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  1. Massih Wassey scores his 5th of the season in a 7-1 win, keeping Paderborn on top of the table.
  2. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    I like the guy and the squad he's assembled, but coach of the year seems laughable, even to me. We'll see how the season plays out, but so far we haven't been the best at anything, apart from maybe stealing results.
  3. Tesho Akindele

    We have options across the front now, and Tesho will be in tough for minutes. Zambrano is able to assess his players throughout the camp, not just in the friendly. We're not so lucky, but I've been pleased by what we've seen so far from the team under OZ.
  4. Victoria CPL

    I'm in no way trying to take away from the HarbourCats. I know they've been quite successful in the city and have a strong following. I just think that if Victoria finds ambitious investors, like CPL has been touting, than we as fans need to start thinking a little bigger as well. This isn't the PDL and the Harbour Cats aren't the Yankees. I think the team struggles from the get go, if they're perceived to be playing second fiddle at RAP
  5. Davies? Maybe that's only in the west.
  6. Jonathan Osorio

    Adekugbe had been on loan for 2 seasons. Of course he hasn't been making starts. Maybe that's poor cap management, but I still don't think he's being overpaid for what he offers as a player.
  7. Jonathan Osorio

    I think you're harsh on Adekugbe. When fit he's a pretty decent player, with potential to grow. He's likely a starter for Canada going forward, and he has European interest. I think he's out the door for nothing if they offer him the minimum.
  8. Victoria CPL

    I'd imagine, from an economic stand point, that CPL would hopefully trump amateur baseball. Maybe we should be thinking of ways to reconfigure RAP to accommodate a ball park as the secondary sport.
  9. Adekugbe again goes 90 minutes, against leaders, Malmö, in a 2-2 draw.
  10. Massih Wassey scored the winner for Paderborn yesterday. That's 2 goals and 3 assists in 6 games for him, helping his team stay top of the table at 5-1-0
  11. It's nice to see that Zanatta's cup performance found him back in the squad. Hopefully he sees some minutes today
  12. Canucks Abroad‏ @Canucks_Abroad Following More Massih Wassey with an absolute GOLAZO for @SCPaderborn07 . The third division side is leading 1:0 vs. second division side. St. Pauli. 11:12 AM - 14 Aug 2017
  13. That, or many of us fans simply underrated him for years. He has an impressive amount of caps for his age.
  14. It looks to me like Borjan got yet another shutout in a 5-0 win in league play
  15. Ballou Tabla

    Players want to move up, and clubs want to hold out for a better deal. This happens all the time, and we don't have the info to judge specifics here. The irritating part for me is that he's gone public in such a petulant manner, and that he's doing it to his hometown club that have so much invested in him.