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  1. SuperCanuck

    CPL en français

    Pour moi, c'est important de pouvoir voir des jeux en français, mais aussi c'est très important d'avoir des équipes au Québec (particulièrement à Québec) et aussi dans les autres régions francophones. - Un anglo de la Colombie-britannique
  2. SuperCanuck

    The lesser known sports thread

    It looks and sounds Norwegian rather than Finnish.
  3. SuperCanuck

    The lesser known sports thread

    This looks like a sport for people who like knee injuries.
  4. SuperCanuck

    Second Canada team to join English Rugby League (Montreal?)

    I saw Vancouver being mentioned before, but the travel would be horrendous. It already seems like such an unfair advantage for all other teams in the division to travel across the Atlantic while Toronto sits around at home for weeks at a time. Vancouver's also been mentioned as an addition to Super Rugby a few times. The travel would be even further, but more evenly distributed. I'd much rather watch union than league, so my fingers are still crossed.
  5. I don't remember it being changed from Air Canada Centre to the odd-looking American spelling.
  6. Ottawa Red blacks, Minnesota Wild (not helped by that crest) and the late Atlanta Thrashers.
  7. I'm not up on pop culture, but I'm surprised that Selena Gomez dated Barney the dinosaur.
  8. SuperCanuck

    Victoria CPL

    I thought they couldn't add any seats on the east end because of the arena next door. I see they found a way to throw some temporary stands onto the rugby in goal area. Nice that they want grass and covered grandstands. This might replace Spruce Meadows as my favourite ground once they tell that hydro pole what to go do with itself.
  9. SuperCanuck

    Alphonso Davies

    I wonder how much attention Davies is getting in Germany. Someone's gone to a lot of trouble to not only paste a Bayern shirt on Alphonso, but also putting this video together of Davies making it look like the opposition are the ones who are 17, not him.
  10. SuperCanuck

    Alphonso Davies

    Apparently there's been a lot of Linkfuss about him.
  11. SuperCanuck

    Metro Vancouver CPL Club

  12. Sorry. I was thinking in the future, but didn't make myself clear, and assumed you were somehow inside my head and thinking the same thing. Of course, for the first season it makes sense as you described it. Thank you.
  13. You're absolutely right in the first paragraph. However, I sure hope the MLS teams don't get to fluff their way into the competition at the end the way you've described it. Although their skill level will undoubtedly be higher than the CPL teams for a few years, they're not any higher on the pyramid, and the scenario you painted will make the CPL look second rate. I'm not saying you're wrong, I just hope it doesn't turn out that way.
  14. SuperCanuck

    Alphonso Davies

    Whitecaps have a coach? ...oh yeah, that guy.