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  1. Jith12

    Alphonso Davies

  2. Jith12

    Herdman new head coach

    For Cavallini I'd suggest Jonathan David. He was recently promoted to the Gent first team and has had a very good in pre-season for them. If Herdman thinks that he has done enough to earn CMNT minutes, he will have valuable senior MNT experience going into Nations League and WCQ. Edit: If we are talking about the USVI game and it overlaps with the U-20 championships I'd rather have David at U-20 because he is probably our best U-20 striker ATM.
  3. Jith12

    Raheem Edwards

    Poor guy, traded on his birthday. That's gotta be pretty tough.
  4. Jith12

    Alphonso Davies

    Apparently Phonzie is getting a feature on The National on CBC soon. Stay tuned...
  5. Jith12

    Liam Millar

    Would be a good move if it is a first team deal. The Sunderland U23's were relegated last season and will play in the second division of Premier League 2.
  6. Jith12

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    A bunch of their players defected to the US the last time they came here to play a WCQ. So in general, they are more of a threat to national security than our Nations League hopes. But now that I have said that they'll probably go on a run and qualify...
  7. Jith12

    Alphonso Davies

    That couldn't be more true. This article from The Guardian on Harry Kane really proves your point: https://www.theguardian.com/football/shortcuts/2018/jul/09/harry-kane-inspiration-chubby-children-everywhere
  8. Jith12

    Russia World Cup 2018

    I'm also pretty sure that I saw a Croatian flag that said "EDMONTON" on it at the last Croatia group game vs Iceland.
  9. Yesterday, Jonathan David came on in the 60th minute and scored in the 76th in a 3-1 win for Gent over Oudenaarde in a pre-season friendly. Today, he started and played 60 minutes in a 6-1 win over Wetteren, also a friendly.
  10. Jith12

    Russia World Cup 2018

    Did anyone else hear the commentator give a shout-out to Vancouver during the England vs Sweden game? I also just saw someone holding a Canadian flag at the Croatia vs Russia game.
  11. Jith12

    Russia World Cup 2018

    Well, most of it is just gamesmanship. Penalties are more mental than physical IMO and for outfield players, it is their only line of defence. However, I was really ticked off by the Colombian players who were kicking at the spot. Defacing the field?! I really wish that Geiger saw that and cautioned them.
  12. Jith12

    Tesho Akindele

    This is hilarious:
  13. Jith12

    Stance on Qatar 2022

    For them it wasn't a rebuild, it was just build!
  14. Jith12

    Stance on Qatar 2022

    As a Leafs fan, I can attest. We've been rebuilding since 1967.
  15. Jith12

    Alphonso Davies

    I watched the France vs Argentina game this morning and I can't help but compare Davies to Mbappé. The way they can scorch opposition backlines with their runs is very similar. Both guys have incredible potential.