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  1. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Alphonso Davies

    Playing in an international tournament and playing in a league are two completely different things. I think it is impressive that he is already successful in both. I get what you mean, you want a player like Davies to be dominant every game. He doesn’t always seem to live up to his potential every game. right now He is on the MLS league leaders list with 7 assists. I also think he is the caps most impactful offensive player. Defenders know they have to double team him. I think that is partly why he can look lesss dynamic some games. But just the fact that he is on the field pulls defenders over and gives more room for others. So that could be part of the reason why he varies so much. Not to meantion he is 17 of course. Long story short, Davies always seems to find a way to be successful. Put him in a top league and it might take a couple years, but he will be successful.
  2. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    CPL Stadiums Thread

    I am pretty sure all the renderings were for a brand new build, not Clarke stadium. Those rendering look nothing like Clarke. as well, Clarke has some limitations on which directions they can expand to due to commonwealth rec centre. I am honestly not sure that Clarke can expand much more than 10k seats. As far as building a new stadium on the city’s dollar goes, that is highly unlikely. It may be possible in the future to have a combined effort to build a soccer specific stadium. I do not believe it will happen though. Thanks to the city building roger’s place with the oilers, most people are pretty sensitive to city spending on stadiums. There really is no good location for a new stadium in Edmonton either.
  3. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    CPL General

    I don’t know to much. But I do know that the players and coaches will be owned by individual teams which is the important thing. As well, i think it’s likely that the league will share some revenues like sponsors (for example airline). But I think fees to enter the league and slight revenue sharing is where the Franchise thing ends. I think sponsorships are an important thing to share revenues in. But from what I hear, the “franchises” will behave mostly like clubs in terms of contracts, player development and such. I think it is a very good balance.
  4. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    TFC 2018

    Not entirely sure what people are complaining about Chapman for. He was actually involved as the main playmaker in many attacks. Many could have led to goals if not for misplaced passes after Chapman had already done the work. I think he is up there in the depth chart in the midfield. From the way he was playing I would rate him above both Delgado and akatxe. The weakness from Toronto is very obviously the back line right now, they seem fluid going forwards.
  5. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Alphonso Davies

    You know when you watch a u-15 game and some of the players are boys and some are men? You know how the men completely stand out physically? That’s what Davies looks like in the MLS... and as we know, the MLS is a fairly physical league. It is quite impressive. As a side note. I am finding it very amusing to watch Will Johnson get embarrassed at full back against Davies and Telfer. Johnson is good, but man are our next generation of players so much better.
  6. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread

    To be honest it definitely seems more natural the way they did it then the adjusted version posted to the board.... maybe I just don’t have a good eye, but the adjusted one is the one that looks weird to me.
  7. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread

    It is funny how the edmontonians like the new crest and how everyone else doesn’t.
  8. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    Seriously? My favourite beer sponsors my arch rivals... I guess I’ll have to find another one. Gotta try that sea change beer.
  9. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    CPL General

    Well, we essentially already have 6. York, Cavalry, Halifax, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Hamilton (not fully confirmed). So with a possible Victoria and Ottawa, that makes 8. I think PB is just trying to mess with us.
  10. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    CPL General

    Yes, it will be announced on Friday the 8th. It’s a block party at 7 pm at old strathcona market.
  11. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Doneil Henry

    ^ I agree with Grizzly. Cornelius was great, Sadiki was right up there, and Dunn showed a lot of promise.
  12. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    2026 WC Bid?

    It’s not entirely fifa’s choice...
  13. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    I kinda agree with you here. If we include every metro area 200,000 and above with several teams in greater Toronto and Montreal, that leaves us with around 20 teams. That is a good number. From there, there will be smaller cities that can support div. 2 teams.
  14. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Toulon Tournament (2018)

    I wasn't able to watch the game yet. But just by looking at the rosters it looks like Canada didn't start their top team. For instance Bair starting up front (although he did score), bayiha on the back line, Norman in the middle. It's a short tournament so they need to rotate the roster. But from what I can tell, this was our weakest starting 11 of the tournament. And for them to pull out a draw is pretty good. Let's not forget, we are basically underdogs against every team in our group. Very happy with the tournament, hope they get to continue.
  15. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Liam Fraser

    I think you can be slow footed and still be great. But that is difficult in the MLS where athleticism is king...