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  1. General Discussion on CMNT

    Wait and see. Who honestly knows? Also nothing wrong with a U23 camps. A big reason why the US gets the opponents they do with such ease is because it's the US and there's a nice pay day in it for everyone. There is a desire to play there so the US is able to arrange things with ease. This desire does not exist with Canada and you should just accept it already. It's not weird to have a late announcement for January as it's a non-FIFA date. They've already announced a u23 thing and it would not be shocking if this is the camp and included a friendly with either a U23 or senior team. Also it sounds like the November game was one that fell apart towards the end. Why? No idea.
  2. Doneil Henry

    Wouldn't mind Netherlands or return to Denmark personally. Maybe he could actually play a game in Cyprus
  3. Doneil Henry

    Anyone know if he's fit yet?
  4. CPL General

    @Futballer you got a mention 2 years ago
  5. General Discussion on CMNT

    With the Nations League the importance of friendlies will likely diminish greatly
  6. General Discussion on CMNT

    ehhh maybe the u23 camp ends up with a game against like Turks and Caicos or something
  7. Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year for 2017

    I played in spirit. I earned .1 caps
  8. Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year for 2017

    you should close voting now cause everyone is just gonna pick hutch Also: If you do a final tally of votes and publish it as a list I insist the vote for me be included
  9. Ya think he knows the sport of ice hockey or soccer finances better?
  10. Atiba Hutchinson

    We disagree on the main point but happy to see we can share this view hope everyone does
  11. Liam Millar

    Prior to his first cap Davies had played 11 USL and 19 MLS games under his belt not 11 and 8. Also playing and proving yourself against men is more valuable than playing and proving yourself against boys.
  12. Liam Millar

    He played in USL and MLS for like a year prior he's first senior cap. Both are senior leagues.
  13. Liam Millar

    I'd say the rationale would be he's not playing at the proper level yet and they want to see him play with a senior team first which is fair
  14. Liam Millar

    For youth or senior team?
  15. Atiba Hutchinson

    From the Sandor OZ article https://the11.ca/zambrano-says-major-changes-coming-to-national-program-for-2018/ And, moving from the junior players to our senior star, Zambrano revealed that Atiba Hutchinson, who on Wednesday was named this country’s men’s player of the year for the sixth time in his career, may still wear Canada red down the road. Hutchinson is playing a key role for Besiktas as the Turkish side moves onto the knockout stages of the Champions League. Hutchinson will turn 35 in February, but still plays like a 25-year-old. Zambrano said that earlier this year, Hutchinson told him that he was planning to play his final game for Canada. “I know that when I spoke to Atiba he was feeling down, he was going through an injury, he wasn’t sure if Besiktas was going to extend his contract. But they did… I talked him out of it. I said ‘don’t make a decision you don’t have to make.’ You can still give Canada some precious moments in soccer. You can help this country achieve some milestones. You can be part of us making it for 2022. “I know that he wants to come back to Canada, to play for one of the teams in MLS. But the way he’s playing now, I think it serves us better for him to keep playing in Europe, so we can continue to enjoy watching him play there. And Zambrano said that the new advanced statistic measures only add proof to Hutchinson’s value. “Amongst the best players in the world, he sneaks into the top 10, the top eight. I think he might be the most underrated sportsman in Canada.”