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  1. LeoH037

    Samuel Piette (we haven't seen the best of him yet!)

    Hmm sure..if neither of Atiba, Borjan, or Arfield are on the field playing
  2. LeoH037

    Federico Rafael Pena

    Ah, one to keep an eye out for! Haha honestly this is one of the main reasons why I love these forums, getting to learn about potential players before anyone else
  3. LeoH037

    Jonathan David

    The best part of it all right now, me thinks, is that his team mates at KAA Gent seem to really trust him. Look at that laat goal, and its obvious that the wide player was looking for him to make the pass, confident that David would bury it
  4. LeoH037

    Cyle Larin

    He is getting his chance, and he needs to start producing (not implying he hasnt been, but he's yet to score against a top rival). The last game he had 2 good chances to put it away and missed. He needs to start putting away the chances he gets or the coaching staff and fans will lose faith in him. As he starts to face stronger teams the chances will starts to become fewer, amd thats what separates a world class striker from the rest, they put away the few chances they get. Besiktas' supporters are very demanding and they expect a lot from their forwards.
  5. LeoH037

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    He was talking to Michael Bradley at the ens of the game, I wonder what about since it seems Bradley mouthed "congratulations" at the end
  6. https://www.juventusnews24.com/alessandro-busti-in-nazionale-maggiore-difende-i-colori-del-canada/ In addition to a few "recent" posts on twitter If this is true then that's great for us, specially since he was recently training with Juve's senior squad, so they must see something in him. We know well that we are thin on goal keepers (Borjan ever gets injured and its disaster for us), so we should definitely hoard up as much potential talent as we can.
  7. Apparently Busti is getting called up to the senior squad for the U.S. Virgin Islands game, has anyone else heard of this as well?
  8. LeoH037

    Jonathan David

    Good footwork and also not afraid to get involved in making plays.
  9. LeoH037

    Jonathan David

    This kid is ON FIRE, seriously, 18 years old. He better be getting a call up in the fall. Finishing style similar to Larin, but has more pace and looks a lot more comfortable on the ball.
  10. LeoH037

    Cyle Larin

    Starting today in the Super Lig Opener
  11. LeoH037

    Jonathan David

    Hell, If David keeps improving I could see him start to wrestle for the #1 spot himself eventually. 18 years old and already playing in top flight European soccer, that is no small feat... imagine where he could be once he reaches Larin's current age if he keeps working hard
  12. LeoH037

    Alphonso Davies

    If you're going to make a comment, at least own up to it...
  13. LeoH037

    Ballou Tabla

    He did go to West Ham for a reason. It was injuries that undid him
  14. LeoH037

    Ballou Tabla

    If Herdman and Biello indeed get Tabla to commit then me personally I will forgive and forget the whole Zambrano fiasco... seriously though, if Tabla does commit then for the first time in a long time we would be in a position to catch up and break away from Costa Rica in CONCACAF (who have an aging squad), and start to close the gap on the USA and Mexico. If Tabla commit then Herdman is fully expected to get Canada into the olympics as well, cause damn, we would have a VERY competitive u23 team
  15. LeoH037

    Jonathan Osorio

    hence the "former", and it's not like other teams weren't interested in keeping him in the league