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If you want to create a group and direct people here for standing together at the game, please contact socceronly@gmail.com.  We would be happy to set one up for you.


  • All tickets will be emailed in the last week of August.  
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Pre game is at Shoeless Joe's - We will be early so people can pick up their shirts.  Currently that is 2pm

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    • 😳 wow some of you guys/girls are so jaded and really hold this Canadian team at low regard and living in the past 
    • The question remains: Why on Earth do we deserve to play perennial European World Cup teams when we haven't even been to the Hex in 20 years? If the Nations League groups are 6 per level and parsed by FIFA rankings, that puts us in a group with Honduras, Jamaica, T&T, Guatemala and El Salvador. That's really good competition for us, gives us the experience we need in Central America, and puts us in a position to get promoted into a group where the majority of games are against Mexico, the US or Costa Rica.  I'm not sure there is a country that benefits more from the Nations League than Canada.
    • I think you summarized it well.  We saw him play a phenomenal game earlier in the season against Seattle.  But then you have some games where he was not nearly as involved as he could or should be.  I think he played the first leg of that game versus Ottawa and that would have been a chance for cnd players like Chapman to shine but that didnt happen.   Last night, big props for the goal, but there was a play later in the second half where he seems to get intimidated by Giovinco screaming for the ball when he (Chapman) was in a good position to create something useful.  Hence he forced an unnecessary pass to Giovinco who was in no position to make anything usefull of the play.  Maybe we can blame Giovinco for that. Or we can blame the usual "locker room pecking order or culture" that exists Soccer. By that, i mean that Giovinco makes 7 Mill, starts every game, is a league MVP, has several international caps for Italy, played for Juventus etc .  Whereas chapman is young player looking to build a reputation.   So what would we do if we were In Chapman's shoes on that play?    If we had guts, we ignore The 7mill dollar man and do whats right on that play and hold on to the ball a little longer.   But If want to keep our spots on the team, we listen to what giovinco wants and says if he is screaming at you. 
    • I'm just repeating what I've heard. SKC likes to play with a high-line which is suited for CBs with recovery speed. Besler, Opara and Palmer-Brown are all rapid for CBs. Didic is going to have a hard time breaking into their system. He's going to spend the rest of the year at SPR unless Palmer-Brown is sold in this window and there is no end in sight for Besler and Opara.