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  1. CPL General

    I bet if both are in from the start, they could design it really well for both. Maybe one side ideal for football, bigger stand, bit farther back for room for the players. And the other side smaller so it's more full for soccer, and real close to the sideline.
  2. What would you want CPL club names to be like?

    Plus Halifax is a city.
  3. CPL General

    Idk, I told my Portuguese manager about it after I got the email for the presale, he jumped on it and bought 7 tickets, and sent it to his brother in law who bought 6 more of some of the pricey ones.
  4. CPL General

    That would be pretty sweet. Would work well if they push calling it the Hamilton Football Club (whether or not they have another nickname). It is based off old Tigers sweaters: The Cats use it occasionally, like this T shirt:
  5. Potential CPL logo concepts

    While it looks quite nice, it's a bit too "black+gold=Hamilton" for me. I think a third colour (red or green?) Would help set it apart. I also think Fraser Valley as a name would be better, considering how the league seems to aiming at more local level than any of our major leagues. FVFC works as solidly as an acronym as BCFC, but might be harder to fit into that style of badge. Maybe a V, with "F" horizontal lines coming off either side like wings. And the C encircling that, or maybe the lines going past the C as well?
  6. CPL General

    I haven't listened so idk if it was discussed, but you could have playoffs with single table too. I agree divisions would be stupid with 6, but a championship game would be cool.
  7. James Hutton / Barton St. Batallion interview

    I like hops, especially when it's a lot of aroma and not so bitter... not so much into the stouts and wheats. Sours are starting to grow on me. But pale ales are always my favourite. ...That's it, I'm picking up a pack of Rhyme and Reason on the way home.
  8. James Hutton / Barton St. Batallion interview

    Well, he shit on the brewery, not any one beer, so I'm afraid I can't accept that if you didn't like a certain one that'd be different
  9. James Hutton / Barton St. Batallion interview

    You take that back.
  10. Beer Prices at CPL Stadium

    I would spend entirely unreasonable amounts on craft beer at games, and the more selection the more I'd spend... gotta have one of each, you know. Anyone know what the food is in the "craft corner" at THF? I didn't make it over there during the rugby game.
  11. CPL General

    As not really a a soccer fan, this 100%. When I go watch my buddy play regional amateur league soccer they play way tougher and harder than anything I've seen on TV. If the new league plays Canadian-tough, it'll help keep people watching past the first look, who'd otherwise switch to something else once the game stops while buddy holds his leg for a minute.
  12. Potential CPL logo concepts

    I like it, very unique. Could probably double the inukshuk though, looks like there's room and it's probably the most iconic imagery. In fact you could probably make a secondary based on the inukshuk shape.
  13. Toronto CPL

    Maybe it's the Rugby league lines? I know there's soccer lines on during Wolfpack games.
  14. CPL General

    I've always seen it like this: to be the best, a team needs to be good on a consistent basis (ie, regular season) AND when every game counts (ie playoffs). Just a round Robin or other schedule doesn't decide, what if teams are tied? I know there are tie breaker rules, but if you have to do that then they are close enough they need to play each other. And just a straight knockout doesn't determine the best, because any team could have an off day, the draw could eliminate good teams early on. Now I agree, having over half the teams make the playoffs is ridiculous. Playing 7 games to see which team is better is ridiculous. That's why I'd say only the top 4 make the playoffs until there are at least 12 teams. Sure, some years someone will run away with the regular season, but other years it will be a very close race and we'll need the playoffs to decide.
  15. Potential CPL logo concepts

    I'd move Timmie's up so it's centred on a bar. Hmm, what about if one of the chest stripes was made up of the five thin sleeve stripes, so they carry all way across? Or, instead of thick even hoops, use the sleeve stripe as the thickness for some pinstripes. A bit more "inspired by" the Cats sleeves instead of actually using them. It's kinda hard to make black and gold look bad, tbh.