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  1. Shortdutchcanuck

    Jacob Shaffelburg

    http://www.nesoccerjournal.com/berkshire-jacob-shaffelburg-professional-soccer-options/ Jacob Shaffelburg, the reigning Massachusetts Gatorade Player of the Year, has significant interest to sign a professional contract in Europe or with Major League Soccer, said a source with direct knowledge of the situation. Shaffelburg, a Nova Scotia native entering his senior season at the Berkshire School, could sign with MLS and be eligible for the 2019 MLS SuperDraft in January. German clubs 1. FC Nürnberg, Werder Bremen and Fortuna Dusseldorf have also shown interest in the forward
  2. Shortdutchcanuck

    Jonathan David

    I love his ability to play the ball and finish with either foot, and his balance and flexibility. He is able to take his chances efficiently in small windows of time without needing many touches. I have a feeling he will score a lot of goals that are not highlight reel Alphonso Davies types but just simple well-taken goals where only a serious soccer fan can understand how much skill and poise it took to make the right run at the right time and turn the body in such a way and take the shot smoothly with either foot to make it a simple goal. His ability to move up and down the field definitely provides a different aspect than Larin. Combined with Davies he would help give some bite to a Canadian counterattack that has generally been pretty toothless.
  3. Shortdutchcanuck

    Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread

    In regards to CanPL club membership perks, just received an offer of free TiCats tickets to an upcoming game as a thank you. There will also be a Forge FC Co-Founders pre-game event.
  4. Shortdutchcanuck

    Goderich CPL

    Apples and oranges in my opinion. The soccer pyramids in Spain and England developed organically over a long period of time in countries with a deep soccer culture right down to the grassroots level. Also in countries with minimal (comparatively) travel requirements. The 4 teams in smaller towns in La Liga arrived there via a series of promotions through the pyramid. They did not suddenly start up a team and immediately gain entry to La Liga. And as you stated they generally tap denser surrounding populations than Goderich has access to. By your argument we should not be starting CanPL at all. We should let it develop organically, as some teams from L1O or PLSQ become more ambitious and outgrow regional leagues and band together to form a national league with the regional leagues as lower divisions. This sounds great in theory but there are no signs of it actually happening and we can't afford to wait another 10 or 20 years to see if it does. So we have to do it backwards. We have to implement the top level very carefully, with properly vetted owners, and in my opinion a salary cap and franchise fees (however much people hate the term franchise) to keep shady owners away since the league cannot afford many big failures early on. Then over a period of 5-10 years we solidify that top tier and add a second division west and a second division east, while incorporating L10, PLSQ, and similar leagues out west and down east, as a potential 3rd division of semi-pro/amateur teams. At that point perhaps an ambitious L1O team like Oakville could decide to go fully pro, win the league, move up to DII and eventually to the CanPL. So I applaud someone in Goderich for getting the ball rolling (though I am a little cynical as to whether they represent actual significant interest in the town, because I know grew up in rural Ontario where interest in soccer might be growing but not nearly at the rate it is in larger urban centres). I don't think it is a joke thread or an impossibility but I do think it is a joke to think of Goderich in the league any time soon. The path for them is this: get a small field built with room for expansion and find an owner willing to finance a L1O team (though even the travel of L10 would be difficult for an amateur team). Become one of the more successful and well-backed L10 teams so that when CanPL D2 rolls around they are on the map. Join D2 or promote to D2 and expand field capacity to 7-10,000. Promote to CanPL. This would be a magnificent and inspiring story but it is a long-term process that involves many variables coming perfectly together. I wish them good luck and hope to see them winning the L1O title soon.
  5. Shortdutchcanuck

    Goderich CPL

    I had always suspected that Goderich might be the 8th franchise CanPL was holding back and not the Fury after all. This new Twitter account makes me think the announcement might be right around the corner. Anyone checked the CanPL countdown clock lately? Has it reset?
  6. Shortdutchcanuck

    Jonathan David

    Check out @walow_pbfl’s Tweet: They love the kid in Belgium already.
  7. Shortdutchcanuck

