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  1. VWFC VS SJ Earthquakes; Carl Robinson goes with de jong in the starting XI at Left Back, while Davies is on the bench. No Teibert in the 18'
  2. TFC VS IMFC: - Osorio, Ricketts and Edwards are on the bench for the Reds - Crepeau, Piette and Tabla in the starting XI for MTL -> Bernier, Shome and LBG as subs
  3. Diego Gutierrez was nowhere to be seen (Not in the 18) for Palestino's 4-0 win over first place team Unión Española. I think it's time to move on, he's gotten such limited minutes this season. Hard to break through in Primera Division
  4. Will Johnson

    Hoping for a strong finish in the final two games of the season for Orlando City SC! He has a contract for 2018 but that doesn't mean anything, no guarantee there. Jason Kreis said publicly he will have a busy off season and changes are coming
  5. He assisted on the game winning goal!
  6. So according to the link we're expected to play in the second round! As usual. Wasn't there gonna be some changes made to Concacaf WCQ? Unless it remains the same this is an accurate representation of what it will be like
  7. CPL General

    We need SSS in most franchises! Since Hamilton and Winnipeg are both from the ownership groups of the CFL's Bombers and Ticats, why would they build one? Makes sense of them to play at their stadiums. If Ottawa Fury join, same thing. But Edmonton*, Calgary, Regina/Saskatoon, Quebec City and Halifax would need to build new facilities *Maybe, already has Clarke*
  8. CPL Stadium Thread

    I'm sure they could be able to support both, the soccer fanbase is big enough for 2 Clubs, the bigger question is whether it's sustainable? I guess, only a 45 minute drive but still You just wanna sneak it in!
  9. CPL General

    The excitement keeps coming to us and gets us pumped for a professional league in Canada, but we also gotta remember that the level/quality of play won't be as we might think it is, lower most likely. So I just hope and pray that Beirne and ownership groups get the business side of things right and that the average attendance is between 5,000-8,000 in the first year Would be pretty incredible if Hamilton were to host Ottawa in the first ever CPL game and sell out Tim Hortons Field (22,500 +) Dream Big
  10. CPL Stadium Thread

    I would rather have a CPL team in Victoria than Surrey, they need to distance themselves from Vancouver and The Whitecaps. In the 3 big markets there won't be and shouldn't be competition
  11. 1-0 down after the end of the first half, Hoilett in the starting XI as expected
  12. General Discussion on CMNT

    Think of this for a moment and dream: Canada did qualify for the World Cup 2018 in Russia, who would you bring? If you were OZ what would your 23-man roster look like
  13. CPL General

    So now that we know the Whitecaps 2 are folding and are gonna be affiliating with Fresno FC next season does this force TFC to do the same? My only concern is that like @ironcub14 said; a lot of Canadians play in those two sides and it would be a shame if they struggled to find jobs after it folds. I know that both missed the playoffs and finished near bottom in the USL conference standings but there could still be some good players there, all very young U-23 & U-20 for the most part FYI: *Frank Yallop is now the GM of the new franchise in California *
  14. CONCACAF Nations League

    When and if the Concacaf Nations League would be created would Canada be in the first or second group?
  15. Ayo Akinola

    U-17 FIFA World Cup Akinola played a full 90 today against Colombia in 3-1 loss. Now the US wait an opponent in the Round of 16 as they finished 1st of the third best placed teams Good Luck Ayo