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  • Supporters United for the CanPL

    Canada is getting a league.  This is our league, it’s your league.  If you truly love the game you support local soccer. No excuses.


    It won’t be as good as the MLS.  We don’t care

    It won’t be as good as Serie A. We don’t care

    It won’t be as good as the EPL. We don’t care.

    It’s ours.

    Now that we have that out of our system it’s time to get on board and make this work.  There are soccer fans coast to coast in this country and we need every single one on board with the spirit and initiative to build something new.  

    Crowd Funding the CanPL Supporters Groups

    The Voyageurs will assist kickstarting CanPL supporters culture by raising funds for the following

    • Seed money for CanPL supporters groups
    • Funds for a CanPL shield/trophy created by supporters
    • Organization funds for a 2018 pre launch supporters summit

    100% of the net from all Supporters United sales will go to the seed capital fund.  This money will be managed by the Voyageurs with sales data vetted by the CanPL SGs as they are created.

    These shirts are more expensive than our Voyageurs shirts as they are made to raise funds.  A shirt is $25 and includes shipping. $14 from each shirt sold goes towards the Supporters United fund.