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  1. Herdman new head coach

    Yeah, it really was a lot that you would hope to hear from a new coach. With plenty of boilerplate quotes that you would expect. I could have done without the whining towards the end about the valid criticisms of his appointment. Questioning why people would criticize him over the "gender-issue". It's not a "gender-issue", it's a lack of specific experience issue! That's a legit complaint, and he would be wise to concentrate on the new job, and worry less about what people are saying. The only way he wins those people over, is with results, and not interviews. I wish Sharman would've pressed him a bit for info on his coaching staff and philosophy/playing style.
  2. Zambrano out!

    Jamal Murray and Thon Maker are two other guys that finished their HS in Ontario and are now in the NBA. Though Thon's not Canadian. Heading to the US used to be the case. But over the last few years the creation of the Athlete Institute/Orangeville prep school in Ontario (2010) and the formation of the OSBA (2016), have changed things. Now these kids can get a great prep school experience while staying in Canada. Certainly some players still choose to go to prep school in the US, like current highly rated seniors RJ Barrett and Simi Shittu. But you also have examples like current Orangeville prep senior Ignas Brazdeikis (and University of Michigan commit) who's considered a 5 star recruit.
  3. January U23 Camp

    I suspect it's due to the large US military presence there. I believe there's over 50 000 american troops stationed there.
  4. Zambrano out!

    Wrong! The top Canadian basketball players are becoming great players before they even get to the NCAA! The grassroots development that is taking place in the GTA is on par with the very best in the US or the world. Obviously, the NCAA helps, but the best players only spend one season there anyways. Just over the past few seasons there's been 2 kids who were considered the very best players in their incoming NCAA class, Andrew Wiggins and RJ Barrett. Though they finished their high school careers at american prep schools, they were definitely developed in Canada.
  5. Zambrano out!

    While missing their best player!
  6. Zambrano out!

    "not the most political guy" = telling it like it is and not kissing everyone's ass? That's how I take it anyways.
  7. Zambrano out!

    Your unwillingness to admit there's a huge difference in coaching men's vs women's teams is strange. Take for example the fact that managing ego's in a squad is gonna be quite different when you consider most players in the men's team make a decent living with their club team's versus the women's side where the national team is just about the only thing that matters.
  8. Zambrano out!

    Canada's available talent pool in the the women's game as compared to the rest of the world, is light years ahead of their pool in the men's game. Therefor, I don't think "funneling young talent to his team" is anything special. In fact. pretty much every Canada's women's team coach has done that as long as I can remember. (Sinclair, Kara Lang...)
  9. Zambrano out!

    You're comparing apples to elephants
  10. Doneil Henry

    Certainly put me down for being in the camp of those wishing him all the best!! It will be great to follow him in Vancouver. But I'm left wondering if playing for a team who plays home games on turf is the best choice for him!!
  11. When asked about recently attracting the attention of Portugal's U21 coach? "I feel connected to both countries (Canada & Portugal) and I would never turn down a call up! But I know that one day I will have to decide, and in that moment I'm sure I will make the right decision"
  12. Atiba Hutchinson

    Wore the captain's armband as well and nearly scored!!
  13. Stephen Eustaquio

    Yeah man! Pull back the reins a bit!!! I mean Leixoes are not to be mentioned in the same breath as some of those powerhouse clubs from our most recent call-ups like Orlando City B, Louisville City or Hapoel Hedera!!
  14. Cyle Larin

    Talisca is an AM as someone else has mentioned. But actually, he's about to start the second season of a 2 year loan. (from Benfica) There have been rumors that a lot of big name clubs have been keeping a close eye on him, in order to eventually sign him a year from now. So undoubtedly, Larin playing for Betsikas would be quite the potential shop window to show his talents for all of Europe.
  15. Canada vs Jamaica Match Thread

    That's dumb. You can debate whether or not he should start. But to not call him at all is dumb.