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  1. Whitecaps Off Season 2017-2018

    Harry I'm not sure I follow the logic. The CSA minutes thing was 6x90 540min/game or maybe a little more right? You are using NYRB2 as an example to follow with 4-5 non american starters, so that means 6-7 american starters, which would be right on the domestic target we set for our USL teams. So they are roughly playing the same amount of domestics as we try to.....hmmmmmmm. Their domestic prospects are better than ours possibly?? Well then I dont blame TFC/VWC2 for bringin in a CU guy like Telfer or Zator/Levis. They meet the CDN quota are a little older/wiser and prob still deserve a shot. Or its the quality of foreign guys we bring in that suck? Well blame that on Vanney cause alot of them are his draft picks. And I dont think the MLS teams see the USL affliates/second teams as being there to develop academy players. Draft picks and fringe players get dumped in there most of the time as well. The USL team has to prove up some of these kids at the academy kids expense. And NYRB2 are lucky enough to have alot of their former academy kids go on to be groomed in college and come back as homegrowns at 21-22. So is it really them or the college that deserves the credit? The USL team was just a brief stopover for some of those young americans transitioning from college ball.
  2. Stephen Eustaquio

    Hindsight is 20/20. Who is the guy we are going to be moaning about 6 months from now? Kapor, Didic..Bokai?? If we bitched about Eustaquio this much instead of Crisante etc last spring then maybe he would still leaning towards canada. And your not being fair Kadenge. Tesho was in a U-17 camp, Osorio was in the U-20 program, Eustaquio was back in Portugal for years. Players will slip through the cracks and plenty of kids dont show their potential at 16-17. But waiting until a kid is playing elsewhere for 4-5 years, then gets a call up for Portugal, then crying about the CSA is counter productive. I dont think CSA has alot of paid scouts looking for kids. And if they do, coming to this board might be their first stop, we can make noise about duals and kids that might be unknown. And even of we did pursue, we are still going to lose kids, fact of life.
  3. Isnt that the point though?? Who is to say which 18-22 yer old fringe kid can still go on and become a CMNT contributor? If we have 6-8 more pro teams playing in canada with mainly young canadians getting real chances for playing time, some of them will surprise us. Look at Didic, MA Kaye or Kacher. All 22 years old, all fringe guys that cant couldnt a MLS lineup. They got USL minutes thes last few seasons and stepped up and are all a little closer to MLS or maybe CMNT. We should have our own league (focused on homegrown players) to give these kinds of kids the chance for playing time.
  4. MLS Player Development

    I get what your saying TRM, but arent we still going to paired up with the usual suspects in this tiered system?? Wont we still have to beat Honduras, Panama, Jamaica, El salvador etc to stay in the top tier or get out of second tier? We can barely get results now sending the full CMNT, let alone with "more emphasis on the U23 players". More games means more guys can get rotated in, but we need those ranking points, the wieghted wins against CONCACAF opponents. There will be more chances but I am not sure if it will result in a big bonus of playing time for youngsters.
  5. Peru-NZ WCQ Playoff

    I dont know, the way things are going I might file my one time switch papers. Take the easy route, cheer for Spain.
  6. Tristan Borges

    At least this shows us that OZ is keeping on top of youngsters in Europe. Funny how we go from a couple posts about a kid every few months to blaming the CSA for not getting him into camp/friendlies. If we had called Crisante, Ferrieira, Eustaquio, Borges and all the other guys that look good in hindsite we would have had 60 guys in the last camp.
  7. CPL General

    ??? It was my understanding that the KC royal name comes from the American royal stock show held in KC for over 100 years..sort of a state fair kind of thing with a rodeo, BAR-B-Q etc. The local one in Manitoba is also called the Royal MB winter fair.
  8. Peru-NZ WCQ Playoff

    I think JPG has a point, our young fans need to get EU passports/go to germany and learn what its like to really be a fan. And if they show the prerequisite amount of passion they can come back and cheer, if not i would just as happy if the stands at BMO are filled with Hondurans and journeyman americans. BrennanFan, you need to think outside the box. Fill your coffee thermos with piss before the game, bring the ballons/bags with you. Practice in the backyard, you'll get the hang of it. (My neighbors dont even mind anymore) My themos has a neat little spout, easy to avoid back splash. Fill them in the stands and then they are still warm when they hit those smug Hondurans rolling around time wasting.
  9. And it would put to an end the goldmine of FIFA ranking points the winners come out of these tournaments with.
  10. How long would it take for CPL to surpass MLS in quality?

    ARGGHHHHH, they are setting up a spin off!!!! NOOOOO!!!
  11. Peru-NZ WCQ Playoff

    Well i get we wouldnt do a fly by but how about the late night fireworks and noisy parades? Cars circling the hotel leaning on the horns?? If we are going to bemoan our players lack of passion and the lack of fierce competition they are exposed to, can we exclude ourselves from the same critisism?? We as fans have adopted a lazy entitled a "I'm Voyaguer, I've made it" attitude. Instead of the fight for your spot everyday to be a CMNT fan like German fans experience. Who here has practised throwing pissbags lately? Who will go the extra mile, endangering the public safety by pulling a fire alarm in the hotel?? If we are ever going to be on a level of Germany or Peru or even Honduras, we have to take a long look in the mirror, set aside "civilized cities" and do whatever it takes as fans to help the team, or just be a-holes.
  12. # of MLSers @ RUSSIA 2018

    I dont know, dont you think MLS has reached a point where people are showing up anyways? They wont get the growth that an american run to the semis would give, but I'm not sure no MLS reps late in the tourney will hurt much.
  13. Daniel Haber

    He had a few games for RSL monarchs where he played more wide and sent in a bunch of nice crosses. Hopefully he can keep playing until the CPL starts. He Might be able to do very well if initial quality is roughly USL level.
  14. Peru-NZ WCQ Playoff

    I wish just once we would return the favor.