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  1. Sounds like 2018 will be a busy year. Can anyone provide a summary of what the major events are for the women's side? Pretty easy to find CNWT info but I'm having a harder time finding info for u-20, u-17, u-15 events. Cheers
  2. A couple of questions: -How many games will the Women's team play next year / how many goals a year does Sinclair average? - Who was doing the play by play for live feed, it sounded a lot like the guy who did some of the OUA play off games? - is Herdman always that vocal? I've definitely noticed him before but maybe more so today just because it was an empty stadium
  3. Jessie Fleming

    I haven't followed College Soccer before but I'm wondering is this normal for the coach to do? Is this part of a 4 year project to make Fleming a better all round soccer player? No idea, just wondering about the discrepancy between how you feel she should be played and how she is being played.
  4. Seems to me that Toronto would be a good spot for a NWSL team, any insight why there isn't one? Apologies if already discussed at length.