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  2. You need to download the CanPL Center Circle App and set it up with the same email you used to buy the tickets. If you want that to be a different email, let me know. You can't log in to the new site?
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  4. HI, I presume that's my problem? I'll wait for your response to my emails. Concerning the apr.27 game, any time frame to receiving tickets?
  5. Yes, it will redirect eventually, but right now it's a place for people who can't log into the new one because their email is 13 years old and no longer used.... So it lets me fix things for those people and do comparisons between username collisions where people had the same user name on both sites already.
  6. Joe, it's going to be good. The off topic threads are there. I just set the permissions wrong. I see them as an admin but I am guessing no one else does. I'll fix that this afternoon. There was no hidden thread. Talked about with people for months and figured the time to do with was with the start of the CanPL. The original forum is still in tact. If it really does go south, we can always switch back. Nothing is set in stone.
  7. Redirect would be wise
  8. I’m kinda worried we’ll lose a lot of users in the move but hopefully most will move with us. Will this website eventually just redirect to the new forum?
  9. Have to agree. This whole arbitrary move by a few without any consultation that I could see, bites. Was there some sort of hidden thread discussing this? My question about where the off topic threads are going is being ignored. I can live with losing a singing nun thread that probably had more views than the Futsal forum combined, I can even live with losing a software thread that I put over a decade of work into and had many thanks sent my way. But what I find unconscionable is if the stadium thread is lost. That is probably the only archive of Canadian stadium construction news and history out there, not just football stadiums but Saputo, BMO and BC Place. And all I've seen as reasons why controversial threads or posts are gone are because of supposed "ghosts" out there who will kill the Vs if we're not politically correct. That is the biggest pile of bullshit I've ever heard and can't fathom anybody believing it. And worse case scenario, even if it were true would you want to be part of an organization that kowtowed to people telling them to keep quiet. WTF? I don't know what is going on behind the scenes here but something's not right and I can only speculate my thoughts, but it is a done deal so I guess it doesn't matter. Never say never but I can't see myself going to the new site, because I feel pretty betrayed, but I feel pretty good about the fact that I've been around longer than most, made some contributions in posting news and keeping/refurbing the Moaca and speaking my mind about what I believed in even if most others disagreed.
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  11. There is risk. But we have become totally stagnant and the forums are not conducive to them youngin's and a lot of others. Not sure why. Hoping to some degree for a social media backlash, there damn well should be. This site(s) don't track you, game your attention, use algorithms to fuck with your head ect..... The new site will push the V's. There are a few different ways to do it. The old site/new organization will be seeking out better community relationships from coast to coast. Starting to rebuild that site in the next few days and create a more organization feel than it had before.
  12. No. I've sent you my email address via DM. Please let me know what steps I should take.
  13. @socceronly I understand the positive motives behind the move, thank you as always for pushing us in the right direction. I hope it helps but also see risk. Edit: perhaps I’m wrong. BigSoccer forums have worked well for the Yanks. How do we coordinate/ recruit into the Voyageurs fold from new site?
  14. Saving the forum is the reason to do this. Will be able to do a lot more on this site, give it some time.
  15. You are in there, with the same email address. Did you try to use the PW reset?
  16. Did you fix this? It looks like the email address here matches your account.
  17. It' is because you already had a CSN account from before. Precedence went to the existing account. I'll fix it now.
  18. Odd, I don't see it. It says the correct spelling when I look at it... maybe someone corrected it.
  19. I had the same problem. Tried to reset my password but it said no account is associated with my email address.
  20. I wanted to sign in but it says my username or password was incorrect !! grrrr . I miss our forum !!!
  21. Forum title spelling is wrong for CPL section (says "Premiere" instead of "Premier"). Login went fine for me, just needed to change pw.
  22. Really dislike this decision and hope you quickly reconsider when you see traffic on both site dive. #saveourforum
  23. BCM

    Moving the forum

    Hi mate, I'm now BCM1555362349 Can you change back to BCM
  24. Ok, fixed. Deleted the old one and fixed this one's name. Upgraded your member group as well
  25. Looks like you had a previous CSN account. One is gmail, the other yahoo Let me see if they will merge Which email address is better?
  26. lol Sure, I'll fix that.... wtf...
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    Posts as of noon ET  April 15th will not carry over in the forum move. 

    So please feel free to browse the forum, but don't bother writing your soccer manifesto at this point as it will not be carried over.



  • Women's World Cup
     Send Off Party




    Our tickets for this game are $20. 

    $2 from each ticket is supporting our tifo project for this game.

    Events for banner painting will be announced later.

    Section 112

    Canada vs Mexico - 112


    Section 113

    Canada vs Mexico - 113

    Family Section - Back of 113 for a good view

    Canada vs Mexico - 113
  • canpl-game-cropped.png


    Join us for this historic game!

    The Voyageurs are inviting all fans of the game who want to be at this historic match to join us. 

    We have arranged with Forge's James Hutton to set up a section at the game.

    After we will be joining a post game inaugural CanPL party hosted by the Barton Street Battalion 

    Please join and share the Facebook event here. Let's spread the word and make this a great day.

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