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Voyageurs songs contest

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Howdy folks!

We need to find a better way to somehow agree on a list of songs for the Voyageurs and, even more importantly, have the members able to sing them once at the stadium. So, what I am looking for here are Canada specific chants, or rather chants that are to be used to encourage the Canadian team.

This is how I plan to proceed. I ask you to send your chants in (and please, include the staple songs, no matter how long they have been sung), but not to do it on this thread. Send me a pm with the lyrics, explaining the tune (so I know how it has to be... hummed if you will), youtube videos or basically anything that would help someone figure out how to sing it. I will start separate threads for each chants to get some perspective on them and if it seems like most people like them, they will be added to the list.

In case it gets mentionned, go ahead and send in your favorite club chants as well, adapted to the Canadian National Team. Whether this be a European, North American or wtv chant, if its good and can be well adapted, I don't see any reason as to why we should not take advantage of it and use it for ourselves. For all those who have some, this would be probably one of the best opportunity you will have to integrate more French chants into the Voyageurs repertoire.

I'm not really looking at "situational chants" (IE "I'm blind, I'm deaf" or "Show us your passport"), as those can be developed later and aren't really about our National teams. Chants about players, whether they be men or women, can be sent in and, obviously, anything about the team.

Once songs are more or less agreed upon, I will take it upon myself to record a gang of people singing them as drunkely as possible, hosting them on a website so that any and all Voyageurs can have a listen and get used to the tunes before matches.

Thoughts? And start pm'ing!

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You are not the first and definitely won't be the last to do this. However, if successful, you can start up a good archive of pro Canadian chants that can be available in a package sent to all prior to home matches and alaways available on the content part of this website.

You can start by searching for the threads already on this forum for the chants we spoke about prior to Peru and Honduras, and any old threads from the 2010 WCQ's.

Also you tube has some of the chants from the V's in past games

"This is our house" & "Qu'est que vouz chantez"

"When the Reds go marching in"

"Ouu Ahh Canada, Saying Ouu Ahh Canada"

Tonnes more. Also there was a song sheet that was printed out and brought to the Maro for the Peru game. If someone has the digital copy of that, you could start your list. No point in remaking the wheel if you dont have to. Especially in this digital age

All the best to you. I think this is a good little project for someone to do and I hope it works out

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