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  1. Jonathan Osorio

    If he is so cold then why didn't he wear long sleeves? Is he trying to start a trend here? At least get a nicer pair of gloves! Red maybe...
  2. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    Bruce Arena gives CONCACAF officiating a proper roasting: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/soccer-insider/wp/2017/10/12/bruce-arena-hints-at-exit-clause-in-u-s-soccer-contract/?utm_term=.1e85f1bba476
  3. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    And now Bruce has resigned. Who do you think will be at the top of the list to take over the reigns? Are there any high profile coahes on the market right now?
  4. That is a very good point. I would like to see MLSE try a Toronto WFC platform and brand the team like they do for TFC. Similar to how most EPL clubs have women's affiliates (MCWFC, Arsenal WFC etc.).
  5. I would love to see an NWSL team here in Toronto. However, TFC has been 'round for 10 years now and we still are not up there with the Leafs, Raps and Jays. As much as us V's would follow it, it would be very slow to get off of the ground with casual fans. I would hate to see a Toronto team be formed and fold just a year or two later because the fanbase was not strong enough. That would hurt our chances of getting a team longer down the road. When soccer becomes more mainstream I would be all in favour of a Toronto NWSL team (Especially considering the CSA is a major funder of the league).
  6. Site Update

    @socceronly The new layout looks great! Love the option to be able to have reactions other than "like". The new logo at the top of the page is really nice as well. Great job!
  7. Jith12

  8. General Discussion on CMNT

    Was that a ball boy or a Panama sub? CONCACAFiest thing I've ever seen (apart from time wasting in the corner during a friendly. *cough, cough El Salvador*).
  9. I'm worried that the USA's botch up of WCQ's will stunt Bradley's and Altidore's momentum. I hope that they do use this as more of reason to win MLS Cup rather than get discouraged.🤞
  10. Canada's Friendlies

    We should hook up with Sealand for a game! They would be ecstatic! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sealand_national_football_team https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principality_of_Sealand
  11. Canada vs El Salvador - Sun Oct 8th - Houston TX

    Is this the camera angle that they are going to use for the whole game? You can barely see the lines on the pitch!
  12. When are the boys off to Houston?
  13. Does that mean that they will be able to add El Salvador league players to their roster now? The game is only being shown on canadasoccer.com. The CSA might put it up on their YouTube channel after the game.
  14. Didn't Bezbatchenko say that "the Champions League is our biggest goal" or something along those lines?
  15. Concacaf Hex results (R)

    I thought that they are supposed to play Australia or Syria. New Zealand plays CONMEBOL fifth place right?