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  1. # of MLSers @ RUSSIA 2018

    I know it might not be universal. I am just judging by what I see around Edmonton. It takes a while for change to happen. I don’t think it will happen all at once. But there is no doubt in my mind the impact that FC Edmonton has had on the areas around Edmonton. My old town of 5000 people now has 6-10 u10 teams per year. When I was at that age 10 years ago, there was 2. I know it is not universal, and I know it is not just because of MLS teams, but it does have something to do with it. It is now considered a cool thing to play soccer in a small farming town in Alberta. That wouldn’t have happened if not for the new soccer media (not all MLS, but mls made it personal). I get what you are saying, and I know the MLS has caused some problems now. I still see it as very important however.
  2. # of MLSers @ RUSSIA 2018

    I think the only reason the CPL is possible is because of the MLS. A sport can only grow so much when there isn’t any teams in the country. If it wasn’t for MLS the growth of soccer would have stagnated. It is hard to be a hardcore fan of a team or sport that you have never watched in person. It is also really hard to attract kids to a sport when there is no hope of going anywhere in it. If the national team is full of players that moved to Europe at age 15 the average kid will not try and go anywhere. As a kid in small town Alberta, i liked soccer, but instead I quit soccer at age 14 to do a different sport that I “had a chance” to go somewhere. My point is, it is hard to grow soccer in Canada when kids can only watch it on TV. I liked soccer, but I didn’t love it until I watched my first live FC Edmonton game. Now I am soccer crazed. If FC Edmonton had been there when I was a kid, i am sure I would have dreamed about playing for them and tried to make their academy. I don’t care that MLS is bad. Heck, my favourite team by far is a crappy NASL team. Why are they my favourite team? Because I watched them in person. Why do I love soccer? Because I watched it in person. Since then I have watched a premier league in person, but it is still fun to watch my local team. The MLS has opened the door to soccer in Canada. They are a vital part of making it popular. Now the CPL needs to take over in the other cities.
  3. Marc De Santos the future coach?

    Dang... I don’t know what to think about this as a whitecaps fan... I wish Vancouver would take him. It hurts me to say it, but Dos Santos would be great in Portland.
  4. Whitecaps Off Season 2017-2018

    From what i am hearing the top prospects will still have the same oportunity as before to play in the USL. They will have their chance to fight for a starting spot on a more competitive team which can only be beneficial for them. For those players that obviously aren’t ready for USL, like harrycoyster had mentioned, they will be encouraged to graduate the academy and play college. That means they will have an extra 4 years of development at a lower level, which they obviously need. I know people aren’t happy, but i honestly see it as a more competitive system. It doesnt sound as good by the numbers, but in theory it sounds ok. Obviously no one knows how it will turn out until a couple years from now. I don’t think it will harm the development that much, and it may even help it. Plus, it is way cheaper and maybe the whitecaps will actually be able to buy some decent players because of it (maybe even Canadian).
  5. Whitecaps Off Season 2017-2018

    I get that shutting down the whitecaps II team sucks, but was it really producing anything? Maybe a more competitive spirit in Fresno will help development. I know that it is still a big loss to lose one of Canada’s only professional teams and if you guys want to complain about it go ahead. I just don’t get why we have to attack people trying to be positive. The Canadian soccer stigma is just as bad on this board as it is anywhere in the country. People constantly are talking about how terrible the soccer system is. I am sure that is inspiring the young talent...
  6. Is Canada closing the talent gap in North America?

