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  1. Alphonso Davies

    Training with Man U would be to the benefit of both the Caps and Davies. You think they'd figure as much... It's dumb really
  2. Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    @ thinking so small
  3. Montagliani: Canadian soccer has to do more than just host MLS Cuphttp://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/montagliani-canadian-soccer-just-host-mls-cup/
  4. Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    But they will if their own team faces them
  5. Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    Who knows? Maybe not short term but long term could work. Victoria and Surrey will attract a lot of curiosity. Also, I recommend that you stop implying that the whole province identifies itself with Vancouver. Couldn't be further from the truth in regards to Montreal vs the rest of Quebec. When the Nordiques were around, the rest of the province was way more behind Quebec City than the Habs. Perhaps it's the Caps that knows that hence their displeased regarding CPL. The more team you put in Western Canada, the more eyes you take away from them and the more you limit their ability to penetrate other markets.
  6. Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    I think that's why CPL wants to bring more clubs to more communities. If what you say is true, then applying North American/franchise model to Canada soccer wise isn't the wise choice. Bringing more clubs to more cities willing to support a club is the best way to get more eyes on TV. With MLS refusing to expand in Canada, they practically doomed the 3 cities to be locally supported almost exclusively TV wise except playoffs. CPL's ceiling is higher TV wise as more Canadians will have a reason to watch the product. Of course this is assuming the marketing is done right and the quality and overall presentation of the league is good
  7. Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    Stadium attendance target : Surrey - Fraser Valley TV viewership target : British Columbia
  8. Maxime Crépeau

    He's shown flashes of brilliance and I see the potential. He might just needs a change of scenery
  9. Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    I will say that I personally disagree with the use of "BC" when Victoria and maybe a Burnaby team could exist down the road. Let's not forget that if we ever see a D2 league, Kelowna & Richmond wold be prime candidates. My personal thought was that Surrey should focus on solidifying their Surrey - Fraser Valley ahead of going after the whole province. Then objectively, I must admit that it's a smart strategy if for the foreseeable future its only Victoria & Surrey. Victoria would most likely focus on getting Vancouver Island behind them while Surrey - BC would try to get the province outside of Vancouver to identify with them until the demand grows for more team. Change of names are always possible (Phoenix Coyotes renaming "Arizona Coyotes") Maybe when the Vancouver Whitecaps joined MLS, they should have renamed themselves British Columbia Whitecaps...Surrey just beat them to it. Can't be negative so the risk is small or nil. Also, anyone hating on Vancouver will have a team to rally behind. (Most states, provinces biggest cities are usually hated by the rest, so giving them a team to channel that hate is far from being dumb) How much of an exaggeration is the word significant? TV viewership doesn't reflect that and my experience from Montreal is that the team barely draw outside Montreal Island. It's very city limits centric except during playoffs.
  10. Liam Millar

    to not interfere with his club minutes
  11. Atiba Hutchinson

    He can go to MLS post Europe career. CPL would be even better
  12. CPL General

    Can't be applying North American sports League logic to FIFA
  13. CPL General

    It's something, but it ain't enough