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    • So basically extrapolating Apples from Oranges. Cool.
    • So you are saying that women, at TFC, are almost equally delinquent in buying tickets to men's national team games. I also suspect they are equally as ignorant of our existence as the men in that stadium.  Forums in general are for nerds. This forum is a festival of soccer nerds.  Trying to find demons in a lack of parity as it relates to the 'real' world is not going to be productive and only have people react badly.    You don't speak for the women in that stadium, read their minds or determine what their interests are.      
    • in terms of documented evidence, there is one demo list for a canadian team. it estimates 40% of those at tfc games are women http://www.coremedia.ca/tfc/demographics the number is slightly better than the average of 33% of fans being female for mls. it's safe to say from that that there is some kind of interest from women into the men's game in canada unless you want to just brush that off as nothing. i do think the csa did a fan survey a year or so ago which would likely have more detail but has not been released.
    • Based on what evidence? From where i'm standing it's not quite as self-evident as you've stated.
    • The women are playing in front of sell out crowds.  If those fans don't use forums, that is ok.   Most fans don't use forums no matter who they are.  Many regular V's who go to games don't even have accounts on this site.  
    • yea there's a crossover of mnt and wnt fans. we all know there is. it doesn't show.
    • Is that still alive? I couldn't find it the other day.
    • There is a board dedicated to the Women's NT called Big Red. The WNT fans and likely the females who would otherwise have posted here are over there.
    • It's ok if women (in general) choose to support the game differently than men.   Let's put an end right now to the implication that we here are cause of the differences, when those differences are reflected across the board in far more complicated ways than even some very simple soccer related explanations could point to.    
    • That part was more about women in general on these forums and the suspected lack there of which is an issue if you're looking to grow.
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