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  1. Good Squad, enough to start a strong XI vs NZ Although I don’t get why Herdman didn’t call up: de Jong, Hoilett, Davies, Teibert, Johnson and Cavillini! AJH as well. Anyhow I’m sure we’ll get the win or draw but this friendly is the only competitive game until Gold Cup 2019 since the CONCACAF Nations League is weak in opposition, so doesn’t it make sense to call these guys right now? I’ve always thought it’s important to present your A Team always
  2. I'm surprised that there only been about 23,500 tickets sold for this match! Thought it would be way more for a USA-Canada rivalry BC Place has sold out for the World Cup in 2015, I'm sure a lot of people will come the day of and the attendance wil be much larger
  3. I'm confused, is @socceronly for real? Stay in Vancouver for now
  4. Thomas

    The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira

    Here we go again 😐
  5. Thomas

    Alphonso Davies

    Or even better score his first goal in the MLS!
  6. Thomas

    General Discussion on CMNT

    Hopefully man! Fingers crossed With Techera and Reyna not fit to play why would they be in the traveling 18'? I hope to see Davies and Teibert on the bench as well Will be surprised if they go with Jordan Harvey instead of de Jong at Century Link Park
  7. Thomas

    Alphonso Davies

    ¡Happy 17th birthday to Alphonso Davies! 🎉🎁 He will only get better and better each year
  8. Thomas

    Jonathan Osorio

    Relax people I don't see what's wrong with wearing gloves So has Tosaint Ricketts before and I don't see any of you critizing him for such a small insignificant thing
  9. Thomas

    Ben Fisk

    So it seems
  10. Great insight on Hoilett! Doesn't surprise me about Twardek and Petrasso I thought Tomori was a Centre Back?
  11. Ricardo Ferreira and Fikayo Tomori in terms of need! Tabla, Gutierrez, Wotherspoon, Vaikla, and others are replaceable
  12. Still shocked at the poll results This is gotta be one of the better threads of recent time
  13. Thomas


    I hate when people talk about Politics on here, completely off topic Like no offence @Robert but what the actual fuck? If you're gonna say something towards this matter at least be right about it! In the past people have talked about San Pedro Sula and San Salvador as murder cities or Trump with Venezuela work permits for players etc but it's actually related this is so dumb, wish you could delete your post but you can't
  14. Thomas

    General Discussion on CMNT

    Who is this guy? How old and what position I know he mentioned he went over to Denmark on trial to find a club
  15. Thomas


    This post is pointless! Like really?