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    We have a new shirt coming out, which will be given out free with each ticket in Montreal at the pre game bar.   It will also be available for teams across the country in their local colors. It is the Supporters United for Canada shirt, designed by John Bruce. 

    Now none of this matters if the shirts do NOT arrive, which is what is happening to too many orders. 
    When I first started doing ticketing for games, we shipped physical tickets.  Several games in, tickets started to go missing.  We were not covered on tickets like we are now, it's pretty much risk free at this point, in the early days it was not.  
    Now a lot of these tickets were going missing with people I knew, same with the shirts.  So what I did was break up the mailing into small batches and walk around the city dropping them into mailboxes over a couple days.  Suddenly, not a single ticket went missing. 
    I am now shipping the shirts through the same post office where the tickets went missing, albeit years later.   Possibly just a coincidence.
    I want to do a test and send out shirts to the same people in a few different ways
    So please sign up by sending me your address in a PM.   I will send you two or three Supporters United shirts.  You can find cool people to give them to. 
    First 20 or so people.... I may also pick out some people that come later to spread things out.  I will likely ship things in at least three different ways. 
    How We Ship Shirts
    Shirts, singles, are shipped by over sized letter mail. Within Canada this costs roughly $3.25 to $4.00 depending on the weight.   It is possible the shirts are bunching up and Canada Post is being super strict on the thickness of the envelope.  If so, shirts are piling up somewhere and they don't come back to me.   There are few different fixes we can try if that is the issue. 
    If we ship parcels shipping will jump for a single shirt to a minimum of $12, unless we started to do serious volume and even then drop only to around $9 at a minimum.   The third option is something like Amazon fulfillment which I am looking into. Both options would give us tracking numbers. 
    For a fundraiser like the CanPL shirt, it effectively defeats the purpose. 
    I really want to solve this issue, because if we can't it effectively kills shipping single shirts.  It simply can't continue with the numbers that are not getting through.
    It seems that the second batch of SLS shirts that went out, the week before Christmas, there are some missing from that shipment.  Everything in the first shipment arrived, the second not so much.   I used a shirt folder on the second batch of orders, and I am wondering if some of them are bunching up and getting rejected by Canada Post for being too thick for oversized regular mail.  
    My heat press is very unhappy.  The temperature regulator/controller board is fried.  
    I have ordered a new one.   Just replace it they said... it's easy they said..... Just reattach all the wires the same way, or you will wreck the board again....  have a look.
    Hopefully I don't burn my building down, or kill myself.  

    Playing Korea seemed to garner the attention of a new breed of spammers.   
    I would really like to see some solid rationale for the efforts they seem to through to post all this garbage.  
    If we know of people in Korea, China, Nigeria ect... that legitimately post, please let know.  I may need to make some rule exceptions for them.
    This should decrease the amount of spam we get. 
    I'll just have to live with my current supply of Viagra and fake passports.
    Sunday, Nov 20th, I went to Hamilton for a meeting with the Barton Street Battalion and several guests from the OSA, CanPL and the Hamilton Tiger Cats. A lot of really good ideas being floated and an incredibly positive atmosphere.  There is nothing to indicate that this league is anything other than real, and I feel more encouraged now than ever.
    Thanks to James Hutton for organizing this and doing a fantastic job in setting up what is going to be a really great supporters group.
    There is no new information regarding the league as the point of the meeting was setting up the SG not trying to pick details out of people that don't have them or can't release them.
    Original Supporter was deemed snobby and rightfully so.  I have changed it to SUPPORTERS UNITED for the CanPL. 
    One thing is clear, we don't need to be conciliatory in any way. We don't need to apologize for anything that this league is not.  It's not MLS, it's not Serie A or the EPL. It's ours. 
    Looking for sections to be written on the following. Some of these things existed in the past but did not survive the transition to the new platform.  
    Voyageurs History Voyageurs About Voyageurs Mission Voyageurs Cup What it is Voyageurs Cup History & Data I will do the following.  
    Create a thread for each topic for people to contribute ideas to.    Someone to take the lead on consolidating it and writing it into something comprehensible A just get it done sunset clause as we will not get caught in endless machinations over trivial crap Are there any other suggestions for non forum content sections?  
    Site content additions are happening in the following order
    Basic about us content above POTY and Retirement awards are next  Game day operations, ticketing, marches and tifo explanations
    I have added a directory to the site for Canadian soccer clubs, leagues, associations and academies.   I will add other categories and provinces later, just testing it right now.
    Associations ect are not particularly forthcoming with data on contacts in the soccer community.   So I have decided we need to build our own.  
    Over the next year I will be doing a significant amount of cross Canada outreach for The Voyageurs and the CanPL and a good directory will be a place to start. 
    We have to start building better relationships in the soccer community, and knowing where to go is half the battle.
    If everyone can please first test the system to make sure it is working and makes sense, then we can make a wider push for a complete Canadian soccer directly. 
    Leave out the professional teams, that will be a new category later Requires both web address and physical address - it's a PIA to coppy in an address, but super important.  (currently defaults to USA) Copy in a blurb about the club or a mission statement if they have it on the site.  (use the Remove Formatting if cut & paste from a site) Upload the clubs logo if you can http://www.thevoyageurs.org/directory/
    If you have any ideas on how to improve it, please let me know. 
    Thanks for you help.  
    Our collision with legal reality is well under way.  We should in short order, provided we do not hit any road blocks upon final approval, be a federally registered non profit before the end of this year.  Hopefully sooner than later.
    The articles of incorporation leave room for 11 board members.  We are starting with only three.  I have chosen a small professional board to get things started.  We can expand the board later if necessary.  I'll announce more details when it is finalized and those people are written in. 
    The focus is narrow. We are not starting a professional soccer team, building a stadium, hiring assassins or any other such lofty goal.  We are here to grow the culture of the game in Canada, support all the teams at home and abroad along with some ancillary therapeutic support services for members.  

    The module I bought for this purpose just seems to break on every point release for this platform.  
    The software (platform) has stabilized tremendously since it was first released.  There is an update available for the module which I will try. 
    Otherwise I will simply build it all manually from the Pay Pal records. 
    I apologize to those who feel they have been left out.  The donations are all now in play as the incorporation has been started.  Your help is truly greatly appreciated and with each passing day it is clear this is going to be a huge benefit to us.
    Thanks for you patience.  
    Working on it today.
    The website is getting a small makeover.
    Rebuilding the menu structure
    Adding much needed sections like About, Mission, History... Resurrecting social media blocks Adding and tweaking member features Adding a member map Improving some profile features