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  1. Scott Arfield started and played 90 for Burnley in a 3-0 loss to Man City. Junior Hoilett started and played 90 for Cardiff in a 1-0 win over Middlesbrough.
  2. 2018 Voyageurs Cup

    Brandon Duarte scored for Oakville
  3. Lucas Cavallini

    His dad's from Argentina, so it's not actually wrong, that would be his "alternative" nationality. https://canadasoccer.com/?pid=648&t=profile&
  4. 2018 Voyageurs Cup

    Oakville Blue Devils beat Woodbridge 4-2 in a penalty shoot-out to qualify.
  5. Ottawa CPL Club

    Yes, they have. And no doubt, it's just a question of whether OSEG is willing to spend the money required to both leave the USL and join the CPL. Not to mention that they moved to the USL largely as a cost-cutting measure and while travel likely won't be much better or worse overall in the CPL, the cost of wages to stay competitive will presumably he higher in the CPL in the long term, if not right away. So it's a question of whether Jeff Hunt can be convinced that moving to the CPL is the better long-term move, which given the club's ownership decisions in the last couple years is uncertain at best. That said, Ottawa knows the CSA's short-term plan with the CPL and semi-pro leagues is to get Canadian teams out of the American lower divisions, so I'd have to think they're planning to move eventually.
  6. League1 Ontario 2017

    The starting lineups are: Oakville Matt George Brandon Duarte Anthony Novak Al James Hitesh Joshi Taylor McNamara Mathew Santos Filipe Vilela Judah Hernandez Victor Gallo Connor McNamara Woodbridge Quillan Roberts Michael Krzeminski Marco Nunes Emmanuel Isaac Stephen Almeida Christian Cavallini Oscar Cordon Dylan Carreiro Joshua Paredes-Proctor Kyle Watson Quante Abbott Hill Smith
  7. League1 Ontario 2017

    Here's the stream link ahead of time, the game starts in just over 2 hours: https://livestream.com/accounts/8629960/events/7822423
  8. 2018 Voyageurs Cup

    I hope so as well. Here's the rundown of the clubs' stadiums: Oakville play at Sheridan College's Trafalgar Campus stadium. Looks pretty recent with a synthetic multipurpose pitch and a nice covered stand. Doesn't look like it seats a huge number of people, but it would probably suffice for a game against Ottawa or Edmonton. Woodbridge play at the Vaughan Grove facility which has a synthetic, soccer-specific pitch with a set of un-covered bleachers which seat a similar number of people to Oakville's stadium. They have easily the most room to bring in temporary bleachers though. https://www.google.ca/maps/@43.7707586,-79.6023289,163m/data=!3m1!1e3 Blainville play at Parc Blainville, which has a multipurpose synthetic pitch and a decent amount of seating, although it's not quite as nice of a facility as the other two. https://www.google.ca/maps/@45.658328,-73.8497832,173m/data=!3m1!1e3?dcr=0
  9. I recall the plan was that West Ottawa and OSU would start this year with just women's and men's teams respectively, and then each club would join the other division the next year. So presumably West Ottawa will add a men's L1O team this year and OSU will add a women's team. (If I remember correctly)
  10. Stephen Eustaquio

    Like Mauro, he moved to Portugal with his family at a relatively young age (around 10 or so, I believe). That said both of them have always been interested in playing for Canada as far as I'm aware. I wouldn't get too excited about Leixoes, they have done well so far in the first 7 games of the season, but they are a small club and have consistently been near the bottom of LigaPro table for the last 5 or so years. That, and Portugal's second tier is a far cry from most of the Primeira Liga. That said, if he maintains his starting spot with Leixoes, then I do agree that he might be worth a look in March.
  11. David Doe

    They probably got confused by the Liberian flag. I'm not sure, but he moved to Canada in 2011 so he's certainly eligible if he doesn't have it yet.
  12. Ottawa Fury 2017 Season in USL

    https://apt613.ca/interview-bruce-grobbelaar/ Great interview with Bruce Grobbelaar from last week. Turns out he actually applied to coach with the Fury in 2010, but never heard back, and apparently he wasn't a big fan of how Paul Dalglish ran training at the club. He's also pretty excited for the CPL, which is always nice to hear, and was pretty blunt about his impressions of the Canadian MLS teams with regards to player development: "I think that it will be a very, very good thing for Canada because the MLS and the Canadian soccer teams within it are not developing Canadian players but are only developing American soccer players. I said when I first came to Canada that the reason why Canadian players don’t develop to the rate of American players is that the Canadian teams are too scared to develop their country boys."
  13. CPL General

    I don't recall him saying anything negative previously, only that he believed it needed to be a proper professional league to succeed
  14. Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Players like Bunbury and Fernandes could no doubt be great additions to the league given that they're good Canadian domestic players, not to mention they're also both poster boys for overambition ruining international careers
  15. No, that's not how ranking points work. A team's current ranking points are the sum of the averages in each of the last four 12-month periods. So while losses always count as 0 points, they also drag down a team's average for that period. i.e. ranking points = (avg points in last 12 months) + (13-24 months ago) + (25-36 months ago) + (37-48 months ago)