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    • Yann Fillion is on loan until the end of the season with FC Aarau. https://www.fcz.ch/de/profis/news/2018/yann-fillion-wechselt-leihweise-zum-fc-aarau/
    • Wasn't Sportsnet also playing something like "Misplays of the month" and poker or something? the day after the MLB all star game is the slowest day in the year for sports, and they couldn't be bothered to put the games on. This coming Wednesday on SN360 it will be Plays of the Month, World Poker Tour, Misplays of the Month, during the TFC vs Ottawa game. Then during Vancouver vs Montreal it will be Highlights of the Night followed by July 23 Monday Night Raw. On TSN 2 it's going to be World Junior Hockey reruns.
    • Good luck Theo!  Let's hope his career doesn't derail like his thread. 
    • So what did the sports networks have on INSTEAD of the Canadian Championships on Wednesday night?  Before we forget.... TSN all channels but one....The ESPYS...watch the best American sports stars award themselves.   At least now there's more sports/awards for women.   They've passed the old boys network back in the 1970s that had some sportscaster vote 'Best Female Athlete' as the horse that won the Kentucky Derby.    Sportsnet channels....WWE Monday Night Raw...I couldn't believe that one.  I know it was the day after the baseball All Star game so there was no baseball being played anywhere.  But a two day old wrestling show?  It's already been on the small Sportsnet 360 station that shows it 'live' and repeats it over again at midnight.  I can't see why the national stations then pick it up and 95% of their viewers would have thought WTF is this?   Would their ratings really have been better than Canadian soccer?    Next Wednesday for Sportsnet it's back to endless baseball.