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As everyone can surely appreciate keeping the website on-line along with the financing of the various Voyageur projects and schemes over the years plain & simply requires money. While the Vs population has been called on in the past and will be called on in the future for financial assistance when needed, it's important to recognize the sponsors and enterprises which are helping both to make the Voyageur's website viable along with underwriting the costs associated with various V's initiatives. So here they are.

The following parties are paying for website advertising, are currently a forums sponsor, are operating a for-profit business scheme with the intended purpose of underwriting Voyageur programs & initiatives or are providing the Voyageurs with a product or service where a need exists.

No endorsement other than that above is meant to be conveyed. The Voyageurs make no claim of business association or partnership with those concerned outside of acting as a medium for advertising.

Fund raising business schemes work entirely on the honour system with the appropriate portion of revenue to be held in trust by the operator(s) of the business scheme for the expressed intention of the fund raiser.

The Voyageurs, entirely at their own discretion, reserve the right to cancel advertising and sponsorship agreements as they see fit, when they see fit, without injury or penalty to either party.

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Original post by;


June 28, 2009


GOLD CUP 2009 is alive and underway. Canada come in the tourney on a two game win streak under interm coach Stephan Hart and looking to be a dangerous team to play for anyone.

Hopefully all the V's are alive and excited for this tourney as we finally get to see our boys play meaningful games after the 2010 qualifiers ended for us. And what better way to support the boys then to head to the local bar with your fellow V's and cheer on the lads down as they aim for a repeat of GC2000 (if you can't make it live for any of the matches).

Last year we had a Voyageurs t-shirt run and sold 250 V's shirts to our brothers and sisters all across the world. And this year I am stoked to see many of our supporters wearing the shirt with pride cheering for the lads.

We do still have quite a few left over but there are quite a few people that are looking to get their hands on them.

So we dropped the price on all shirts so we can get them into your hands easier. S,M,L,XL,XXL are all only $10 each. And fortunately I found a way to ship anywhere in Canada for $5 extra. The shirts are top quality and any of the 250 Voyageurs that got theirs can attest to that. Also if you want multiples, shipping can be reduced again.

How to Order.</u> Send your mailing address and either EMT or Paypal(add $1.50 to cover paypal fees) to This Email Address (link to prevent spam mailers). In the order please state your board name, the quantity and sizes of your order and your mailing address. For EMT, set the password answer to "Supporters". If you would like to send a cheque, please email for the mailing address. Orders will start going in the mail on Thursday evening.




Sorry.... but we can't use that picture anymore... lots of reasons.... edit... drunk socceronly.

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Forum Sponsor

Coaches Gear Direct

May 14th, 2010


Hi Everyone,

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to CoachesGearDirect.com - early days as we soft-launched only 6 weeks ago, but all early indications appear positive and momentum is steadily growing. We have extremely competitive pricing on coaching gear including equipment, balls, apparel and bags - shipping is only $5 anywhere in Canada, no matter how much you order.

We're working hard at expanding the product line with a goal of new stuff added weekly and at least 2-3 promotions a month.

The very first thing I would like to bring to your attention to is our Email List as we have a current promotion/contest that ends tomorrow, May 15th: Simply join the list (and confirming through the email you will get immediately) and be entered to win an Umbro Coaching Package consisting of a top, some shorts and a bag:


The direct link to sign-up to the Email list is here:


For an online view of our most recent Email blast, please see http://us1.campaign-archive.com/?u=b61d27b03e6c75b4eea3ddc5f&id=f5c5ae2554&e=0b46b50f2f

As you can see, the promotion on the Umbro Canford Ball also ends tomorrow - however, for this one time, any Voyager contacting me here privately over the next week can receive an extension to the promotion price (at the same quantity level).

If anyone has any questions and/or comments, please don't hesitate to ask!



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