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  1. Stephen Eustaquio

    He was born in Ontario
  2. David Doe

    he seems to have made a good impression on Miller
  3. Laryea and Johnson both came on in the 70th and 57th minute respectively and both got yellows
  4. Awuah played the last 10 for NYCFC at LM
  5. Will Johnson

    I think he just means replacing Larin and Kaka WJ had a pretty good season (much better than at TFC) and should stay for another year.
  6. David Doe

    Hate to break it to you you he made his debut last week vs the Armada
  7. Maxime Crépeau

    That`s great! heres hoping shome makes his debut`aswell
  8. Ayo Akinola

    who is his brother?
  9. Octavio Zambrano

    aggreed. He appeared much more selfish than normal
  10. I tweeted at the CSA and they replied saying that it's on youtube!
  11. Andres Fresenga

    I know he's not a hot topic anymore but He has been playing in Guatemala for all of 2017 and has one goal to his name ( at 5:00 in the video)
  12. I meant will it be on Youtube or will it be on Facebook?
  13. Didic and Pasher on the bench for SKC
  14. Alphonso Davies

    Age: old question: Is Davies better on the right or left? bonus for those of you who said left, is it worth putting Hoilett on right side from a NT perspective?