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  1. Canada Fails for Same Reason as USA Did

    Interesting video
  2. Impact 2017 Season.

    I was hoping to see Shome tonight, I want to see what that kid can do at this level.
  3. Liam Millar

    Wow, nice!
  4. Liam Millar

    Is Canada the only country he's eligible for?
  5. Site Update

    Works for me
  6. Chad_Impact

  7. Bryan Cristante

    I just hope that it won't be his one and only cap
  8. CPL Jersey Outfitter

    Jesus, that's bad...
  9. Zorhan Bassong

    I don't understand how some of these players live here until their early teens and feel no attachment to Canada.
  10. 2026 WC Bid?

    I see, I see. I'm wondering how much the city of Montreal is willing to spend on renovations to the big O. It'll have to be a sizeable amount if they really want to make it a modern facility worthy of hosting world cup games. At which point, why not just make a new 40k stadium downtown or somewhere close to it.
  11. 2026 WC Bid?

    So will Montreal need to submit renovation plans before the next stage?
  12. Funny real world soccer things

    Oh Florida
  13. I wonder how close he is to getting called up to the first team