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Introductions: Show Some ID Punk!

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Name: John

Age: 28

City: Vancouver

Profession: Sales Person

Voyageur since: 2004

First Match: Guatemala WCQ 04 I think.

Last Match:U-21 vs. Brazil U-21, Friendly, 2006 at Swangard Stadium

Supported Clubs: Whitecaps, Rangers

Other Affiliations: johnnyranger @ the SS boards, Johnnybluenose @ Regs site TTP

Guilty of: Overhyping the game to my non-football friendly mates, getting my hopes up for Canada, vehemently defending the level of play of USL and MLS to eurosnobs in my city. reading forums too much at work.

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Name: Branden Fonovic

Age: 26

City: St Catharines (soon to be Kingston)

Profession: Student

Voyageur Since: 2008

First match: Guatemala, Sunday June 13th, 2004 against Belize in Kingston

Last match: Canada v Jamaica at BMO Field August 2008

Other affiliations: None as of yet

Current club: I captained the 'A' Champions for Brock University Intramurals

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Just saw this...

Name: Duane Rollins

Age: Old enough to know better

City: Toronto

Profession: Freelance journalist/writer

Voyageur since: 1985

First Match: A u-19 girl's friendly...I forget when

Last Match: WNT v USA last month

Supported Clubs: Manchester City, Toronto FC

Other Affiliations: U-Sector

Guilty of: Spending way too much time on the internet "researching"

Current Club: USOL!

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Name: Martin Montes

Age: 27

City: Toronto

Profession: Lawyer (as of June 09)

Voyageur since: officially 2004, unofficially 1993

First Match: Brazil-Canada U20 in Victoria, May 06

Last Match: will be Canada-El Salvador Gold Cup 09, next Tuesday

Supported Clubs: Toronto FC, Alianza Lima, Barca, Newcastle

Other Affiliations: U-Sector

Guilty of: thinking Jim Brennan is the best Canadian player of his generation, bashing the Red Patch Boys, bashing Mo Johnston, posting this:

Current Club: FC Karpet Munchen, Gamba Peel

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Name: David

Age: 19

Reside in: Etobicoke, Ontario

Profession: Student with a crappy job

Voyageur since: 2008

First match: Canada 1-1 Jamaica, August 20th 2008, BMO Field

Most recent match: Canada 1-2 Honduras, September 6th 2008

Supported clubs: Toronto FC, Udinese Calcio, Milan

Disliked clubs: Chievo Verona, Hellas Verona, Columbus Crew, the EPL

Other affiliations: Red Patch Boys, gotorontofc.com

Guilty of: Not realizing football is a better sport than hockey until I was 18, not hating the Montreal Impact.

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Name: Andrew Bates

Age: 20 (21 in July!)

City: Kelowna

Profession: Student Journalist

Voyageur Since: 2006

First match: Never capped =(

Other affiliations: Southsiders

Other sites: team.bates at the Southsiders forum

Guilty Of: Getting so drunk at my first Whitecaps game that I failed to notice the streaker, lurking on this forum forever without registering, trolling TFC fans about DeRo dropping out of GC09, following football since 2005 but never having gone to a live game before May 09

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Guest HamiltonSteelers

Name: Mark Hinkley

Age: 32

City: Hamilton (erm, now Toronto)

Profession: Graphic/Web Designer

Voyageur Since: Holy CRAP August 6th 2003!

First match: If the 1991 University Games Canada v. Australia (Women's) doesn't count, then I'll have to say Canada-Costa Rica in 2007

Other affiliations: The Yorkies, Bhoys of the Hamilton Thunder Crew

Other sites: theyorkies.ca

Guilty Of: Being part of the greatest supporters club (and at the time, the only) in the C(P)SL, getting caught up with the failing ownership of the Hamilton Thunder and buying into the owner's lies, seriously hating on Paul Dolan for much too long in a city that few people cared, never uttering a single derogatory thing against Justin Fashnu, being louder than a bullhorn, getting the manager/coach of London City amazingly pissed off at me during a Thunder home game to the point of a near heart attack, learning my first songs from the Kitchener Kickers supporters on a warm night many years ago, being a bit of a snob with how supporters should behave, preaching how TFC losing the NutCan is a good thing for Canadian footie, finding the flaws in people's logic.

