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  1. SpursFlu

    Kamron Habibullah

    I saw Collyn play in the U19 semi final against LA Galaxy. Didnt do much but considetong he's 15 and LA is very highly regarded, the fact he's even on the field was impressive. My impression is that he is very confident and very skilled. He was always looking to take players on with tricky little touches. He'll need to fill out. Scored a handfull of goals this last year playing between both youth teams
  2. SpursFlu

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Whitecaps posted a video of a pretty awkward media scrum with Toronto media. One person seemed convinced he's from Toronto lol. Davies handled it like a champ. Now i know why Robbo shielded him from the media wow. I think he plays tonight, Robbo playing mind games
  3. SpursFlu

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    My understanding is both players made the trip and may still play. Henry apparently punched a wall after the last game so a hand injury
  4. SpursFlu

    St. John's CPL

    If by saying 2nd division do you mean Championship? If so i would say that's about right. Its no dissrespect, all things being equal the Championship is a really good league. The only real argument would be that it might be overstating the mls a bit but i think since all teams arent created equal thats about right
  5. SpursFlu

    St. John's CPL

    I think they said that about soccer
  6. SpursFlu

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    Our style does suck but last night so did the refs
  7. SpursFlu

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    Because you dont like their style of play they deserved to get hosed by the ref? If we carpet bombed 20million bucks on 3 players maybe we could play tiki tak football but regardless the calls were terrible
  8. SpursFlu

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    What the hell was that.. red card was a joke.. total foul on Hurtado 5 minutes in to extra time(where did 5 minutes come from?) Turns in to a goal. Total farce
  9. SpursFlu

    Cyle Larin

    And scores 2 goals.. sounds like a typical Larin outing
  10. SpursFlu

    Alphonso Davies

    As a Spurs fam i recall not winning like 17 games in a row with Bale as a LB. I remember hating the guy and it becoming a big joke. Also as someoneeho played a lot of fullback. Its a total misconception that being fast makes you a good fullback. If you look at the best fullbacks they tend to be very smart positional players with a willingness to get forward at the right times. Patient players. Davies can play LB because he's a freak but its not his best position
  11. SpursFlu

    Alphonso Davies

    He was never really used on the backline. There was a few games when Brek Shea was scoring and when he was subbed in Davies was moved back but it was more of a full back with license to get forward. The theory was Davies was more effective when he has space to run at people. It was more of a complement to Davies thatas opposed to being subbed he was better off somewhere on the field. The experiment ended when Shea was no longer viewed as a good option off the bench when we needed a goal (because he sucks) and Davies started to prove that he was dangerous with space, without space, whenever wherever. If memory serves me i think Davies only started 1 game at full back, maybe 2
  12. SpursFlu

    Alphonso Davies

    I think we need to decide what constitutes "wonderkid" or maybe just "kid" but if im getting bored i can only imagine how others feel Anyways Pulisic good player, cant wait for Gold Cup 2019
  13. SpursFlu

    Alphonso Davies

    My point is the who is the measuring stick right now in global football for "wonderkid" i think ive already said who it isnt Its just an overall comment on howamerican soccer always creates its own seperate reality with their key figures and standards that at times the rest of the world is completely unaware of or oblivious to
  14. SpursFlu

    Alphonso Davies

    Really? I dont care much to be honest. He's a good player but there are a lot of good players. If you follow the transfer market there are lots of good 19 20 yr olds coming and going from big clubs. Its not based on his ability im just not that interested The last thing i think of when i think Alphonso Davies is how does he stack up to Christian Pulisic? I think more Vinicius Jr.. same age, similar style, similar situation, big transfer going to big team from a smaller league etc etc
  15. SpursFlu

    Alphonso Davies

    I didnt say he wasnt the real deal. But what does he have to do with Alphonso Davies?