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  1. Cavallini is starting to look awfully important. I wish he'd played more minutes recently. I sure hope he's fit.
  2. I'm sorry, I know absolutely nothing about this situation apart from what I've read here, but I'd expect him to buckle down and prove that he's being overlooked. He may have a very long and successful career, but he hasn't yet. It seems very premature to spurn the country you want to represent at this point in his career. But I wish him the best, and hope he sticks with Canada.
  3. If salaries aren't better I think it would greatly detract from the image of the league. Do we know what percentage of operating budgets are generally allocated to player salaries? Sorry, I've completely derailed this thread already. I'll double my contribution.
  4. I'd contribute to a Voyageurs award for the best Canadian in the league, but I hope it's not as a required crutch for our top talent to continue as professionals. Is 20k for the best U-23 player in the league a realistic figure?
  5. Pretty telling. Unfortunately
  6. He's extremely left footed, and has been most effective on the right, when given freedom to cut inside. From what I've seen.
  7. I agree completely. He could have a massive influence on the squad. Vancouver just don't seem like a club that would break their transfer record on an aging star, with no chance of recouping any of that money on a resale. I suppose Atiba could be a special situation though, particularly if there are plans to keep him with the club after retirement.
  8. I would love for the 'Caps to sign Atiba, but I can't see them paying that fee for a 34 year old defensive midfielder.
  9. I agree that punishing simulation would go a long ways. I think you could win over a lot of sports fans in Canada by simply marketing this league as a 'tougher' brand of soccer.
  10. Short passing certainly isn't the first attribute I look for in a wingback. For me, that quality is more important towards the middle of the pitch, or closer to goal. I agree Davies doesn't seem to possess the necessary positional awareness at the moment, but that's really not a surprise considering his young footballing history, and could be learned in time. I actually think he's a pretty decent one-o- one defender for a winger/forward. That being said, even though I think he has the attributes to play as a wingback, I have no desire to see him converted anytime soon. He should be playing closer to goal at this level, and at this stage in his career. If he jumps to a higher league, and finds his offence stagnating, than I can see him converting.
  11. How did he play?
  12. Who's the most vital player now that Hutch has left us?
  13. I prefer a single table structure to determine league champion (it's fair), but I doubt that will happen any time soon considering travel costs in Canada. I like when clubs are given the opportunity to climb the ladder and when clubs are relegated for performing poorly, but I doubt that will happen any time soon considering the low number of professional clubs in this country, and the single entity structure of the league. Despite this, I disagree that you need pro/rel to become elite. Fans love playoffs, and knockout tournaments. If you don't fancy Liga MX playoffs (which is your loss because they are incredible), look no further than Champions League or the World Cup.
  14. He's been very positive in the matches I've watched, and looks to have good technical ability as well. I'd certainly be bringing him in for a look. I'm excited to see how he performs against top level opposition. He's got an exciting year ahead of him