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  1. FRANCE Brault-Guillard stayed on the bench for Lyon II. Gagnon-Lapare played 90 minutes for Vitre in a 2-2 draw against Boulogne-Billancourt.
  2. Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year for 2017

    1. Borjan 2. Piette 3. Hoilett
  3. General Discussion on CMNT

    That's because this was the year all the youth teams played in continental championships, 2016 and early 2017 was preparing for that. The rest of this year was presumably mostly for scouting and then they'll have more id camps and friendlies for the U-17s and U-20s next year in the lead-up to the 2019 continental championships. And the U-23s did have their apprently now-annual camp in Qatar last March as well.
  4. Mo Babouli started for Al-Ittihad yesterday and was named Man of the Match in a 2-0 win over Jehad. I think they like him:
  5. Chalk up another one! Scored the winner in the 63rd minute in a 3-1 win. Leads the club in scoring with 6 goals now.
  6. Callum Irving

    He was voted the Fury Fans' Player of the Year and named Newcomer of the Year earlier this month: http://www.ottawafuryfc.com/news_article/show/854664 And now he's in the running for USL Save of the Year for his double save against NYRB II:
  7. Yay! There's finally an index!!
  8. Ottawa Fury 2018 season

    Dixon and Obasi re-sign: http://www.ottawafuryfc.com/news_article/show/861514
  9. On Wednesday, Mo Babouli started and played 90 for Al-Ittihad in a 1-0 win over Nawair.
  10. Last weekend in France, Zachary Brault-Guillard played 90 for Lyon II in a 2-0 loss to Montceau and Jeremy Gagnon-Lapare started and played 81 minutes for Vitre in a 2-0 loss to Limoges. Yuma is still yet to make his return to the first team at Sedan and Reid still has yet to make the bench for them this season.
  11. I imagine half the point of the seeding tournament is to seed to non-FIFA teams in with the FIFA teams because there's no other way to split all 41 up fairly. But yeah, I imagine whatever they do it'll just be a single group stage. That said, I'll note that assuming Guatemala remain banned, if CONCACAF were to split the LoN divisions up 20-10-10 they could just do 10 groups of 4 with a double round-robin and no playoffs required, which would be incredibly elegant, although I doubt it would happen due to the number of lopsided matches involved. Although like I said before, I reckon that some smaller nations might not bother with the seeding tournament and will go straight to D3 instead, so we could be dealing with fewer than 40 teams.
  12. It wouldn't be that hard really, I imagine many small teams will opt out and automatically start in D3 and the rest can be split into appropriately-sized groups. There's only three divisions, so the qualifying process doesn't need to be ultra-precise.
  13. Tomer Chencinski

    Yeah, the Irish league has been generally strapped for cash for a very long time. Attendances are poor, the league's prize money is terrible and tv coverage is limited and almost certainly doesn't pay out for the clubs. I would guess that wages are better since 2015 and the average will ceratinly go up next year since the league is moving to 10 clubs instead of 12, but it's still quite bad by European standards.
  14. Aron Mkungilwa

    He was very impressive in pre-season, but a bit disappointing when he got his chances in the regular season. Exciting player though, hopefully he does well wherever he lands.
  15. So far in his Red Star career, he has conceded 9 goals in 22 appearances in all competitions and just 3 goals in 14 appearances in domestic competitions.