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  1. General Discussion on CMNT

    Ranking is important for world cup qualifying seeding, but friendlies aren't that important for ranking.
  2. Ha. If a guy drawing up the pyramid can't remember how everything works together, then it's too convoluted!
  3. Sergio Camargo

    Go to Oakville and help them beat TFC in the Voyageurs Cup;)
  4. What is OASL? My apologies if this has been mentioned earlier. Is that supposed to be the level below OPDL? Or is it a non OSA league?
  5. Raheem Edwards

    This was my first thought when they announced more TAM. There is a limit of 8 internationals, and the number of players that you can pay more than the so-called "maximum" keeps rising. Soon you are going to have 8 very high quality internationals, and a few decent domestics in the starting 11 every game. Not much room for young domestic players to get the experience they need.
  6. Atiba Hutchinson

    Well, to state the obvious that first sentence is a given. If he signs with an MLS team, it will mean he is in his post Europe career.
  7. One of the things I like a lot about L1O is that they occasionally release info on players that have moved on from the league to get pro contracts. Unfortunately it doesn't come close to covering all the youth team options, but some of the bigger clubs you can see how often they promote players from L1O to pro, so that is helpful. It would be great if OPDL, SAAC, etc. leagues would do this as well (I don't know if they give this info out or not, but I hope that is the way of the future).
  8. Russell Tiebert

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be in his position too! But I just think there has to be MLS teams that would use him, and it seems like Vancouver will not.
  9. Russell Tiebert

    Back in the rut you go rusty.
  10. 2026 WC Bid?

    I don't see any mention of that in here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_FIFA_World_Cup_seeding It would seem unlikely too, because they would already be avoiding each other in the group stage since they are from the same continental federation. So the best you could do is put them in groups that won't play the first couple knockout rounds against each other. I believe there have been cases where match ups involving countries that are hostile towards each other have been avoided in soccer tournaments before, but I can't remember when. I think the Champions League has done it (Russia vs Ukraine for example) but I'm not certain.
  11. CPL General

    On the topic of the 60-90 days mentioned on May 6th. Yes, they didn't say that they would announce new teams in that timeline, but it seems very likely. Paraphrasing below for effect. "Today we are announcing that we have sanctioned the bids of two teams to join the CPL!!! And in the next 60-90 days we should finalize the sanctioning of more bids!" If the first ones warranted an announcement then of course some people are going to assume the next ones will too.
  12. CPL General

    I really wish I could like this. I am going to have to try to ignore it because when I read this it looks like next week they are going to announce the league is starting in June next year. But past experience has me assuming next week will come and go with no new information and we will have to tell ourselves that the big week was probably about something behind the scenes and then we will think maybe June will be when we find out about the teams and start year of the first season and then possibly have to readjust again when we don't get that news next June.
  13. OK, I've done a bit more work and I can replicate the club index numbers CONCACAF came up with. I had 2 mistakes (better me than them!) that I've cleared up, and as I suspected there was some jumbling of which team is which. Interestingly enough they did things like use the score for the Caribbean champions, but the Caribbean runners up would have scored higher (but still come in last). Another note, Guatemala would have been ahead of El Salvador in the club index if they weren't currently banned by FIFA. Missing out on this tournament though will have to drop them lower though (10 points worth I think... but possibly 13 depending on which Guatemalan team's results are dropped out of the 5 year cycle).
  14. True, but MLS teams that people thought were poor have outdone better teams in the past. Of the 5 "MLS" slots in the tournament the two best performing have been the MLS Cup runners up (which more recently is the non-Supporters Shield winning conference champion) and the Voyageurs Cup champion (which has been won by non-playoff teams several times). So we shall see how it all unfolds, but Colorado will have a tough draw, either TFC or a Mexican team.
  15. Colorado were just barely squeezed out. The club index points for the MLS spots are 76,73,73,71,71. For comparison, one spot above that cluster is a Mexican spot with 101 points, and one below the cluster is a Costa Rican slot at 65 points.