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We all know what we have to do...

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No, we are not mathematically eliminated. And yes, there is still a chance we might go through.

But it's unlikely. Andorra have a better chance of beating Croatia than we have of going through to the Hex.

So after this absolute debacle, this travesty of a qualifying campaign, what do we do?

We have to put as much pressure on the CSA as we possibly can to make things right. Or even better, sack them.

VPjr has a list of the emails for the CSA's top execs. I've already harangued them with three emails apiece (from three different email addresses... hehe) and I encourage you all to do the same and then some. Keep it respectful, no profanity, but drive the message home.

Write to your local MP or candidate of preference, expressing your disgust with the Canadian Soccer Assocation, and promise your vote if they'll bring the issue up if they get elected.

When are the CSA having a meeting next? We should organize another 'Sack the CSA' protest.

Feel free to add ideas. But we have to do this now, while the sting of this embarrassing defeat is still fresh in people's minds. We can't afford to just let this go by.

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