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  1. CPL General

    Wasn't it 2014? That's when NASL Canada was first mentioned. Seems like the first serious thing
  2. Will Johnson

    I think Kreis is going to try and change the culture of the team up a fair bit too given all the shit that went down this year. I would not be shocked if Johnson is released given his salary and off field issues.
  3. Will Johnson

    That should be a given but he def has some work to do.
  4. Will Johnson

    Hopefully he's used the time to reflect on his behavior that night.
  5. Concacaf Hex results (R)

    This is the current state
  6. CPL Stadium Thread

    How dare you ruin my shit post Btw in nyc staying with some folks who follow soccer. They think it's rich that canadians of all people are mocking them about the world cup. Quote: when canada makes the hex we can talk.
  7. CPL General

    Regarding BC, how funny would it be if the stadium had nothing to do with CPL but instead was related to a bid to bring Aussie rules football to Canada with a team operating like the Wolfpack that plays in the AFL.
  8. General Discussion on CMNT

    So going back to Zambrano's "litmus test" comment, what do you guys think his and the CSA's "competitive standard" is? Like what do you think the ranking cut off is?
  9. NASL Lawsuit vs USSF

  10. Canada vs El Salvador - Sun Oct 8th - Houston TX

    I agree with you that friendlies do matter (especially since Canada doesn't have any games of real weight until 2019). Those points are needed. I'm not too concerned over this game, it was bad but not end of the world. I think you're over thinking the citizenship thing here. Most of our players are already duals at birth so that risk is already there (it's not something created by our ranking) and now that we're developing players at home youngsters don't necessarily have to leave and the older guys that do go are usually cap tied before they go. All that said we need to raise and maintain our rank
  11. CPL Stadium Thread

    Watch. This has nothing to do with CPL and is instead an attempt to ride the success of the Wolfpack and make rugby bigger than soccer in Canada.
  12. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    So Fox Sports paid $200m for the World Cup and now they have no Americans to show off
  13. General Discussion on CMNT

    Roster rules!
  14. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    They do especially in goal. I don't think it's right to call them overrated (7 straight World Cups and 6 Gold Cups including the most recent count for something) but feel they have problem letting go of the old guard and other strong nations have figured out what their current tactics. I don't think they need to blow everything up but it looks like it's time to change the coaching approach and seriously insert some new blood into the regular roster.