hearing how things go for us next year.

Merry Christmas,

Bill Glasgow


Thank you for the update which is greatly appreciated.

We are clearly sorry that the nomination was not successful but it would seem that the submission has clearly had some significant resonance with the inductee panel which as you say bodes, well for next year.

Please do keep us posted on progress of the other submissions and let us know how we can be of help in the future.

Kind regards,


Hi Robert,

This is hard news, but as you say next year looks promising.

I still have high hopes for the other halls that you have approached. Good luck with all of this.

Take care Robert.


I believe Harry Manson is smiling in heaven and down on you, take comfort in knowing you've bestowed a great peace upon those who love him most!


Hello, Robert:

The news is undoubtedly a bit of a disappointment to all of us . . . but I feel very confident that it just a delay. This is a clear indication that the people at B.C. Sports Hall of Fame recognize and appreciate Harry's achievements. I guess Harry just has to wait his turn!

It will come. You have done such an outstanding job on this project, and it will bear fruit in due course.



Edited by Robert

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The following Ben Ingram story was published in today's issue of the Nanaimo Daily News:


To help put the age of this trophy into context I have provided the following information:



Grand Challenge Cup of the Nanaimo Football Association - was donated to the British Columbia Football Association on November 5, 1891.* The cup was first awarded to the Nanaimo Rangers Association Football Club on June 4, 1892 after defeating the Northfield Athletics 3-2 in a re-played final.

People’s Shield – was presented by The People newspaper, of London England, in 1906.* The People’s Shield was emblematic of the Canadian Association football championship and was first awarded to the Toronto Thistles following their 1-0 victory over Dundas, on October 27, 1906.

Connaught Cup – was donated in 1912 by His Highness, the Duke of Connaught to the Dominion of Canada Football Association (formed on May 24, 1912).* The Connaught Cup replaced the People’ Shield in 1913, when it was first awarded to the Norwood Wanderers.

Challenge Cup – was donated by the Football Association of England to the Dominion of Canada Football Association, in 1926.* The Challenge Cup replaced the Connaught Cup as the trophy for the national championship.

Voyageurs Cup*-*is the only*trophy*for top-level professional*soccer in Canada.*From 2002 to 2007, the cup was awarded annually by the Voyageurs Canadian Soccer Supporters to the Canadian team finishing with the best record in the USL First Division,**In 2008, the trophy was handed over to the Canadian Soccer Association and*has since been presented to the winner of the Canadian Championship.

Stanley Cup - was donated by the Governor General of Canada Lord Stanley of Preston in 1892, and is the oldest professional sports trophy in North America.* The cup was first awarded in 1893 to the Montreal Hockey Club of the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada at the end of the 1893 season for having placed first in the standings with a 7–1–0 record. The season ended on March 17, but Montreal was officially presented with the trophy on May 15.

Allan Cup - is the trophy awarded annually to the national senior amateur men’s ice hockey champions of Canada. It was donated by Sir Montague Allan of Ravenscrag, Montreal, and has been competed for since 1909.

Memorial Cup -* is*the junior ice hockey*club championship trophy awarded annually to the Canadian Hockey League champion.* The cup was donated in 1919 by the Ontario Hockey Association in honour of the soldiers who died fighting for Canada in World War I.

Grey Cup - is named after Albert Grey, the Governor-General of Canada from 1904 until 1911. He donated the trophy to the Canadian Rugby Union in 1909 to recognize the top amateur rugby football team in Canada.* The cup was first awarded to the University of Toronto Varsity Blues on December 4, 1909 after defeating the Toronto Parkdale Canoe Club 26-6.

Vanier Cup*- is the trophy awarded to the Canadian Interuniversity*champions. *It is named after Georges Vanier, the former Governor General of Canada and was first awarded in 1965. *In 1967, the trophy was officially declared the*"CIAU (now CIS) National Football Championship" and a playoff system was instituted.

McKechnie Cup - symbolic of the*British Columbia rugby*championship was presented to the British Columbia Rugby Union by Dr. McKechnie of Nanaimo in 1895.

Minto Cup - was donated in 1901 by the Governor-General, Lord Minto, and from 1901 until 1909 awarded to the senior men's lacrosse champion of Canada.

