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  1. Canadians in MLS 2017 season

    Marcel goes 90 in the 1-1 draw. Davies for 19. I would pull Tchani and put Marcel at LM ahead of Harvey at LB. They interchange so good and Marcel plays DM much better than Tchani.
  2. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    Well that was underwhelming. While our regional rivals are putting the boots to their opponent tonight we get 1-1 draw.
  3. Duane Rollins Fantasy League

    And being that opponent I'm glad it didn't
  4. Whitecaps2 2017

    "Although there are no restrictions to Canadian players on the Fresno team, there will also not be any guarantee of minutes for them. Gone will be the “you have to start six Canadians” rule mandated by the CSA. I was never a fan of this to begin with. Players should be played because they deserve it, not because of their passport and in my opinion that held WFC2 back in the environment they were playing in." At the first team level I'd agree with this but not at anything lower. That is where you need to put Canadians in on a regular basis and if they don't cut it then put some other Canadian in. Oh well it was good while it lasted. "it's pretty clear that the CSA doesn't mind USL and PDL teams folding, clearing the market for the CPL to come in." Or the CSA doesn't care about things they can't control. If they ever get the CPL running they will have something to control. That's a big if and it could be years away. In the mean time there is less playing time for Canadians at the lower levels.
  5. Will Johnson

    I think it is a lot more than just those 2. He sounds like it will be wholesale change time. When you have 38 GF and 51 GA you need to address both offence and defence. I think Johnson might stay but it depends on his salary more than his playing ability. $414k is a lot of money in a salary capped league.
  6. Will Johnson

    As I hope both he and his wife have and put their kids interests ahead of their own.
  7. Will Johnson

    How true. First they say "The evidence reviewed by the MLS league office does not establish that Johnson physically assaulted his wife." so there is no proof that any crime was committed but yet "Nonetheless, the league office has concluded that his overall conduct the night of the incident was not consistent with league policy."??? WTF? What exact league policy is that? To never get into anything controversial and accept that it is guilty until proven innocent in MLS?
  8. Concacaf Hex results (R)

    People on the V forums: Come over for beer, we'll buy and good stuff. We can watch the World Cup on TV together.
  9. Funny real world soccer things

    I really hope that it was a long extended shootout to decide it.
  10. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    Fairly honest assessment on his way out the door. A perfect storm to make them pay for not putting it away earlier in qualification. Hey, Bruce buddy, at least you didn't lose 8-1 ....
  11. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    Man that was 17 years ago. You know 4 World Cup cycles ago. Proud of our past achievements but lets not rest on our laurels (as meagre as they are, 1986 & 2000)
  12. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    Even more than that is the fact that this should inspire our players. The USA is not on par with Mexico and other regional heavyweights. They can be beaten by a determined group of players who won't quit, have a bit of luck go their way and can score one brilliant goal. Time for us to be that group!
  13. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    At home with a full 8 days to get ready against a team in 8th place with a minus 22 goal differential we'd better win it for all the reasons UT mentioned.
  14. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    And one phenomenal top 1/2 EPL keeper ...
  15. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    Robben immediately takes a dive to get more room at the table than the others Best comment I've heard in several world cups is "Robben at the slightest hint of a touch in the 18 goes to ground with facial expressions like Captain Jean-Luc Picard on a bad acid trip".