Group Tickets


If you want to create a group and direct people here for standing together at the game, please contact  We would be happy to set one up for you.


  • All tickets will be emailed in the last week of August.  
  • If you want to add more people to your order, all orders will be consolidated and seated together.
  • Each ticket includes a shirt available only at the pre game bar.
  • Scarves, hats, toques and other cool stuff will also be available pre game.
  • Make sure your shipping address is up to date for any scarves, hats or shirts you buy. These will be shipped.

Pre game is at Shoeless Joe's - We will be early so people can pick up their shirts.  Currently that is 2pm

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    • Belan said it could be an interim home during stadium construction 
    • AJH plays 76, Piette 90, Osorio & Ricketts 90, Edwards 21 in a wild 5-3 Montreal win in probably TFC's worst home performance since they lost 4-2 to Vancouver last year (with some comical defending that was reminiscent of that game as well). AJH gets two goals and an assist, Ricketts gets two goals, Edwards gets one assist and Osorio sets up all three TFC goals and gets no assists for whatever reason I can't figure out. Ricketts & Osorio were probably the only two TFC starters who weren't poor on the night. The biggest disgrace though is that Hamilton is nailed to the bench so that we can watch Ben Spencer miss about 4 headers (although I will say that he probably should have earned a PK on one of his missed headers). Chapman also remained on the bench to watch Armando Cooper help set up AJH's second goal.
    • I love this kid, everything about his style is just a mixture of arrogance and brilliance.
    • If it's called Kickin Horse Saloon there's no way they vote no