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Name: Justin Kelemen

Age: 28

City: Regina

Profession: recent Recreation & Tourism Management Grad

Voyageur Since: 2008

First match: Canada vs Honduras in Edmonton (sept 2, 2004)

Last match: Canada vs Mexico in Edmonton(Oct 15, 2008)

Other affiliations: Toronto FC

Other sites: kcisoul - go toronto fc

Current club: Diablos En Fuego (mens div 5)

Guilty Of: Being deathly sick at the Oct 15th game, I was sober haha. sitting in the V section ... and i unfortunitly mean sitting then huddling up in a ball cause i was so damn cold. and missing Radz's goal, i was able to see the celerbration tho. Tomake things worse i had to travel back to Saskatoon that night for school in the morning and i missed meeting Canadian players.

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Name: John Kohnen

Age: 19

City: Ottawa

Profession: Student

Voyageur Since: 2008

First match: None.

Other affiliations: Toronto FC

Guilty Of: Continuing to believe that eventually, a CONCACAF WCQ or Gold Cup featuring Canada will be officiated impartially[:P].

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Name: Dany

Age : 26

City: Quebec City

Profession: Student

Voyageur Since: 2008

Favorite Canadian Player: Atiba Hutchinson

Favorite Player: Dragan Stojkovic

Guilty of: passing way too much time managing a fictionnal CSL in fifa manager... talking way too much about football to my friends...

stalking random soccer games in my city just so I can get my 'fix'

I even made uniforms for this 'fictional CSL' :


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Name: ummm....Joe


City: EDmonton

Profession: Narcotics Entrepeneur

Voyaguer since last week

Fave Canadian Player: Geddy Lee

Fave Player: guitar (Trey Spruance) soccer (Michael Essien)

Guilty of: Nothing your honour

Supported Clubs: Nottingham Forest, Charlton Athletic, Glasgow Rangers, Ross COunty, Zurich Grasshopper, Fiorentina, Barcelona (just because)

Hated Clubs: Derby County, Leicester, Liverpool, Man United, Inter (as long as JoMO runs that show), Anderlecht, Celtic, LA Galaxy (as long as uberponce sorta plays for them)

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Name: Jeremy A.

Age: 19

City: Montreal

Profession: Student

Voyageur Since: 09

First match: Honduras, Montréal 2008

Last match: Honduras, Montréal 2008

Favorite canadian player : Onstad

Other sites: Jeremy @ impactsoccer.com/forums

Current club: Impact de Montréal

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Name: Michael

Age: 18

City: Vaughan (Born in TO)

Ryerson University student (Business Administration)

Voyageur Since: June 08 (WCQ started)

Only match: Canada U-20 vs. Argentina U-20 May 11, 2007

Favourite Canadian Player: Dwayne De Rosario

Supported Clubs: Toronto FC,

Hated Clubs: Columbus Crew,

Guilty of: Continous rants with Montreal supporters on the board and kicking and denting the chair in front of me when Cornell Glenn scored against TFC in the 93rd minute

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Occupation:High School

Voyageur Since:Sept 09

First/Only Match:WCQ vs Belize June 13 2004 Kingston,ON

Favourite Canadian Player:Lars Hirschfeld

Supported Clubs:Impact de Montreal(Canada)Real Madrid,VFB Stuttgart & Nacional(Uruguay)

Hated Clubs:FC Barcelona,Arsenal,Manchester United and City,Bayern Munich,AC and Inter Milan,Rochester Rhinos,LA Galaxy,PSG and(finally)Penarol

Guilty of:Not supporting Canada until 2007 and thinking Dale Mitchell was not totally at fault during 2010 WCQ

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