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    Victoria CPL

    Pacific Football Club Member #113 https://twitter.com/sashmaster/status/1020798334108196864
  2. Bbeto

    CPL General

  3. Bbeto

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    I like this
  4. Bbeto

    FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread

    I think 5000-6500 membership...
  5. Bbeto

    FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread

    What was the number of memberships sold during the YEG4CPL push?. someone knows?
  6. Bbeto

    Ottawa Fury 2018 season

    Yesterday 8 Canadians in their opening lineup!!! the best game of the year. Congratulations!.
  7. Bbeto

    Victoria CPL

    David Canachan said: 8-10 teams. I think that Eigth: Hamilton and Winnipeg. York, Calgary, Halifax, and Fraser Valley (Port City). Edmonton and Ottawa. Ten?: Saskatoon and Victoria...K/W?
  8. Bbeto

    CPL General

    more photos please!
  9. Bbeto

    CPL General

    the correct road
  10. Bbeto

    CPL General

    the important thing is that everything goes forward
  11. Bbeto

    CPL General

    What a mess!. Center yourself!. I think it has nothing to do with reality. I´m sorry
  12. Bbeto

    CPL General

    I don't have much opinion one way or the other on "York 9", but when I see "York9" I feel like someone didn't get the email address/twitter handle/whatever unique identifier you want to name, that they were looking for. York Nine FC Better?
  13. Bbeto

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

  14. Bbeto

    CPL General

    In case you or others haven’t noticed, the articles BBTB linked and you quoted are from over 5 years ago. Yes. I think edmonton will go to CanPL 2019, whithout a doubt