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  1. Doneil Henry

    I'de like to see him go to a secondary team in Portugal, like Boavista or Belenenses. If he had a good season or two he could easily move up to one of the big three there.
  2. Impact offseason 2017-18

    Piette, Jackson-Hamel, Ballou, Crepau, Choiniere, Meilleur-Giguere, Pantemis, Shome and now Edwards. Quite the base of promising young Canadian talent. I'm really excited to see what Garde can do with them.
  3. Impact offseason 2017-18

    Yeah, the #IMFC hashtag on twitter is pretty crazy right now. I like the move, but apparently, quite a few fans think Ciman has been the same player since his MVP winning season.
  4. Raheem Edwards

    If so, him, Piatti, Ballou (his natural position I believe), and Choiniere make things a little crowded an the left
  5. Impact offseason 2017-18

    I'm sad to see Ciman go, but I like this move. Ciman's game had dropped off drastically. He was running all over the place some games.
  6. Raheem Edwards

    I'de be extremely surprised if he isn't playing at LB or LWB now that Oyongo is gone. I suspect that's why they made a move for him. The Impact's twitter account tweeted quotes from Garde, definitely seems like he rates Edwards. Which is pretty cool considering he's developed some of the top French players today.
  7. Impact offseason 2017-18

    HEY, I predicted it...kinda...
  8. Raheem Edwards

    Wait I was just thinking...he's a homegrown no? Why does he need to be protected?
  9. Tosaint Ricketts

    Ricketts left unprotected by TFC
  10. Raheem Edwards

    So looks like Raheem was left unprotected by TFC for the expansion draft. Can't say i wouldn't mind seeing the Impact make a move for him.
  11. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    Congrats...I guess...
  12. Alphonso Davies

    Wow nice! I sure hope he doesn't move there once he's 18 though.
  13. Undoubtedly directed towards them
  14. Forcing negligent owners to sell their clubs sounds good to me as long as the clubs stay where they are. (I should note that Saputo is far from a negligent owner, I just believe that he could do more than what he claims)