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  1. CrossCheck

  2. 2026 WC Bid?

    um, don't forget about CalgaryNEXT. I could see an Olympic bid and a FIFA WC game being used to justify that stadium.
  3. Kyle Bekker

    if it is policy, why is nobody with weight calling him out on it (i.e. csa)? Considering the silence, I get the impression Garber is right.
  4. Jessie Fleming

    Thanks for the updates Forgedias. I've never followed NCAA before, but I am now
  5. Potential CPL logo concepts

    Very nice. Looking forward to the Calgary logo. Foothills is taken, how about Bow Valley FC? The proposed NEXT stadium will be right beside the Bow River.
  6. Your XI for November

    ah, sorry, I thought this forum was nothing but speculation. No, I'm not on the coaching staff, so I'll leave it to all of you that have the cold hard facts.
  7. Your XI for November

    he didn't get called up because he disrespected the coach when he was subbed off.
  8. they have the freedom to go play with a club that shares their beliefs.
  9. hard to believe this story made national media. The parent and player are so far out of line it is ridiculous. Don't like club policy, then move to a new club. Want to change club policy, then run for the board. The sense of entightlement shown by the parent/player and the eagerness of the media to pick it up is alarming.
  10. I'm in a small town in Alberta, about 30k people. The community hosts many sports and has great facilties, so having a soccer club is taken for granted. There is both an indoor (once a week, 1.5 hr, Oct-Mar) program and an outdoor (twice a week, 1.25hr, May-June) program for U6 (2009 & 2010). Everyone gets a size 3 ball and are broken up into teams. All the teams practice on the same field at the same time, but separately from each other. The first half of each session is a practice, then the second half is a game against another team, small field, 4v4, no goalies. Score and standings are not kept. The emphasis is on having fun and a few basic skills. The U6 coaching is 100% volunteer parents. There isn't any UEFA B license coaches in our area, not that we could afford one even if there was, and I doubt they would be interested in our house league players. The best we may do is a parent with the community coaching courses, but that is rare.
  11. First time I have seen the Voyageur Cup being presented. Is it normal for players to parade around with their non-Canadian home country flags? Why is it important for these players to tell everyone that they are not Canadian even though they just won the Canadian Championship? Seemed out of place to me.