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  1. Borjan with another shutout, in a 3-0 win
  2. Zanatta with another MOTM performance in Raith Rovers' win today
  3. Liam Millar

    33 seconds into the match
  4. Atiba Hutchinson

    It seems like Burnley are very rarely aired on Canadian broadcasts either.
  5. In Germany, Kianz Froese and Gabriel Boakye both score match winners for their respective sides.
  6. Kadin Chung

    I would hope that it's as a loan or that they retain some of his rights. There's been too much investment in these kids to have them leave for free, just as they get close to repaying the club.
  7. Alphonso Davies

    For me this doesn't really seem to apply to Davies. He's certainly been given opportunities. Regardless, if the path to success for individual players is currently through European academies because of increased competition, than surely the path to succes as a country is through increasing the competition in our own academies. How does that happen if we don't retain our top talent and bringing in more competition? No country is continually successful by relying on other nations to develop their players
  8. CPL new teams speculation

    I hope you're right! It would be great if this league garnered that level of attention. MLS can be so bland at times because fans and media alike seem to lack basic knowledge of the other teams in the league. Even most managers seem to rarely vary their tactics for specific opposition. Or maybe I've just been watching Vancouver for too long.
  9. Alphonso Davies

    It's just so contradictory to me. Europe is better because players have to fight tooth and nail to earn a place, yet in America talented 16 year old kids should just be given a chance. What am I missing?
  10. De Jong has taken the spot. Harvey isn't able to get forward anymore
  11. Massih Wassey scores his 5th of the season in a 7-1 win, keeping Paderborn on top of the table.
  12. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    I like the guy and the squad he's assembled, but coach of the year seems laughable, even to me. We'll see how the season plays out, but so far we haven't been the best at anything, apart from maybe stealing results.
  13. Tesho Akindele

    We have options across the front now, and Tesho will be in tough for minutes. Zambrano is able to assess his players throughout the camp, not just in the friendly. We're not so lucky, but I've been pleased by what we've seen so far from the team under OZ.
  14. Victoria CPL

    I'm in no way trying to take away from the HarbourCats. I know they've been quite successful in the city and have a strong following. I just think that if Victoria finds ambitious investors, like CPL has been touting, than we as fans need to start thinking a little bigger as well. This isn't the PDL and the Harbour Cats aren't the Yankees. I think the team struggles from the get go, if they're perceived to be playing second fiddle at RAP
  15. Davies? Maybe that's only in the west.