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Supporters Group Tickets


These groups are for people that belong to those groups. DO NOT BUY these tickets unless you are part of the group listed here. 

If you want to create a group and direct people here for standing together at the game, please contact socceronly@gmail.com.  We would be happy to set one up for you.


  • All tickets will be emailed in the last week of October.  
  • If you want to add more people to your order, all orders will be consolidated and seated together.
  • Each ticket includes a shirt available only at the pre game bar.
  • Scarves, hats, toques and other cool stuff will also be available pre game.
  • Make sure your shipping address is up to date for any scarves, hats or shirts you buy. These will be shipped.


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    • Seattle is up on Houston 1-0 but Houston is playing with 10 men but Lodeiro missed the PK.  Sounders definitely in the driver seat but that PK miss gives Houston some life.  Would think it will be a rematch of the Final last year if all goes according to plan.  
    • They did what they needed to do.  Interesting that Osorio is now gets some serious playing time and outlasts Delgado on the pitch.  And Raheem plays - wow where did that come from and thank goodness that he did.  Wonder how many will see the field in the final games?
    • Complete bullshit.  Only legitimate explanation is injury but why do I think that is not the case.  Solid road game without major stars.  Win one game at home and now back to the final.  Hurts not getting the away goal but with a full team next week I would hope we dominate from the word go and put Columbus on the road to Austin.  
    • Osorio and Ricketts go 90 and Raheem Edwards plays about 12 (if you include injury time) as TFC draw 0-0 on the road in leg 1 vs Columbus. Edwards made a game saving save of a shot from one of TFC's many late game suicidal giveaways by the likes of Moor, Cooper and Bradley - can't remember who it was on that occasion. I know TFC were missing their star strikers but I was disappointed that they didn't even try to get that away goal
    • Let's hope Jordan moves on to a team that will give him a chance.  Ridiculous that a guy who can't use his head at 6'5 and doesn't score goes to the bench of a game when your two best strikers are out and you have a guy who has scored in the league when given the opportunity.