    Another big reason Canada is poor in Soccer is our winter and indoor pitches. Edmonton has one full size indoor pitch. One pitch for over a million people, and that isn’t counting the thousands of people in other municipalities in northern Alberta.
  7. Kadin Chung

    I agree. The leagues are at a comparable level. There is more skill and talent in the USL, but the NASL has more seasoned veterans. The NASL is a tough more physical league, with generally less skill. Whereas the USL has a lot of talent, but also a lot more mistakes. There were 2.74 goals per game in the USL and 2.64 goals per game in the NASL. Keep in mind that Miami was a dominant force in the NASL and scored nearly 2 goals a game so that raises the NASL’s numbers by a lot. I understand that Ottawa beat Edmonton. But Edmonton scored a grand total of 11 goals in 16 games in the NASL spring season. 4 of those 11 goals came in one game where the cosmos had 2 red cards. Edmonton was -10 in goal differential in the spring season. Even though they were second last in the standings they were the worst team in the NASL in the spring season. Edmonton had scored only 3 goals in 5 games before the first Ottawa game, and only 3 in 7 games until the second game. The beginning of the season was absolutely terrible for Edmonton. They were terrible. Obviously this series does not indicate that the USL is better than the NASL Ottawa lost 10 games all year and Edmonton lost 19 in the same number of league games. I think the two leagues are definitely even. With the Ottawa beating Edmonton and doing much better than them in the league.
  8. Is Canada closing the talent gap in North America?

    I agree. We need to beat the minnows consistently, and we need to win at home. A lot of that in the past was due to our style of play. We could draw “everyone” but wouldn’t have an identity in games when we were the better team. OZ is changing that and along with the new talent coming I think we will improve in a way we haven’t in years. That being said, I don’t see us passing Panama, Jamaica, etc... I think we will hit that level and then stagnate again until the CPL gets into full swing. That could be a full 15 years to get the right developmental structure and results. It will take at least 20 years to be a team that is consistently at the level of Costa Rica in my opinion.
  9. CONCACAF Nations League (Update: Officially Announced)

    Exactly. At the level Canada is at right now it won’t be a problem. They will have more games to play, and theoretically more competitive games. It is better than 5 friendlies a year...
  10. CONCACAF Nations League (Update: Officially Announced)

    With that type of schedule I can see why Mexico is a bit upset. Works out great for Canada but Mexico will be stuck playing teams worse than Canada consistently. I guess they could use those games to play their u23s though. It just sucks for them that they won’t get many games against top teams. I mean, they were hardly even challenged in the hex. This league will be a walk in the park for them...
  11. # of MLSers @ RUSSIA 2018

    I would say that Mexico, Uruguay, Belgium, and Spain have a chance at the Semis. However, none of these teams will regularly feature an MLS player in their lineup expect perhaps Belgium. I am not sure if Ciman is a regular starter for them. Kendal Waston will be the closest thing to a star representing MLS at the World Cup and that is because there will be a lot of defending for Costa Rica. Although MLS quality is improving, there is still a long way to go.
  12. Daniel Haber

    Hopefully this gets him back on the radar in North America. Would be a good candidate for CPL in the next few years. Perhaps even a sub in the MLS? I am kinda unfamiliar with him but now that he is in North America again I might be able to watch a bit. Is he more of a target man like Larin? Or more of a super sub like Ricketts?
  13. Marc De Santos the future coach?

    Hamilton would be the perfect place for him given his history of building expansion sides. Not to mention his relationship with Canadian players. If you get Dos Santos you will get Becker... it is just to bad the timing wasn’t perfect...
  14. MLS Player Development

    I think one of the main things needed for player development is cup competitions with more games. The more extra games, the more the Canadian kids get to play. Davies wouldn’t have made it to the MLS if it wasn’t for the voyageurs cup. For Chapman, Hamilton, and Edwards it was those games where Vanney got a good look at them. Almost every country has more games than Canada does. That is the main problem. Right now, the coaches can sit back and just run with their top players. The cup games force them to look to the bench. Once they get a chance, the Canadians need to earn it though. Chapman sucked in the voyageurs cup, and as a result, he hasn’t played much since. Now that TFC is in the Champions league the bench players will get more of a look. The problem is that now Vancouver and Montreal only have a couple games for their Canadians. Even the MLS needs the CPL for player development. The more games, the more oportunity to prove yourself. That being said, I don’t understand why AJH didn’t get more playing time last year. But besides him, maybe only Hamilton deserved a couple more minutes. The other guys didn’t really earn it.
  15. Impact offseason 2017-18

    According to the Impact Facebook page they are on MLS contracts...