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  1. Atiba Hutchinson

    Apologies for likely jinxing this, but has a Canadian (not counting guys that were capped by someone else) ever been on a team that won their group in the Champions League?
  2. When you say there is not enough, do you mean the coaches for those teams aren't meeting the standards? My hope was that those requirements would spur a coaching education movement. Is it still expensive for someone to take the coaching courses? The OSA should reduce/eliminate the price, at least for a while so as a province we can get trained up a bit.
  3. CPL General

    Something just occurred to me. This might be stating the obvious but here it goes. With the recent news around Surrey and Edmonton, the potential teams that seem the most likely at this point are Surrey, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Hamilton, and Halifax. Obviously a lot needs to happen still so these cities aren't guaranteed (even Hamilton has to sort out some issues), but if/when these teams materialize (not necessarily right from the start) that would mean we have teams in... BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Atlantic Canada (by way of Nova Scotia). Obviously we all want Quebec represented too, but that is starting to look like a pretty good blanket over the country. That's as many provinces as the CFL has ever had teams in, and more than the NHL has ever had. At times over the last couple years of news and rumors I've worried that we might have something like a team in Manitoba, maybe 1 or 2 Alberta teams, 2 or 3 teams in Ontario, and maybe one in Quebec or Halifax, which would look pretty spotty, with big province sized gaps. But it looks like we are really getting towards a well spread out league, which is fantastic.
  4. CPL General

    Here is my dream scenario for the case where FC Edmonton leave NASL now, and CPL doesn't start until 2019. They spend the year expanding/replacing Clarke stadium with a beautiful and larger stadium (maybe 10,000ish?), and possibly rebrand the team a bit and do a marketing push to end up stronger than ever in 2019.
  5. CPL General

    I think FC Edmonton plays in a local men's league and crushes everyone, then take the Challenger Cup, in their between year. For the person that speculated that early 2018 would be too early to announce a 2019 season, we are given more advance notice for the release of movies and video games. Not to mention expansion teams in established leagues. I will feel a lot better when we have a launch date with a list of teams. I don't feel good about assuming 2019 because 2018 looks unlikely. If 2018 can be missed, 2019 could be missed too.
  6. I'm planning on going to the L1O final on Friday. It'll only be my second L1O game that I've attended. Excited to see which team will make history of being the first L1O team to advance to the Voyageurs Cup. I'm hoping Woodbridge wins because that will be an easier drive for me next year if/when they host a Voyageurs Cup match. Plus I recently found out a guy at my office plays for them. Is anyone else planning on going? It would be great to have a good number of fans out there showing support for the league, and for the importance of these teams being included in the Voyageurs Cup.
  7. Maxime Crépeau

    Cripes, I want TFC to put a bunch past Montreal, but with Crepeau in net I'm going to have mixed feelings about that.
  8. I almost don't want it to change now that there is a chance for USA to not be in the top pot. Seriously though, I am very curious to see what they come up with. I hope they announce it soon rather than waiting for just before the draw.
  9. I don't think Canada is making no effort to treat our chronic ailment. In terms of SpecialK's point about professional coaches, our hires since 2013 have been professional coaches in Floro and Zambrano. In recent years we have seen the founding of PLSQ and L1O and at least an attempt at a league in BC, although that one didn't materialize. And of course the big work in progress is the CPL. I would also say Jason DeVos' appointment as Director of Development is a sign that we are making an effort to improve, even if that appointment hasn't seemed to result in any obvious improvements as of yet. We are trying, it's just that we had so little, and improvement won't happen over night.
  10. CPL Stadium Thread

    Update of your update. UPDATED Disclaimer: We previously, incorrectly stated that Ticket Halifax, which is owned by The Coast, was a ticketing partner with SAE. This is incorrect. Editorial regrets the error. The Ticket Halifax sales team and operators had no involvement in the commissioning or editing of this article.
  11. General Discussion on CMNT

    It could be that the way it is now is a half step in that direction in order to not upset the purists as much by leaving the decision up to the ref for now.
  12. General Discussion on CMNT

    Agreed. The calls have been no better with review, they just add a bit of delay and make it more maddening when you don't get shown a replay of a call or non-call that you think was wrong. I didn't like the idea of video review before they brought it in (it's much more satisfying to cheer for a goal, rather than the official confirmation of a goal minutes later) and it has managed to be worse than I thought it would be.
  13. Ayo Akinola

    You must be forgetting TFC have Ben Spencer. I expect he will continue to not score and continue to eat up the minutes that Altidore, Giovinco, and Ricketts don't get.
  14. Sigh. So I guess that probably means these teams have to get through 2 rounds before the MLS teams get involved. I'm not a fan of that, but it's still a step in the right direction having these teams involved. I agree that it would have been better to have an 8 team tournament, maybe with the Challenge Cup winners added, but I would probably prefer to have both L1O conference champions involved instead. Or maybe a playoff between the Challenge Cup winners and the second L1O team.
  15. Ayo Akinola

    I haven't watched the video yet, but is it possible this is a case of a kid getting a camera stuck in his face and he has to come up with something that sounds good? In the spirit of thanksgiving season, it's like when someone thinks its a great idea to go around the table asking what everybody is thankful for. You panic and try to think of something just corny enough to get off the hook and not look like a jerk. I think I'm mentally preparing myself to hear the video later when I'm at home, because I probably won't like the sounds of it either.