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Saturday Feb 27th, 2010

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Marks the 10th anniversary of Canada's Gold Cup Win. We should party. Or at least do something of note.

And with the trade show coming up very, very, fast maybe the Toronto bunch could put one more thing on their plate and get this momentous occasion a bit of a shout out.

Give out Petition SportsNet Flyers to get the match replayed sometime on the 27th. Bug the CSA marketing people to give the anniversary a sense of occasion. Something. Anything.

We need a giant inflatable/paper & plaster loonie in the booth. Holger's Lucky Loonie (and I don't mean Richard Hastings). A picture of Craig Forrest with hair. Maybe a picture of The Dobson with hair colour.

You know, A Gold Cup 2000 shrine. Whatever, you get the idea.

Thoughts? Too late for the trade show? Work towards some other avenue?

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Not sure if this is 100% correct. I am sure someone else might have a better memory then me on this. This looks like the squad we had back in 2000. It's interesting looking back at how many players are playing now, moved on to coaching or have disappeared from what I can see.

For me I'd be interested in where are these players now and it would be even better if we could get some exclusive Voyageurs interviews with these players.


1.Craig FORREST [West Ham United - ENG]

22.Pat ONSTAD [Dundee United - SCO]


2 Paul FENWICK [Greenock Morton - SCO]

3.Carl FLETCHER [West Ham United - ENG]

4.Tony MENEZES [botafogo - BRZ]

5.Jason DEVOS [Dundee United - SCO]

13.Mark WATSON [Oxford United - ENG]

15.Richard HASTINGS [inverness CT - SCO]


7.Paul STALTERI [Werder Bremen - GER]

10.Davide XAUSA [inverness CT - SCO]

11.Jim BRENNAN [Nottingham Forest - ENG]

12.Jeff CLARKE [baltimore Blast - USA]

14.Jason BENT [Colorado Rapids - USA]

21.Martin NASH


9.Carlo CORAZZIN [Northampton Town - ENG]

16.Garret KUSCH [Mechelen - BEL]

17.Paul PESCHISOLIDO [Fulham - ENG]

18.Elvis THOMAS [Toronto Olympians]

24.Dwayne DEROSARIO [Richmond Kickers - USA]

Robbie ARISTODEMO Midfielder

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It would be nice to see the game again, and to get some interviews with the key people from the 2000 gold cup.

Man I can't believe it's been 10 years. That also means that this will be my 10th anniversary as a Voyageur.

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Guest Ed
quote:Originally posted by Loud Mouth Soup

How did we win with that line up, but have failed so much with the players we now have to pick from? It boggles...

The coach was fresh and they seemed to be building every game. But not least, Craig Forrest was the best player of the tournament.

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