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    • Adekugbe starts for Valerengen at Rosenborg BK. 
    • Not happy that Senegal drew with Japan 2-2....even though it was an entertaining game I am not happy because Senegal I am supporting and it doesn't put us in prime position. Damn it I wanted a win but hey it is whatever. All I want is a win next game against Colombia.
    • As far as Infantino giving us automatic qualification, he will because well he has to. I mean think about it. If we are not given automatic qualification and we have to go through qualifiers and don't qualify for our own FIFA World Cup could you imagine how bad that looks? Of course we will be given automatic qualification because well there is no other option. Just like how for the USA and Mexico they too also have to be given automatic qualification. If the format were still 32 teams then I could see the issue about automatic qualification being given if it was 32 teams however it is 48 teams and it will be the first time something like this happens so, Canada in our case we have to be there. However, it sucks because we only get to host like 10 group games altogether and Mexico also gets 10 group games with USA getting majority of the tournament games. Furthermore, to me in closing it doesn't really matter because regardless 2026 will still be a great tournament because of the significance of it being 48 teams as opposed to 32. As long as we are co-hosting and Canada is there then that's all I really care about at the end of the day.
    • https://www.thestar.com/halifax/2018/06/23/inaugural-rugby-game-at-wanderers-grounds-draws-sell-out-crowd.html