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  1. January U23 Camp

    Nicolas Galvis is a 97 in Colombia who was on the Gold Cup shortlist and was called into one of the earlier summer camps. As well, Diego Gutierrez in Chile
  2. Roster is out... peculiar to see no one born earlier than 1997. Nice to see someone from sigma invited https://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-soccer-s-men-s-national-team-program-announces-u-23-camp-squad-p161329-preview-1 CANADA1- GK- James Pantemis | CAN / Impact de Montréal3- FB- Terique Mohammed | CAN / Toronto FC Academy4- FB- Julian Dunn-Johnson | CAN / Toronto FC II5- FB- Derek Cornelius | SRB / FK Javor Ivanjica6- M- Shamit Shome | CAN / Impact de Montréal7- M- Liam Fraser | CAN / Toronto FC II8- M- Tristan Borges | NED / sc Heerenveen9- F- Shaan Hundal | CAN / Toronto FC II10- M- David Choinière | CAN / Impact de Montréal11- F- Adonijah Reid | USA / FC Dallas12- M- Alphonso Davies | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC13- F- Luca Uccello | CAN / Toronto FC II14- CM- Aidan Daniels | CAN / Toronto FC II15- CB- Thomas Meilleur-Giguère | CAN / Impact de Montréal16- M- Mansoor Afzaly | CAN / Sigma FC17- F- Gabriel Wiethaeuper-Balbinotti | CAN / Académie Impact Montréal19- M- Clément Bayiha | CAN / Académie Impact Montréal20- M- Mathieu Choinière | CAN / Impact de Montréal21- CB- Kamal Miller | USA / Syracuse University22- GK- Thomas Hasal | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC U-18 Residency23- FB- Daniel Kinumbe | CAN / Académie Impact Montréal
  3. Zambrano out!

    A bit disappointing for both CanMNT and CanWNT
  4. Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year for 2017

    1. Hoilett 2. Piette 3. Osorio
  5. Pottsy3

  6. He was subbed out in the 71st minute in a 2-0 win. This win put Pereira at the top of the table, tied with Leones
  7. The shot can be seen in his instagram story, looks like he rung the crossbar from pretty far out
  8. Nicolas Galvis entered in the 86th minute for Deportivo Pereira in a 1-0 win.
  9. Kenny Stamatopoulos

    Meaningless update: the qualifying logo on the arm is not a sewn on patch but instead printed on and seems to be a fuzzy material. Not totally sure of what that means for the authenticity but it sounds better to me since the patches couldn't have been purchased separately.
  10. Roberto Stillo

    I'm assuming he's trying to get out there and earn a CPL contract
  11. Kenny Stamatopoulos

    From going through the Canada soccer Flickr albums, I found pictures from games in that World Cup Qualifying period where they clearly do not have the names on the back. I agree that it's weird and I never recalled jerseys without names, that's why I had to ask.
  12. Kenny Stamatopoulos

    I was thinking maybe one that was tossed to fans at the end of the match? Maybe a young kid got it and then hasn't followed the team since? All I can do is speculate. It was a large and was selling for $9.99 so I made sure he bought it for me. I'll do some more investigating when I pick it up in person later.
  13. Kenny Stamatopoulos

    Wasn't totally sure where to post this, but wasn't really keen on restarting a 2014 WCQ thread. So let's bump this 13 year old Kenny Stamatopoulos thread. My brother just found this jersey at a value village in Niagara Falls. There is no name on the back, however the arm patches (2014 Brazil World Cup qualifying) tell me that it's a men's jersey and I know Kenny has worn 22 with us in the past. It looks the same as in this match picture below. I'm basically wondering about the possibility of its authenticity, as I assume there aren't many ppl buying stamatopoulos Canada jerseys. Does anybody know if they sold jerseys to the public with the qualifying patches on them? Also did the jerseys during this era not have names on the back of them?
  14. This is some misplaced anger. I feel as though you should probably redirect this argument and edit the name in your post from Finlay to Teal Bunbury. His circumstances were essentially the same as you're trying to mention, except he was actually eligible to represent us.