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  1. Just what I need. Another date to get too excited about. I'm doing my best to ignore dates very far into the future since so many dates have come and gone with nothing at all. When I hear something like "Press conference on Thursday" I'm going to get excited.
  2. As much as I'd like to see L1O eventually split into a couple divisions with pro/rel, Windsor is probably showing why even in an area as relatively small as southern Ontario that regional divisions may be necessary. I am definitely still hoping for more of a geographical footprint too. Hopefully this is just a rough patch for them and doesn't have to be the norm. I haven't heard of any similar problems for OSU Force (based in Ottawa) this season, has anybody else?
  3. Yeah, I wasn't disagreeing with you. In fact I agree, in particular about more home games to help grow the fan base. I was responding to Bison's comment about playing two games rather than one specifically for ranking points.
  4. I didn't see the game, but I just saw on the L1O website that Oakville beat Windsor 11-0 this weekend. I checked the box score and it looks like Windsor didn't have to play short handed like they did last weekend. They seem to have made 2 subs at half time based on the minutes played for each player on the website. Oakville are looking like the favourites to win the West. Sigma still has a shot though.
  5. I'm not an expert, but I think it's a bit tough to come up with one easy to understand rule like more games or less games. It gets complicated with game dropping out of the last 12 months (so being devalued), or it could be dependent on your record in competitive games, etc. But generally I would say it's better to have a better winning % than total wins in a year. Like if you play all your friendlies against team x, it's better to win 3 out of 4 games against team x than it is to win 4 out of 8 games. You would get y points for a win against that team, and you get a 0 for each loss, regardless of who you lose to. So the first scenario would get you 3y/4, and the second would get you 4y/8 (which is y/2). Your example of playing one highly ranked team 1 time could do something like this. Let's say you get 500 points for that win. That would be your average for the last 12 months for a whole year. But then when it moves into the next period (13 to 24 months) it's weighting is halved, so you would now only get 250 points for that win. However, if you had a team that was getting, say, an average of 300 points every month, then that team would go from 300 points 450 points after 12 months (because of 150 points for their halved 13 to 24 month period, + 300 points for the most recent 12 months). So the team in the 1 game example would have a higher ranking for a year, but then would be much lower in the following year (at least until they get another single game win for their second year). I hope I didn't make this even more confusing.
  6. That's not how it works. They average the points won over the year. So there isn't a benefit to playing two friendlies rather than 1 friendly in terms of ranking. More competitive games helps because they are worth more points, so you can increase your average.
  7. My point wasn't about which stadiums should be picked. My point was just that it would be a shame. I don't know what they will end up picking. I think the most likely options from the list in no particular order, are BC Place, Big O, Rogers Centre, Commonwealth, and expanded BMO. But every stadium needs some sort of work done, so it may come down to who wants it the most.
  8. I agree, but last playoffs Ricketts was consistently getting on the field already with there only being 3 subs allowed. I'm thinking there is a chance (probably slight unfortunately) that Hamilton could be an extra time, 4th sub, plan B option if they are in a position to either pull one of their starters due to fatigue/injury, or if they are dominating a team in possession such that they can pull a more defensive player off in favour of Hamilton.
  9. Say what you will about Toronto and the whole "centre of the universe" thing, but it would be a real shame if the most populous city in Canada, that also has the best soccer stadium in Canada (I don't think that's very debatable), to be left out of both Women's and Men's World Cup hosting.
  10. Did anyone else think this new rule change has the potential to get Hamilton into an extra time game, especially if Giovinco or Altidore are gassed/cramping? Or is that still too much to ask for?
  11. I would assume those likely aren't the reasons Ottawa are unhappy with USL. Those issues were wide out in the open before they joined the league, so if they are unhappy about that, they REALLY didn't do their homework before jumping in. I imagine it's more behind the scenes stuff.
  12. I would love to see him come back to Canada and play in L1O until he could get on a team in USL, NASL, or ideally if it doesn't take too long, CPL.
  13. Yeah, I'm outraged with the World Cup hosting split. I feel like it will essentially turn into this. *USA 2026 *Canada and Mexico also hosting select matches
  14. Because it's worth it to you personally. Sure, these guys probably love playing professional soccer. But maybe they hate the constant bouncing around from team to team, country to country. And maybe they also really like the idea of doing whatever their next profession would be. Maybe with your soccer career comes a lot of other hardships, but you could have a better life if you took a different job. Maybe they are tired of the instability and want a regular job.
  15. Please not in the US!!!