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  1. Looks like this could be a good tournament. Not a lot of information out there, anybody know anything? https://www.internationalchampionscup.com/en/women
  2. Brazil, September 2nd
  3. Kick off tomorrow at 2:45 EST. Looks like it will be streamed on the Concacaf youtube channel https://www.canadasoccer.com/watch-canada-continues-journey-to-uruguay-2018-at-the-concacaf-women-s-under-17-championship-p161600
  4. BreadBoy

    Canada vs Germany in Hamilton June 10th

    I'm guessing ConCacaf: http://www.concacaf.com/en/under-17s-women/article/2018-concacaf-women-s-under-17-championship-to-resume-play-in-june
  5. Pretty sure the game Champions game is today at noon EST
  6. What if the League said she wasn't allowed to play because she was over 23, would that cause the same ruckus? Are teams allowed a certain # of overage players?
  7. Interview with her on Sportsnet: https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/stephanie-labbe-canada-womens-soccer-calgary-foothills-fc-pdl/
  8. As of Tuesday morning, the day after the game, the only video Canada Soccer has posted a link to is the French highlights! Maybe someone will have time today to post the Canadian highlights.
  9. BreadBoy

    2018 NWSL Season

    Does anyone know if the Lifetime channel in Canada carries the game of the week? Or can we just stream here or watch it later on the weekend through the NWSL video channel?
  10. BreadBoy

    Algarve Cup 2018

    interesting. are they going to play with two strikers or will one of them play wide?
  11. There are other Canadian soccer forums?
  12. Apparently Altidore was sick to his stomach and actually threw up on the field. Agreed that he should have come off.
  13. BreadBoy

    2018 NWSL Season

    i wished they would announce the schedule already
  14. I think $1600-2000, would be the cost to play on a rep team year round and get the same number of training hours as an OPDL team. The $400-800 Vic quoted would get you 2 days a week from May to August on a low level rep team. Rep teams might also travel more than an OPDL team during the year for games and to more tournaments bringing the overall costs closer together.
  15. Well I needed to distract myself from something else so here is what I came up with: Average age for Haiti roster was 17.5 (or born roughly July 15, 2000) Average age for Canadian roster was 17.7 ( April 25, 2000). This was average of total roster and not the starting roster. Interesting to note that Haiti had four 14 year olds and one 15 yr old on roster wheras Canada’s youngest were five 16 yr olds.