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  1. I just think that because of 2026, the spotlight is on Canada more than ever and we have to present ourselves in a strong manner each time it is possible. We have to come in those qualifiers with a mentality of winners and for that our best eligible players have to be there. So we shouldn’t care if Davies, Millar, David, etc. have already played senior by November, our best players have to be there so we can send a message that we are a talented team.
  2. HochelagaFC

    Liam Millar

    I think it’s even more positive that Leeds and Aston Villa are interested in him. That means clubs from the Championship thinks he’s ready for that league. If he can avoid a loan in League One it would mean he is closer to the first team than just being perpetually loaned out.
  3. HochelagaFC

    Emile Legault

    180cm looks pretty generous from what I saw at Toulon. Also, it’s the first time it’s mentionned anywhere that he plays centre back so maybe it’s an error? Also from Toulon, he displayed a lot of good things for a fullback but nothing that says he could play centre back.
  4. HochelagaFC

    Jonathan Osorio

    Samuel Piette fits the exact same description. He also earned is lot of criticism but once he got his game together (like Osorio this year), the praise started coming.
  5. HochelagaFC

    David Edgar

    I would be interested to know how many of these players have signed with the Fury for only this season? My theory is that they are signing them so all these Canadians would be free agent at the end of this year so they could sign on a free transfer/allocation draft(?) with other teams in the CPL. In that way you ensure yourself that these players are available once the teams are ready to make roster decisions. That would need to be on the basis that Ottawa Fury would play in the CPL of course and they would probably be able to keep those that they had signed to longer contracts.
  6. Why not both? Millar as proven he can do a good job on the wing so it’s not like they are necessarily fighting for the same spot.
  7. HochelagaFC

    Jonathan David

    Really agree with this. Plus, in the last years, the players that we lost where guys who where never called by the CMNT (Geffrard, Cantave, Sanon). So, unless we dont call him up for a long period of time he won’t stop playing for us. Given the way he is playing I can’t imagine he won’t be called up.
  8. HochelagaFC

    Canadians abroad: August 3-9, 2018

    Is he playing in defense or in midfield with his new team?
  9. When those games will come, if Millar is on loan in League One or lower, they still play during international breaks so that could be problematic. But maybe they will let him play anyway.
  10. HochelagaFC

    Coaches Speculation

    What is Michael Findlay up to? Could he be a potential coach for a team? Maybe Pacific FC?
  11. HochelagaFC

    Clément Bayiha

    So after his one year contract he would come back to Montreal? It’s the only reason this move would make sense for the Impact!
  12. HochelagaFC

    Cyle Larin

    It’s clearly not Cyle Larin.
  13. HochelagaFC

    Ballou Tabla

    CSA are calling him up clearly at each friendly since he played for the Impact. They called him for Toulon. Both Herdman and Zambrano have talk publicly about wanting him to join the MNT. You make your « bold » statement but if you think that the CSA aren’t doing anything, you are clearly ignorant on the situation.
  14. HochelagaFC

    Charles-Andres Brym

    In a world where France and Canada are trying to get him playing for them you have a point but in the real world he is not on France’s radar and hasn’t been on ours too. Now that he has a first team contract with LOSC he must have got CSA’s attention, but he would have to score a boatload of goals just to be in the conversation for them. So let’s face it, Canada is his best option for international football.
  15. HochelagaFC

    Position Group: Centre Backs

    Even if it was mutual, training camp have already started in England so I guess he must not be in high demand. His MNT career is not over of course but right now guys like James, Jakovic, Vittoria, Cornelius and Meilleur Giguère would be ahead of him at the moment because they are playing at a decent level and/or display enough potential. It all changes if he found a decent club and starts playing of course.