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  1. Seems like we have someone eligible to play for Canada in Spain He was born in 2001 (16 years old). He seems eligible for both Argentina and Canada Position: Midfield Found this about him: http://cslsl.ca/larrondissement-doutremont-honore-ses-athletes/ He participated in Jeux du Quebec, "Quebec Games". A Montrealer in Spain...good for him
  2. CPL General

    And find business partners...let's say Katz group?
  3. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    Hope it cures some people on this board who keep thinking the US are much better than they truly are. Watching our game against Costa Rica, we certainly played way better than the US did the Hex. It was frustrating to watch knowing we could have done better. 2022 looks even better for us with the US either being in denial and make next to no change or start from scratch.
  4. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

  5. CPL Stadium Thread

    But I want my BC derby. Surrey is far enough from Vancouver.
  6. CPL General

    Soccer Specific Stadium! Hell yeah
  7. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    yes. They aren't as invincible as some people on these boards think they are. Hoping the Hex finally opened some eyes
  8. CONCACAF Nations League

    following the UEFA model, we'd be 1st tier assuming they split all nations in 4 groups Example: 41 members Ranking : http://www.fifa.com/fifa-world-ranking/ranking-table/men/concacaf.html League A Mexico, Costa Rica, United States, Haiti, Panama, Jamaica, Honduras, Curacao, Canada, El Salvador League B Trinidad & Tobago, Nicaragua, Suriname, St.Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Guatemala, Guyana, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico League C Belize, Barbados, Dominica, St.Vincent and the Grenadines, St.Lucia, Aruba, Cuba, Bermuda, U.S Virgin Islands, Montserrat League D Turks and Caicos Islands, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Anguilla, (Martinique, French Guyana, Guadeloupe, St.Martin, Sint.Maarten, Bonaire no ranking in FIFA)
  9. CPL General

    I think CPL initially will get lots of Canadian players loans from MLS. No need for "affiliations" for loan deals back and forth
  10. CPL General

    That's an awful lot of capital and risks those owners are dealing with to simply end up being an MLS affiliate...don't you think?
  11. CPL General

    I don't know how many time Paul Beirne needs to state that MLS B teams won't be allowed for some people to understand
  12. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    This sums up a lot on why they failed to qualify 3:50 mark -Most arrogant US team I've seen in 20 years
  13. CPL General

    You're killing me man but my god you open your eyes. The USMNT got beat by nations that have domestic leagues operating with a fraction of what MLS invest as so many here say, "lower level" of play than MLS. As for your second point, sure the big 3 cities (the few fans that watch the product anyways) will see it, but the rest of the nation will simply rally around their local club or ignore soccer altogether. You seriously think someone from Saskatoon will convert to TFC because of the difference of play? I seriously doubt that. Lastly, it's their millions/billions. Can we let them spend it how they see fit? If they feel they don't need the USSF, then let them.
  14. CPL General

    Hope cooler heads did prevailed and that Surrey was preferred over Abbotsford
  15. CPL General