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  1. Stephen Eustaquio

    Stephen played a full 90 against Switzerland U21. He had a few shots at goal and a missed header but in the highlights he looked good, it seems he’s always in good position offensively.
  2. Pretty good interview on red card
  3. The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira

    Beautiful ! That's great
  4. The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira

    I'm sorry if my comments are making sense to people. Im not saying the CSA should just throw money at any player, criteria's need to be met for sure. But in other sports there are funds, support and services available to elite young players, why can't the CSA put together something.
  5. The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira

    Out of the 5 for 6 times, was the American teams based on MLS players or Aboard players? Also im not saying only Europe train our players, South America, Mexico would be good too. They are light years ahead of us. MLS has been around since 94 and talent is not even to close. So we should expect The CPL to develop the players we need to get us to the promise land ? Come on guys. Also 90s football is not the same as today's football. I'm not saying the CPL is not going to be good for Soccer in this country. We need a domestic league. But I'm saying it's not our saviour for developing young talent. If we rely on the CPL to be that, we are going to fall into amess (maybe even bigger mess) just like the Americans have.
  6. The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira

    Improving grassroots and development programs in Canada is important and I'm not saying it isn't.But we can't expect MLS and CPL to develop the talent we need to get the World Cup and do some damage. We need our young talent to go to Europe or South America to be developed. Yes there are challenges and sacrifices that players and families have to make, but if your son wants to become elite, families will do it and they have. My question is why the CSA is not helping these kids. We have one young player on this form trying to make it in Denmark and I asked him what support did he have from the CSA and he said none. To me that's bullshit. Why isn't the U15/U17/U20 playing more and against good quality teams, so they can showcase their talent. Why isn't there a huge pool of players being rotated in when it's not qualifying time? Why isn't there Financial support for players to train develop and to seek better opportunities . Why is there no national training centre so we can develop new coaches and players. Most of icelands amateur coaches hold a UEFA B license and most countries have national training facilities. Maybe the CSA should negotiate with UEFA about work permits. Maybe the CSA should investigate why so many players are choosing not to play for Canada and playing for other nations. Addressing and fixing the issues.
  7. The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira

    I’m curious did we make it to the World Cup with Alex Bunbury , Paul Peschisolido, Jason de Vos, Paul Stalteri? But Liam is excelling at Liverpool, he even said it himself, in Canada he was the best player not getting better, once he moved it was shocker and he had to get better. Is the CPL going to have top end Coaches like Europe will have? Or the talent that Europe has? Just look at Scott Arfield, nothing against super Scotty but call a spade a spade he’s an average EPL player but you put him in team Canada he is the best player on the team that’s a scary notion. You match up Cristante to Osorio it’s not even close and Osorio is arguably Canada’s best domestically produced midfielder in recent years.
  8. General Discussion on CMNT

    Poor investment? When the U20 played England how many of our players got scouted but huge clubs and are now in Europe or will be soon ? If the U17 and the U20 play more games against more teams and against good teams, we are going to give those players more exposure and more opportunities for those players to develop and move to better places, specially if you had player pool of like 40-80 players playing. We could get a really good idea about status on our young Canadian talent
  9. The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira

    Is Liam Millar going to get better play against the best young players in England and with great coaches and the Best training facilities in the world or playing in Halifax with a temporary stadium and against the Kyle Bekker’s of the CPL ?
  10. General Discussion on CMNT

    More games For U17 and U20 teams in Canada are very very important and necessary. Also they need to be against good teams so the players feel they can showcase their talent and play against the best. We need these young players to feel a strong connection to Canada so they don’t jump ship to another nation, specially if their players playing outside North America or leaving to go aboard.
  11. The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira

    The CPL is going to be great for Canada if everything is done right, I truly believe it’s going to do great things for Soccer in this Country and for the Players who are not getting time to showcase their talent. But I don’t get it, the mind set here. Young Canadian talent should not be staying in North America. The CPL is not going to develop the talent we need like Europe or even South America can. The Americans have proved this, a bunch of MLS players and a MLS coach failed. If the Americans with a way bigger population then us and way more money and what 30+ pro teams (MLS, USL and NASL ) can’t develop domestic players to get them to their goal, how and why are we expecting 8 to 12 teams to develop the stars we need. Ferreira wouldn’t have gotten to where he is now staying in Canada or in North America or if he was playing in the CPL. I’m sorry but let’s be honest here, the huge problem we have is once our young talent goes to Europe they jump ship, they don’t come back to play for Canada. We have figure out this issue and fix it. We can create the greatest grassroots program in the world, it won’t mean shit if the players won’t play for Canada.
  12. General Discussion on CMNT

    I’m assuming most people have seen this already, but great video on how Iceland developed into the team it is today.
  13. General Discussion on CMNT

    I worry if things don't change the right way and we just focus on grassroots and player development, we are just going to keep on being a Walmart for other countries. Good young players are not going to stay in Canada or North America, the leagues in NA are just not good enough and it's light years away from becoming even close to the top leagues in Europe, so we need our young talented players to go over to Europe to get better and play against the best. The problem is getting them back to play for Canada, to feel Canadian and get them to see Canada as a great choice for them personally and for their career.
  14. General Discussion on CMNT

    Ya your probably right. Canada needs to start being more attractive to those players and slowly we will start gaining those players.
  15. General Discussion on CMNT