    Alphonso Davies

    I would think it is possible for Davies to be an inspiration BOTH to young athletes in general and to young black athletes in particular. And although he is Canadian there is no reason he shouldn't inspire young black American soccer players too. Don't understand the negative reactions to Altidore, he made a simple statement of the sort athletes make to the press and people seem to be reading all kinds of things into it. American history is such that race will always be at the forefront there, and even more so in a time when the President makes irrational Twitter attacks on the greatest basketball player of all time, and seems intent on deepening social and racial rifts of all kinds.
  8. Shortdutchcanuck

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    Break even talked about is 5000 attendance per game. What's being talked about here is Pacific FC getting to 500 memberships, which probably corresponds to somewhere between 1000 and 2000 season tickets but impossible to predict right now. Still not enough IMO, would like to see the membership #s closer to 1000 sometime next winter, resulting in season ticket sales at least in 2500-3000 range. But as momentum continues to build and grassroots marketing continues and players get signed I hope to see casual fans start to get on board. Right now the league is still just a concept to all but die hard fans. Just a bunch of names and logos and promotional videos and a few coaches. Membership #s are fun to track but you can't predict season ticket #'s off them with any degree of accuracy.
  9. Shortdutchcanuck

    Ballou Tabla

    Keeper doesn't seem as important until you have a less dependable option let in a couple weak ones costing you the game. Against teams like Honduras, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Honduras, where our margin for error is very slim (especially playing away) there is no one on this team I'd regret losing to injury more than Borjan. Sure Hoilett or Arfield or Davies would hurt but for once we have other viable offensive options. Defensively we are less deep but there are still viable covers I'd feel comfortable with. Anyone but Borjan back there in a close game in Honduras and I would be feeling pretty nervous.
  10. Shortdutchcanuck

    Doneil Henry

    Perhaps a little lost within the (rightful) Davies hype last night was Doneil Henry playing another very good game. He covered a lot of ground, sprayed some nice passes out of the backfield, made some crunching tackles and looked at times like a dominant physical specimen in his own right despite playing next to the imposing figure of Waston. Great news for our backline if he can continue to stay healthy. He needs to build a comfort level and a stretch of positive momentum. We should all be praying to the soccer gods every night for the continued health and wellbeing of the assortment of glass, butterfly wings, and teenage hopes and dreams out of which his body is apparently constructed.
  11. Shortdutchcanuck

    Alphonso Davies

    Watching that game I'm glad Davies is staying through the season to provide us with crazy highlights but also glad it isn't any longer than that. There are things he can get away with in MLS with his insane speed he really shouldn't be getting away with. They are youthful exuberance now, they would become bad habits in a few years time. He has improved massively in his time in Vancouver but tactically, in terms of soccer intelligence and breaking down a difficult defense, there is still another level to get to. He needs next-level coaching, training, and competition, the sooner the better. Wow is he fun to watch though.
  12. Shortdutchcanuck

    Jacob Shaffelburg

    Apparently a great sub performance against Dusseldorf in Halifax as per @HfxCeltic in Wanderers thread. Beauty goal, some tricky wing play and drew a red card on defender. Any other comments from those who watched the game? Looking forward to watching this young man's NCAA career, it's been a few years since we've had a real blue chip prospect to follow there.
  13. Shortdutchcanuck

    Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread

    Should be noted as @shorty mentioned in main CanPL thread, this was a weekly update as opposed to the daily update that is also out there. So good increase but not quite the surge I initially thought. Still gaining ground on Valour FC though!
  14. Shortdutchcanuck

    CPL General

    Ha, good catch, I had looked at a daily tracker a few days ago and didn't even notice this was weekly. So no big one day surges, but some steady gains from some clubs. And apparently I'm occasionally blinded by my CanPL optimism 😉
  15. Shortdutchcanuck

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    Sounds like a great experience for fans and a great game to boot yesterday. Hopefully we'll see a nice boost in Halifax Wanderers membership sales this week with a lot of locals realizing how much fun a professional soccer experience can be. Kudos to Privateers 1882 for helping take that experience to another level! Wish it would have been streamed somewhere so the rest of us could have watched. The news that Shaffelburg looked good is really exciting as well. Looking forward to having another blue chip Canadian NCAA prospect in a big program to follow this year.