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  1. I could be wrong, but I thought the quota was based on CMNT eligibility. Meaning he wouldn't count as a Canadian in this tourney if he gets cap-tied to Ivory Coast.
  2. That had me wishing Edwards would score for TFC and then celebrate by doing DeRo's celebration right in front of Tabla.
  3. They showed commercials for the Curacao friendly as well. I don't remember if they played commercials for the previous friendly... perhaps cause it was almost 3 years ago.
  4. This. Still glad to see it happen (although I totally didn't notice it during the game).
  5. I'm not in Waterloo region anymore, but I'd like Centennial from a sentimental point of view. I went to my first pro game there, Kitchener Kickers in 1991, although I don't remember who they were playing against, or what the score was. My youth soccer team were ball boys. I'd also like Centennial from the point of view of someone that now lives in Toronto, and would like to catch a game or two (either to support a Toronto team if it exists, or just to support KW if there isn't a Toronto team). Like you said, nice and accessible from the highway.
  6. TFC subbing out a couple Canadians at half wasn't laughable in my opinion. They care about winning the tournament. Anyone who thinks Altidore in for Ricketts doesn't improve TFC's chances is kidding themselves (and I love Ricketts!). Osorio off for Delgado is more up in the air, but in general the stats say you should make subs earlier rather than later. Tonight doesn't exactly contradict that logic since they were down at half, and got the win.
  7. Queue the speculative outrage about Zambrano holding grudges to the detriment of the national team.
  8. 200 people! Not bad. Does Woodbridge often draw that many fans or was this a particularly big crowd? I assume the Croatian contingent to cheer for/against the referee's assistant didn't make up a significant percentage of the crowd.
  9. ... says the guy who said "This has to be one of the most unconsciously and, frankly, embarrassingly insensitive comments ever made on this board. If you don't know why, you should be following darts and basically not ever post here again. Disgusting."
  10. Stop making me hope Cavallini does terrible for Canada just to shut you up! The CMNT gets so little written about it, then when someone writes something positive you argue we would all be better off without having it ever written.
  11. To play devil's advocate, which stat line would you say looks like a player that has done squat for the team? 20 games played, 5 goals or 3 games played, 0 goals
  12. It's great to see us able to hold out so long. Not that long ago we wanted to cap everyone who signed a contract.
  13. I don't really know anything about Smale, but this will be his 5th term (2 year terms I think?) and he still hasn't managed to unite the province. Does anybody that knows the situation better think he can ever be the guy that gets things organized into a single stream rather than the current fractured, club vs academies system we have?
  14. In my opinion, it's the ref's decision to stop the play if there is a serious injury. I grew up with the notion of sporting behaviour with the team with possession kicking the ball out of play, and I still play that way, but in the professional game where so often the "injured" player is not being sporting themselves, just trying to get a stoppage or trying to get a player booked. So why on earth should the team with possession be held to a higher standard of sporting behaviour? Obviously in this case the player was actually injured, but I am completely fine with teams abandoning the practice altogether. It is unfortunate that it panned out that way for Montreal though.
  15. Steve Sandor posted an article on the11 this week about using stop time like basketball or hockey. I'm not sold on it, but that would be 1000x better than a system where you may punish players for being legitimately hurt.