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    • All tickets will be sent by email a week before the game.  This allows you to buy extras, and I will sort the orders so they are all seated together.
    • Tickets are not general admission.  
    • Only buy tickets from a group if you are actually part of that group.
    • After Pay Pal fees, the Voyageurs do not make any money off of tickets.



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    • The YorkU track is way bigger than I thought. I've watched some matches in Moncton (U20WC), and found the track didn't bother me, which was unexpected, but on the left hand side of the first picture you show, the stands seem soooooo far from the pitch!
    • Bob Lenarduzzi's (awful, don't read it) "autobiography" includes a bit where he throws shade at the Voyageurs.
    • No, not at all ... I could see us winning 1-0 vs. St.Kitts, and tying FG. Combine that with two 3-0 or 4-0 games vs. Dominica and USVI, and voila ... It's possible that we win by more vs. D or USVI though ... Also, to be clear, I'm not saying that we can't win all 4 ...
    • 😀 Gent is holding him back only playing him 10-20 minutes a game.  If they played him the full 90 he would average AT LEAST a hat trick every game.  Why would they do that? 😁
    • So what you're saying is we shouldn't expect him to start playing 90 minutes every game and finish the season with over 200 goals?