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  1. SpecialK

    Herdman new head coach

    im ok with the oz firing, I loved the style of football he brought and I'm sure most on here are the same. Also I loved that fact he went out and talk to dual nationals, even going to games. I remember watching an Atalanta game and the English commentator was talking about Cristante and they showed Oz there. I hope we see more of that. I still don't understand why the CSA links everything to one guy. Your asking one person to change the whole system, recruit players, manage the team, be the face of the program , win games and qualify for world cups. Most nations don't do this. Are we that cheap??? You could have a great manager but he could be bad at the big picture things, do you fire him because of that ? Why he's winning games? Do you fire a guy because he's losing games but the whole system is being change and really good work is being done at that level? To me I worry that we run the risk of being close minded because you only have one guy making all the decisions . What if John herdman's vision is just shit ? And I'm sorry but you can't say look at what he did for the women's program because that's like comparing apples to oranges.
  2. SpecialK

    Herdman new head coach

    Why ? They didn’t let Oz do what he wanted ? Herdman should get the same treatment. I know CSA won’t because he’s Reed guy but it’s bullshit
  3. SpecialK

    Herdman new head coach

    Just my view, if Herdman can’t do better then what Oz did In the Gold Cup, he should be fired or moved to a different position . To me the gold cup is make it or break it for Herdman
  4. SpecialK

    Lucas Cavallini

    I’m kinda shocked he didn’t go europe,
  5. SpecialK

    CONCACAF Gold Cup 2019

    Totally understand where you’re coming from. I’m not a huge fan of Herdman, how he got the job was slimy at Best and my opinion which means nothing there are better options out there. The one thing that really gives me hope and belief that we are a lot better is our depth In The player pool. We have young players playing with some pretty big clubs, Alfonso Davies it’s becoming a monster, eh special talent, Osorio has found his game and has elevated it, we added another a Quality midfielder in Wotherspoon He could be a X Factor player, We all saw what Arfield and Hoilett brings to the team. Hutch can still play! Now if Larin and Cavallini can find their game for the national team Watch out !! My Huge concern would be the style of play Herdman brings. I loved that attacking style of football that Oz brought. I hope Herdman continues to bring that. In the New Zealand game i saw It, but in the youth tournament in France we didn’t look dangerous, yeah there was a high press and controlling football which was great to see, but for me we didn’t look dangerous.
  6. I’m pretty sure all of those players are 99 and after
  7. My U20 Canada roster - if no injuries and everyone agreed to played. We have a lot of options but at CB. Any thoughts ?🤔 Starting Subs GK-Axel Desjardins FB- Émile Legault FB-Daniel Kinumbe CB- Joel Harrison CB- jake Ruby/Nikolas White W- Tristan Jumeau W-Glenn Muenkat M-Dominic Iankov M-Noah Verhoeven M-Jordan Araujo ST-Jonathan David ST-Jordan Perruzza
  8. I agree, but they didn’t let them go to MU for training , didn’t really let him go for the New Zealand game in Spain and he wasn’t allowed to go for Toulon tournament. He should be a part of the U20 world cup qualifier but I I bet there’ll be a fight for him. It just seems like every chance he gets to go to Europe for anything they say no
  9. I think he will be, He’ll be leader on team. U20 World Cup will be a great experience for him. I’m sure Liverpool will see The positives of him going to the U 20 World Cup. The whitecaps Are afraid of losing Davies to an European team so they won’t let him go anywhere. Haha
  10. See that’s ridiculous ! He should be there ! We have a really good U20 squad , we need to qualify for the U-20 World Cup. It’s going to open doors for Canadian players ! Qualifying for these tournaments is really important for the program. We have to get rid of that stigma that we can’t play against the best.
  11. SpecialK

    General Discussion on CMNT

    Well just before the World Cup There would be a ton ! Just look at France vs United States draw
  12. SpecialK

    General Discussion on CMNT

    My understanding during World Cup it is considered a FIFA window for all Nations, so for example if Canada called up Osorio he would have to go, unless he says no. Can someone who knows more than I do please confirm or correct.
  13. SpecialK

    General Discussion on CMNT

    Your allowed 2 games per window 2017 March 20-28 ( 2) June 5-13 ( 2) 28th - September 5 ( 2) October 2 -10 ( 2) November 6 - 14th (2) 2018 march 19-27 ( 2) June 14 - July 15 - World Cup ( allowed 2 Friendlies ) September 3 - 11 ( 2) October 8 - 16 ( 2 ) November 12- 20 ( 2)
  14. SpecialK

    U.S. Virgin Islands vs Canada Sunday September 9th

    No impossible, because they would be cappied tied. LN Games are qualifiers just like World Cup qualifiers - if they play
  15. SpecialK

    General Discussion on CMNT

    Just some simple math and I hope someone can check it please. Just some hard-core evidence how dire the situation is with lack of games for the men’s national team. From 2017 - 2018 * as current schedule stands. Out of 20 possible games played in fifa friendly window, Canada has played/ scheduled 7 games ( 3 are must play due to LN). So 7 out of 20 !!! Note I did not include gold cup games The women’s national team from 2017-2018 have played 12 games ! Note I am not including three games guaranteed in the concacaf championship