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  1. Ansem

    CPL TV Contract

    CC your MP and Minister of Canadian Heritage. Your MP's office should follow up on your letter.
  2. This is my reasoning on why you don't give bye to MLS clubs. Canadian Championship not being on TV should have pointed people to the obvious fact that not many watches the tournament. Casuals don't care about it, the media barely does. MLS teams facing each other in the finals year after year didn't change the poor ratings. By giving "bye" to MLS teams, you're almost guarantee to repeat the same teams meeting up in the finals AGAIN. Has that drew before? Why would it draw more now or later if it didnt in the past with guys like Drogba and Giovinco and even Davies? Ok, some will say that CPL teams will bring more viewers. Sure, but they were still uninterested in the Canadian Championship finals featuring the same teams years after years. What makes you guys so sure that once their teams are out, they will keep watching the same teams going at it in the finals, which they've been ignoring the entire time? From a broadcaster perspective, a massive drop in viewership for the final game isn't good either. There should be a built up towards the final, not the other way around. With a random draw, MLS teams could be facing each other earlier and could be eliminated earlier. That increases the odds of different combinations of final games while creating NOVELTY and a STORY to get behind...most people like cheering for the underdog. If MLS teams are that good (which they are), one of them will win the tournament regardless but make the whole ride so much more enjoyable and it could draw more fans in the process. Isn't that what we all want, what the CSA wants, what media/casual would prefer and most importantly the players would want new challenges? So we should pay the price of frustratingly witness an overall lack of interest in this competition just to please teams who's "raison d'etre" is to actually play games and compete...Makes no sense. Lastly, the argument that MLS teams deserves or earned those byes, my question is at what price? This tournament is a PRIVILEGE not a RIGHT. They earn CCL after winning it. Why should they get special treatments while Real Madrid doesn't get byes straight to Quarterfinals or Semifinals. I'd like to think they've earned such privilege way more than TFC or Montreal. So let's push (it's the V Cup after all) together to get 16 teams in random draw. If more teams get added than it should be MLS and CPL while some sort of qualifiers for D3 leagues. What do you guys think? Thank you @socceronly What say you?
  3. Ansem

    Victoria CPL

    Not really. When Montreal, Gatineau, Quebec City and Longueuil merged, no one lost their jobs. You just make the bureaucracy bigger. Some roles for some of them do change. Same for Toronto. Take it from a public servant, politicians cares very little about what the bureaucracy thinks.
  4. Ansem

    Victoria CPL

    They are being more inclusive. In their promo, using Vancouver Island is aimed at getting the whole island behind the team. The word Vancouver is good to get people on the mainland and medias to look that way. Pacific makes pretty much all of BC care about the team as they view themselves as a Pacific province. Whatever gets eyeballs on TV and buts in the seats is all that matters in year 1. Down the road, if Nanaimo gets a D3 or D2 team and more teams like Surrey, Kelowna and Metro Vancouver pops up, they can always change to Victoria, although there's little reason to do that
  5. Ansem

    What should we do with the Voyageurs forum?

    2 groups of Montreal Impact (kop Montreal & 127 Montreal et amis) and a general group (SoccerFoot). I've been giving the a CPL 101 crash course. It's crazy how isolated they are due to the lack of interest from Quebec Medias. It will take a team in Quebec City for them to get interested. I wrote to Paul Beirne on what I saw on those forums and how CPL could sell better in Quebec. This board being bilingual would attract a load of them. Posting here and the interface is easier than Facebook I think personally. I find it more convenient.
  6. I get that too. It's a CSA tournament and I hope they would be working towards a solution instead of just throwing the towel. Blainville playing in Laval could be of of such arrangements while there's funding put in place to upgrade facilities. That's why I would pick the finalists of both leagues first until I open the tournament wide open.
  7. I understand you just fine but we have 8 CPL teams. How do you determine which one meets MLS teams in Quarterfinals as it's their 1st season? Would they have to qualify for that stage? I just don't see the CSA doing that personally. 8 CPL + 3 MLS + finalists of L1O and PLSQ (4) + Next best D3 team = 16 teams (random draw) That would make a fun tournament.
  8. Ansem

    What should we do with the Voyageurs forum?

    @socceronlyYou need to win over the Quebec fans. I'm part of 3 Facebook groups and they should also be here. Making this forum bilingual is complex but the potential payoff may be worth it
  9. I understand what you're saying but your putting the needs of MLS teams (playing less to focus on their campaign) ahead of the need of fans (more exciting tournament) and Canadian soccer (More CPL teams/Canadian players facing tougher opposition than just the 1 CPL team surviving previous rounds) There lies the difference in our point of view.
  10. If MLS teams are the best then they have nothing to worry about by entering at the same time as CPL teams, no? We don't need to copy the US open Cup. Let us be different and have a random draw and see what happens. The tournament would be more exciting. The goal is to put on a show for the fans. Besides, the Canadian Championship isn't a big draw, it need to change its format and having CPL teams eliminating each other so one of them qualifies for the semi-finals with MLS is same old stuff, different day. Not a great way to improve the tournament or draw more fans
  11. How about they all start at the same level
  12. Sorry to be cold... Any talks of MLS teams getting "bye" ahead of CPL is weak
  13. Ansem

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Anyone thinks the some truth to this?
  14. Ansem

    Herdman new head coach

    He also emphasized on leaving nothing to chance. When you're Canada, that's a wise course of action, you take anything you can get to help you get a result
  15. Ansem

    Herdman new head coach

    Too be fair, we are facing very weak teams. He's not talking about fielding a B team but assessing a few players at a time over the course of 4 games to see how they perform. Dominica and US Virgin Islands are your best windows to assess our youth without risking getting upset. Otherwise, when will you ever get to assess them on the pitch? Our young player needs the playing experience in CONCACAF if you want them to do well in the next few cycle. I don't mind subbing in Millar at the 70th minute if we're ahead 4-0 or Godinho or a Cornelius. Our defensive youth corps does need to be assessed on the pitched. Swapping them in after our A team puts the game out of reach makes 100% sense. Assessing them also means taking them with you so they train with the A team to see how they perform during practice and their overall attitude and most importantly, mental toughness.