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  1. Zem

    Saskatoon CanPL

    Saskatoon seems more likely, but Belan has stated that both are possibilities. It's just that Saskatoon city council has been a bit more receptive so far and a club there wouldn't have to compete with the Roughriders as much.
  2. Ben Fisk started and played 90 minutes for Derry City in a 2-1 win over Limerick.
  3. Zem

    2026 WC Bid?

    As Montagliani explains in the article, the BC government never paid enough attention to the proposal, never bothered to contact anyone associated with the bid and ultimately rejected it because they didn't understand how much revenue World Cup matches generate. They literally thought the costs were too high only because they badly underestimated the payoff. They could have accepted and still pulled out in 2020, but rejected it up front even after Montagliani tried to get them to change their minds at the last minute. Every other level of government was on board, and governemnts across the country have been supportive, but the province was too incompetent to make the obvious decision and as a result we have three host venues instead of four.
  4. Zem

    Kristopher Twardek

    He only made two league appearences at Millwall last year and played mostly on loan in League Two, where he only had five starts and twelve appearances, so it's really more of a step up. The fact Sligo signed him to a 1.5 year contract indicates that the manager probably rates him pretty highly, so presumably he'll get a fair shot this season. Sligo aren't a great team and he won't get to play in Europe this year (and probably not next year either), but this is just his chance to finally break into the senior game.
  5. IRELAND Ben Fisk started and played 85 minutes for Derry City in a 2-0 loss to Shamrock Rovers. Tyson Farago was on the bench for St Pat's in a 1-0 loss to Bohemians.
  6. Zem

    Ben Fisk

    Fisk making his debut for Derry today away to Shamrock Rovers. Currently down 2-0 in the 70th minute, Rovers have dominated possession so far.
  7. Zem

    Cyle Larin

    The author's entire basis for Besiktas supposedly wanting to sell Larin is because he has "fallen out of favour", despite the obvious fact that he spent months getting match fit and only got his first minutes at the end of the season when he played in four of Besiktas' five last league games of the season and actually did quite well. Dallas may have made an offer for Larin but I don't see why Besiktas would want to sell him now, particularly if it's for significantly less than they bought him for last winter, as the author suggests.
  8. Peter Montopoli was on the Ottawa-Blainville stream and said that due to fixture congestion next year's VC might not be a two-legged tournament. Since nothing's been officially announced yet he was very non-committal, so I imagine nothing is set in stone. When asked about the possibility of the competition being expanded further into D3 in the future he seemed to imply that the venue issues this year weren't necessarily a problem, but that there would need to be improvement on that front before further D3 clubs can be added.
  9. Zem

    Milan Borjan

    Staying at Red Star would be great for consistency and Champions League opportunities, but if he's getting offers in countries with top leagues it could be the last opportunity of his career to play in the Premier League, Bundesliga, etc. As you said, it's a good problem to have at least.
  10. Zem

    Maxime Crépeau

    Yep, and eight if you include the game against Blainville
  11. Zem

    Adonijah Reid

    Highlights (goals @ 0:11, 1:13 and 1:45): That chop on the third goal was fantastic
  12. Zem

    Adonijah Reid

    And now he has a brace! A great 1v1 finish off another feed from Taylor. Edit: AND A HAT-TRICK!! An even greater third goal!
  13. Zem

    Adonijah Reid

    Reid finally gets his first goal of the season against NYRB II, hopefully that'll help his confidence going forward.
  14. Zem

    Ben Fisk

    Derry started playing in the Republic in the 80s after the violence of the Troubles had made football games there very dangerous due to their home stadium's proximity to the Bogside neighbourhood and security forces' refusal to go there for their own safety. Only a few LOI Premier division clubs are proper full-time outfits as the league has struggled with financing and attendance for a long time. That said, the quality of play is much better than the wages would indicate, as players regularly move back and forth between the LOI and League One and League Two in England. Some of the league's best players have moved on to careers in the Championship and the English and Scottish Premierships as well (including former Derry City player James McClean).
  15. Zem

    Harry Paton

    He was part of the 2015 Concacaf U-17 Championship squad as well. Ross County are newly relegated from the Scottish Premiership, so he surely won't be walking into the XI, but hopefully he gets his fair shake in the Championship after a stellar season in League Two.