Mann Cup - was donated in 1910 by Sir Donald Mann prior to then, the Minto Cup*was the senior amateur lacrosse championship trophy.

Queen's Plate - is Canada's oldest thoroughbred horse race, having been founded in 1860.** It received royal assent by Queen Victoria in 1859.* Though the trophy was indeed a plate in its early days, it has since been replaced by a gold cup. Plate winners earn a gift of 50 guineas from the monarch. *But the little purple bag of coins contains not guineas but sovereigns. *Minting of guineas was discontinued by George III, whose forebear, George I, instituted the royal gift of 50 guineas for thoroughbred race winners, a tradition that remains today.

The 10 provincial football associations were formed in the following chronological order:

1) The British Columbia Football Association was formed on November 7, 1891, in Nanaimo.

2) The Manitoba Football Association was formed on March 19, 1896, in Brandon.

3) The Ontario Association Football League was formed on May 18, 1901, in Toronto.

4) The Saskatchewan Football Association was formed on April 13, 1906, in Grenfell.

5) The Alberta Football Association was formed on April 19, 1909, in Red Deer.

6) The Province of Quebec Football Association was formed on April 12, 1911, in Montreal.

7) The Nova Scotia Football Association was formed on February 6, 1913, in ??????.

8) The Newfoundland and Labrador Football Association was formed on August 11, 1950, in ?????

9) The New Brunswick Football Association was formed on November 30, 1965, in Fredericton.

10) The Prince Edward Island Soccer Association was formed on ???? ??, 1979, Charlottetown.

The first national association, the Dominion of Canada Football Association, was formed on May 24, 1912, in Toronto.

The first Modern Olympics were held in 1896, in Athens, Greece.

Based on the information above, I feel cautiously confident in concluding that the GRAND CHALLENGE CUP OF THE NANAIMO FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION is indeed the oldest national and provincial soccer trophy in Canada.

The Grand Challenge Cup of the Nanaimo Football Association is currently part of an estate for which offers are being considered. The executor of the estate has entrusted me with the responsibility of accepting inquiries pertaining to the cup. All inquiries may thus be sent to soccerbook@hotmail.com

Pictured below is Gary Manson with the Grand Challenge Cup of the Nanaimo Football Association, 110 years after his grandfather, Harry Manson won the same trophy with the Nanaimo Asssociation Football Team in 1903.


Edited by Robert

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Here are a few more images of Canada's oldest soccer trophy (at a provincial or national level), the GRAND CHALLENGE CUP OF THE NANAIMO FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION 1891.




Edited by Robert

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Grand Challenge Cup of the Nanaimo Football Association - 1891


Grand Challenge Cup of the Nanaimo Football Association - 1891. Extremely important historical trophy derives from the oldest provincial football association in Canada. The Toronto Silver Plate Co., Limited manufactured this rare quadruple plated trophy for the Nanaimo Football Association, in 1891, thus making this trophy one year older than the Stanley Cup. The trophy measures 36 inches in height and is one of the few surviving artifacts from the birthplace of British Columbia soccer. Tarnishing is evident, there are a few small dents and one decorative handle is detached, otherwise the condition is very good


The Nanaimo Football Association donated the Grand Challenge Cup to the British Columbia Football Association at a meeting at which the provincial governing body was formed in Nanaimo, on November 7, 1891. The trophy was emblematic of the British Columbia soccer championships from 1892 to 1904. From 1905 until it was last competed for in the mid-1920s, the trophy was awarded to the Upper Island champions. Following its competitive retirement, Mr. Jocelyn Ashley Knight, a soccer administrator from Ladysmith, British Columbia, safeguarded the trophy. The trophy has remained in the possession of the Knight family ever since. Recent developments have resulted in the trophy becoming part of an estate.

List of British Columbia soccer champions that won the Grand Challenge Cup of the Nanaimo Football Association:

1891-92 Nanaimo Rangers

1892-93 Nanaimo Rangers

1893-94 Victoria Wanderers

1894-95 Nanaimo Rangers

1895-96 Victoria Wanderers

1896-97 Victoria Wanderers

1897-98 Wellington Rovers

1898-99 Wellington Rovers

1899-00 Victoria A.F.C.

1900-01 Victoria A.F.C.

1901-02 Victoria A.F.C.

