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Voyageurs Playing FIFA 10 for PS3

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Who all is going to get FIFA 10

I would liek to make a team or something to play online. I dont play online much at all but i would start if i could play on the same team as a Voyageur.

post your PSN name mine is TFC-Soul10

if you add me tell me that you seen this post please

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Thinking about picking it up. Haven't played any sports games in years but I'm thinking about picking this one up. I'll probably download the demo sometime this week and see from there.

Don't play on-line? Good Lord! The ONLY way to truly appreciate your PS3 is to play on-line. (Although I have to admit it's way better when you've got a group of friends together for on-line play).

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quote:Originally posted by Tuscan

Are the online networks exclusive depending on which system/platform you're playing it on? I'll probably be getting a 360 for FIFA10, so if you're playing it on a PS3, will we still be able to play online together?

No. PS3 and 360 can't play online with each other.

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