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  1. matty

    CPL General

    #1 complaint about the league so far...EVERY TEAM IS A FUCKING FC. Goddamn focus groups fucked that up. Like York 9 and HFX Wanderers didn't need it and Cavalry FC should be Calgary Cavalry. Variety is the spice of life guys. That said Forge FC and Valour FC work same with FC Edmonton. Pacific FC is pretty boring and vague but has pretty colours so might work out in the end.
  2. matty

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    I think it very well could be if this is cpl linked. Would be a mess to piss off a lot of people who are at your stadium regularly
  3. matty

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    he was an assistant gm and as @zeelaw said it doesn't look good for a league with a fairly confused image already
  4. matty

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    I kind of doubt they would give him both the manager and VP roles. They could but it just seems unlikely. It would also continue the really confused image the league keeps putting forward so far
  5. matty

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Coach being announced July 27 http://york9fc.canpl.ca/york-9-fc-coaching-announcement
  6. matty

    CPL General

    $2million...I want to change some of my players predictions and say we will see CPL lure some guys from the bigger teams in Central America and South American top tiers. Also more MLS guys will come (Tosaint, Tesho, Jackovic) and Haber and Aird will be leaving Scotland. Maybe we actually see non-Canadian names. Funny what an extra $500k can do. We could actually see CPL teams with $1m+ starting XIs.
  7. matty

    Canada vs Dominica Tuesday October 16th 7pm in Toronto

    edmonton against costa rica drew around 8k in 2013. canada against both belize and dominica drew better in toronto. now i admit these were wcq games but there is reason to believe even with casuals skipping in toronto the draw can be better in the safer market of toronto for this level of game. come tourney proper, i'd be shocked if they stick to toronto and vancouver but at this level it makes sense
  8. matty

    CPL General

    He is still working the the CPL (here's him listed on the Hamilton press release http://canpl.ca/article/forge-fc-unveiled-as-hamiltons-canadian-premier-league-club). He's also working with beIN.
  9. matty

    Victoria CPL

    That's a stretch given the size of the Pacific ocean. Also fuck tradition The team is playing in the Greater Victoria Region. It's not uncommon for teams based in the burbs to take the name of the main city. I picture hippies driving to California
  10. matty

    Canada vs Dominica Tuesday October 16th 7pm in Toronto

    I dig but the team is a fickle draw even within the big three (citing the game last year with the "bigger" Curacao). Drawing more than 5k against any of the teams they're facing in NLQ outside of Toronto or Vancouver seems fairly unlikely (with Ottawa, Hamilton or Montreal maybe being the exceptions) and there are other reasons like Dominica and St Kitts and Nevis preferring the easier travel to Toronto playing a role. I do hope, if Canada reach league A with the USA, Mexico and Costa Rica, that they expand into Winnipeg, Calgary and Halifax epesically if the CPL is proving players to CONCACAF teams.
  11. matty

    Raheem Edwards

    It's the curse of being a Canadian linked to both Toronto FC and Montreal Impact. Do you not remember Issey? (Bekker doesn't count)
  12. matty

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Yea but it's not necessarily bad. Whitecaps wanna secure their best talent. That's fine. Sure CPL teams could negotiate loans
  13. matty

    Canada vs Dominica Tuesday October 16th 7pm in Toronto

    I spoke with Findlay last year when he was interim. He said they were working to bring more games into Canada (which they did in 2017). I know they've over gone a massive change since and I think they wanna save money and stick to official games for a while.
  14. matty

    Victoria CPL

    Largely agree we won't see a single one for every province. I could see BC + Alberta and Saskatchewan +Manitoba leagues. 4 leagues would be a nice number. don't exactly like the idea of adding a team to the maybe CPL 2 cause it could be bad for the d3 teams money wise and could kill some CPL markets if they had to drop to the regional leagues. I also want to see D3 stick to being about development (I know some might disagree and that's fine) Also not big on Pacific FC. The use of Pacific feels kind of vague, played out and bland to me (the later especially after that really bland Weezer album last year...which I am now listening to lol). I feel there were better options, heck Cascadia FC would be better as it could drive a rivalry with the region's 3 MLS teams. Do wish they just had gone in as Victoria's team but I guess they worried about market size.