1902-03 Nanaimo

1903-04 Esquimalt Garrison

Robert Janning provides a comprehensive account of the early history of the Grand Challenge Cup of the Nanaimo Football Association in Westcoast Reign: The British Columbia Soccer Championships, 1892-1905 (BallBoy Press, 2012).

WE ARE OPEN TO OFFERS. soccerbook@hotmail.com

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Nomination update. I went to Nanaimo yesterday to submit Harry Manson's nomination to the Nanaimo Museum Sports Hall of Fame. A little bit of a bummer though, as I had already received the following email from David Hill-Turner, the Museum's curator:

Hello Robert,

I don’t have much involvement with the Sports Hall of Fame so I might be confused, too! I did go and find someone who could answer your timely questions. The induction process was recently changed by SHOF selection committee. Inductions now take place every other year and nominations are being taken from now until March 31, 2015. The next induction ceremony will be in the fall of 2015. The website will be updated with current information.

I hope that helps.

See you Thursday.

Best wishes,


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The Grand Challenge Cup of the Nanaimo Football Association has recently been sold. Details of the sale will be made public in a few weeks time.

Edited by Robert

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The following article is published in today's issue of the Nanaimo Daily News:


Historic Nanaimo soccer trophy sold to group  

Ben Ingram / Daily News
March 31, 2014 12:00 AM check-small.png


A soccer trophy and one of the oldest surviving examples of competitive sports hardware in Canada that was recently discovered in Ladysmith has been sold. Vancouver-based soccer historian Robert Janning, who has spent several years documenting the formative years of organized soccer in British Columbia, reports that he, alongside investors, has purchased the Grand Challenge Cup.


The Grand Challenge Cup is believed to have been commissioned by the Nanaimo Rangers football club in 1891.

Now 123 years old, the Cup has not been competed for since as far back as 1924. Throughout much of its life, it was safeguarded by a family in Ladysmith. Its re-discovery sparked interest in the sale of what was the

centrepiece of British Columbia's first known organized soccer league, one that included the participation of local soccer stars, like Snuneymuxw First Nation's Harry Manson, captain of the Nanaimo Indian Wanderers, who won the cup with the Nanaimo Thistles in 1898.


Manson's relative, Gary Manson, has also been involved in the hunt for the Grand Challenge Cup. According to Janning, the relic might be restored to its shiny, silver glory.


The actual details of the sale are being kept under wraps for the time being, but Janning said the group of purchasers intend to be proper caretakers of the B.C. and Nanaimo historical artifact.

"We have a couple ideas. The restoration project is number one," he said.

While the list of ideas also includes possibilities like the establishment of a new soccer league in honour of the Manson legacy, an organization that could perhaps be geared towards under-privileged youth who want to compete.


Whichever direction the group intends to go, one of the first steps will be to find the trophy a permanent home where it can be viewed by the public.


"We felt strongly that this was a piece of British Columbia's heritage and we wanted to ensure that it stays," said Janning.


After the trophy was put up for sale, Janning said he became worried that it might end up auctioned off on eBay after the seller had difficulty finding serious offers for the trophy.


As it stands, the group is taking stock of what a restoration might cost. Janning said a webpage as well as an outline of the group's intentions for the trophy are likely to come forward in the weeks ahead.


"This is still in the very, very early discussion stage," he said.


BIngram@nanaimodailynews.com 250-729-4228

© Nanaimo Daily News


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^ Wow, what a great story.


Not trying to denigrate obviously good intentions but the idea of such a storied historical artifact being used for a local tournament such as described seems, well, disresepectful.


In a perfect world the PCSL would move to go pro, become a professional D3 and this trophy would go to the winner of the league with Nanaimo entering a team that honours Harry Manson's memory and competes for the cup.

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The following Ben Ingram article appears in today's issue of the Nanaimo Daily News:







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Good afternoon All,

The following development came completely out of the blue today.  There will be a CBC Victoria radio feature on Harry Manson's induction into The Soccer Hall of Fame this afternoon, around 5:15 to 5:20 (approximately one hour from now} which can be heard on the following link:
This caught me totally off guard during a visit to French Creek.  I was watching the Chili vs. Spain match when the phone-call came in.
Hopefully I make some sense.

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