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  1. CPL General

    So you're saying there IS a chance
  2. CFL Thread

    Maybe that why the CFL was switched from the MORE sports section to being visible .
  3. Who is MLS Champion?

    I think if we ask the Calgary Stampeders, we'll know the answer.
  4. In the interview he says born in Toronto June 30, 2000.
  5. CPL new teams speculation

    The only way MLS 2 teams should be allowed in CPL is when CPL has a 2nd division.
  6. CFL Thread

    Congrats to the Argos and I hope this Grey Cup win will bring in more fans to their games next year.
  7. CFL Thread

    How is the Als GM still there?
  8. CPL General

    I have a cousin who's in marketing and he agrees that the team should be named after the city that it plays in to get as much local support as possible.
  9. CFL Thread

    Can't wait to see a team in Halifax(Maritimes) and hopefully one in Quebec City and another in the west(Victoria?) one day.
  10. CFL Thread

    Sportsnet finally put the CFL with the big boys instead of the" MORE" sports section. Wonder what happened?
  11. Ballou Tabla

    So what you're saying is he just used our coach for his benefit.
  12. Ballou Tabla

    If he doesn't give 2 shits about Canada, why did he bother meeting/talk with OZ?
  13. 2026 WC Bid?

    I believe it's Desjardins moving there not TD.
  14. General Discussion on CMNT

    If we'd win the Gold Cup, qualify for the World Cup and be in the Hex, we wouldn't have to worry about our ranking, it would take care of itself.
  15. CPL TV Contract

    All I hope for is any TV deal so I can watch as many games as possible since there probably won't be any teams in the Mtl area for awhile. But I'll definitely go see games live that are in reasonable driving distance. Can not wait.