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  1. MLS Cup Viewing Parties

    Halifax Wanderers SG are gathering at the HFX Sports Bar and Grill. Link to Facebook event - https://www.facebook.com/events/192293761347030/
  2. Football Manager 18 - CanPL/Voyageurs Cup Mod

    I like how that Voyageurs Cup turned out! Hopefully a sign of things to come!
  3. CPL General

    Based on what we've seen in the past, it is very unlikely the city or province will provide funding for a stadium, so unless there is federal funding, any stadium would likely need to be privately funded. Separate from the financing perspective, I can't see Halifax City council approving land use for two stadiums. I honestly think one of the stronger points for Halifax CPL over Halifax CFL is the low cost of the stadium and the spin of no government funding initially needed. More along the lines of a CFL stadium will likely need government funding (because it will be larger and more expensive), while the CPL stadium may not (because it will be smaller and cheaper) and is therefore more likely to be built.
  4. CPL General

    The Wanderers Ground is really the ideal location for CPL. It's a downtown location in close proximity to a lot of venues that could make games an event or outing. The pop-up stadium proposal served a few purposes I think. 1. For SEA to gauge success without investing huge amounts of money into a permanent structure that might be vacant in a few years. 2. For Halifax City Council to essentially put the stadium and CPL on probation and allow them to pitch "no government funding". and 3. To appease some of the NIMBYism and hopefully win those folks over without making a huge investment in a permanent structure that would be met with some opposition. Wanderers Grounds isn't large enough to host a 20,000 seater (maybe 12,000-15,000 tops), so it would be a no go for CFL. Shannon Park is 15 mins outside of the downtown core, with very poor public transit access, no water transit access, surrounded by low income residential housing, and no other amenities that would make these games an event or outing. I really don't think it's ideal for the type of crowd that a soccer team would attract. For the CFL crowd, it might work better; completely anecdotal, but I imagine CFL fans would be more likely to drive and park just the for the game. Who knows, it might be the catalyst for revitalizing the entire north end of Dartmouth. I just don't think it will work for soccer.
  5. CPL All-star game

    Second this. Would love to see a CanPL All-star team pump Rangers. I think Celtic and the top half of the Eredivise would thoroughly handle a CanPL all-star team though.
  6. Breaking news from Halifax

    They made comments at the earlier stages of the proposal indicating they wanted to use the venue for soccer, rugby, and outdoor concerts. There's been letters of support from Rugby Nova Scotia.The field was suppose to be used for a Canada Rugby match vs a Glasgow club last year, but it was in such bad shape they had to move the game. SEA's proposal also indicated general public use in line with other municipal run fields in the city, with the soccer club having priority. This is all up in the air though, with the municipality wanting to maintain administration of the field and stadium. Time will tell what the use agreement looks like.
  7. Breaking news from Halifax

    Field looks great! Any word from SNS about the event? Supposedly 3 weeks out and nothing besides what was included in the letters to city council.
  8. Breaking news from Halifax

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll take a peak. I've driven by the field and they're laying the grass - it looks great! Really excited about the location - just up the hill from work. I know there was a planned event by Soccer Nova Scotia in September, but haven't heard anything on that front. If it's anything significant, they're cutting it pretty close to announce it and expect decent size crowds.
  9. Breaking news from Halifax

    It's been quiet around Halifax lately. Is there any insider info that may show some progress on the stadium front?
  10. Fraser Aird

    It's more of the overuse of obviously for me. I think he might have said it 50 times in a 3 minute video. Good for him though; Dunfermline have potential to fight for promotion and have been in the premiership previously so might be a preogressive situation for him.
  11. CCL Format Changes

    I'm not a huge fan of the knockout round type format for the Champions League portion of the tourney. I agree the CONCACAF League should be a knockout format as it's more of a qualifying tournament than anything, but would really like a group stage format for the Champions League portion. 4 groups of 4 would be perfect, with the top 2 teams in each group making it to a round of 8 and have knockout introduced then. Seems more fun and each team would play more games.
  12. Grand River CPL Supporters

    Was Paul Bierne in Waterloo related to CPL for K-W? Saw a post on twitter that he was having a bit of ABE ERB K-W local brew.
  13. CPL Stadium Thread

    Was checking out a few stadiums in the lower tier English Leagues and came across Adams Park in High Wycombe. Wycombe Wanderers play out of here and it holds about 10,000 with covered stands. Built in 1990 for 3.5 million pounds. Seems like a perfect fit for Halifax once the city moves on from the pop-up stadium idea.
  14. The Celtic Football Club

    Noticed a few Celtic supporters through viewing a few threads. Was anyone ever a part of the Na Dead Raibead forum when it was more active between 2007-2012?
  15. CPL TV Contract

    Completely agree with all of this. The most attractive aspect of CBC having broadcasting rights is the free online platform. We cut the cord several years ago and the CBC online platform is how I've been watching NHL games for a while now. It seems like a no brainer for a start-up league to take advantage of. I've probably watched more USL games this year than MLS just due to the fact they're streamed live on youtube. I haven't had cable in a while, so correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not even sure a few of the networks mentioned are even offered coast-to-coast. I've never seen TLN or beIN Sport offered on any cable packages I've looked into from Bell or Eastlink.