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  1. It's nice to see that Zanatta's cup performance found him back in the squad. Hopefully he sees some minutes today
  2. Canucks Abroad‏ @Canucks_Abroad Following More Massih Wassey with an absolute GOLAZO for @SCPaderborn07 . The third division side is leading 1:0 vs. second division side. St. Pauli. 11:12 AM - 14 Aug 2017
  3. That, or many of us fans simply underrated him for years. He has an impressive amount of caps for his age.
  4. It looks to me like Borjan got yet another shutout in a 5-0 win in league play
  5. Players want to move up, and clubs want to hold out for a better deal. This happens all the time, and we don't have the info to judge specifics here. The irritating part for me is that he's gone public in such a petulant manner, and that he's doing it to his hometown club that have so much invested in him.
  6. Regardless of where he lands, we know he's trying to move up a level. There is always the risk that you get stuck behind better players when you do this. It's on the player to earn their spot at the new club. At least in Montreal the club will have a vested interest in playing a local kid. He won't get this anywhere else he goes.
  7. I like the move. I do hate the structure of MLS contracts, and the difficulties players seem to sometimes run into transferring out. It's not impossible though, and at least now we might actually get to watch Piette play at club level, and really take stock. I can't say I've had that opportunity before. Besides, the Gold Cup final was flooded with MLS players, and neither Canada nor Piette is beyond that level yet.
  8. Yeah I don't think there's the financial backing to even consider it right now, but god do I hope they find it.
  9. Speculation, or intel? I thought he had a slight 'abductor injury'.
  10. Save yourself the frustration, and skip it.
  11. Pretty quiet, but he's never looked great against an opponent that is sitting back and defending.
  12. I have some friends opening one up in the next few weeks. I'll ask about future opportunities, as I like a lot of your stuff. I would expect you to help me turn them on to the footy scene though.
  13. I disagree. If you can isolate Waston, and dribble at him, he's very susceptible to mistakes. We have plenty of players that can cause him trouble by attacking with pace. We'll need to avoid crosses into the box, and we'll have to restructure our set pieces.
  14. Has his finishing actually been poor, or is he just not finding himself in good scoring positions with Vancouver? Because that's a pretty common theme with the 'Caps these days.
  15. Excited to have them onboard, and in the news! Let's celebrate, not grumble about thread etiquette.