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  1. Rintaran

    PLSQ 2018 season

    Is PLSQ not streaming any of their matches this year? I was hoping to catch a few (mostly AS Blainville), but have been unable to find any links.
  2. Rintaran

    Five ways to help the CanPL starting TODAY

    Guaranteed, I won't be able to see games live. Can I still buy merch, beer, and have fun? Ok, I'll probably fly out to 1 match a year. Planning to choose a different stadium each year. Since I'm attending the match in Hamilton this year, their CanPL team will probably be at the bottom of the list.
  3. Rintaran

    CPL Stadium Thread

    "Confirmed" Highlanders to Canadian Premier League. Also "Confirmed" the 13+ Municipal Areas that are commonly mistaken as "Victoria" are finally amalgamating! Ok... Neither of those things are actually confirmed, but as far as CanPL rumours go, that's how this should totally read.
  4. Another interesting note from yesterday's matches: all 3 eliminated teams gained 5 points, and all 3 advancing teams managed 9. I wonder if that'll carry through, or if we can expect something a little crazier.
  5. Great job Kent. Please keep this up. If it pans out as you suspect, I may be able to use this to determine multipliers in order to better set the CL and CCL elo rating spots for NSXI. Only an opening round in, and I'm already very dissatisfied with using the average of the CAN/US sides. I knew I would be, but really didn't have much to use (that was easily accessible) in order to weigh them better. I look forward to seeing how this all pans out.
  6. Rintaran

    Victoria Highlanders 2018

    Buy the tickets. I lived in Victoria last few years, and loved being at the matches. The team's game-day improved quite a bit last year over the previous, and that's on a very shoe-string budget. Sadly, I'm now at the other end of the country, so I'll have to settle for watching the online stream this year. I'm pretty optimistic about this new ownership group. Highlanders were doing a good job reaching back into the youth soccer community, and I feel like that's going to expand immensely in 2018. The new ownership group has some really good ties in Victoria, so I would expect to see them leverage those ties to promote the club, and what their academy can do for youth. It remains to be seen exactly what they'll do. I mean, they only took over a couple weeks back, give'm a chance to get a footing. With new logos, new kits, new coach and new players all starting to add to the new ownership, there's going to be a lot on their plate right off the draw. But please, buy tickets and support local soccer. Oh, and make sure you let me if/know when they have kits on sale. They're top of my list.
  7. I inquired with BC Soccer concerning this recently. There have been no changes since the idea was "temporarily put on hold"
  8. Rintaran

    CPL General

    I think you mean northernstartingeleven.com . I get the feeling CanPL Hub is going to focus more on the supporter culture surrounding Canadian Premier League, and perhaps serve as a sort of archive for CanPL news and the like. Honestly, I'm not sure what to expect, but I definitely welcome more places out there to get different opinions and news for the league. Either way, I'm hopeful they'll be down for occasional post swaps, both with NSXI and with other Canadian soccer news/opinion sites.
  9. Rintaran

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    I'm really disappointed in the format that was chosen, especially since we were originally told that the PLSQ and L1O teams would not be facing each other in an opening round. They've earned their place and deserve to play against the pros. Hopefully this is the only year that plays out this way and the CanPL (and maybe PDL) teams are allowed in for the 2019 version.
  10. Rintaran

    Duane Rollins Fantasy League

    Next season, if you choose to run it again, screw the penalties. Just keep adding 30 minutes and ramping up the player's exhaustion level until we get a winner. To that effect, you may also wish to add a stamina stat of some sort.
  11. Rintaran

    Duane Rollins Fantasy League

    That was a great series with Scarborough. I was actually pulling for you to get the upset, because that would be a pretty good storyline, but I'm happy to take the cup as well. Thanks for running this @Gopherbashi. It was a lot of fun throughout the year.
  12. Rintaran

    PLSQ 2018 season

    Thanks! I'll have to google translate, but it's a good start.
  13. Rintaran

    PLSQ 2018 season

    Do you happen to have a link to the announcement or club? I'd like to read a bit more on the newcomers.
  14. Rintaran

    Duane Rollins Fantasy League

    Thanks. It would have been a tough overturn. Porc needed to lose while Beav won, or Porc needed to draw while Beav won by a crazy number of goals. Personally, I was kinda hoping for the later because that would be an awesome match to read through the 90+ pages of highlights, but it would have been pretty brutal for their opponent.
  15. Rintaran

    Duane Rollins Fantasy League

    Looks like it still wouldn't have happened. It truly came down to that last match to lock in the the top spot. I love it. I'm glad there's a bit of a break until the next matches get underway. I'll be getting regular internet back on Oct 17th, so I'll be able to allot my points and prepare for the Paul Bierne Challenge Cup. Beaverton took the Voyaguers, Porcupine managed the Montagliani, it'll be kinda cool if someone else manages some upsets to take the Bierne.