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  1. Bison44

    Jonathan David

    Cap tieing worries aside, he should get a call based on his play. Do we have anyone else at any level of play scoring like this?? AJH can barely get minutes in montreal. Cavallini hasnt scored yet this season, why wouldnt he be in the top 3-4 strikers we have right now?
  2. Bison44

    CPL General

    Hey Daryn27..no we dont know about Ottawa (wink wink). That would be unprofessional to talk about them jumping leagues while the USL season is still going...but I think 99.9% of guys on here think they are the 8th team. As for 2 more teams, you can scan some threads but lots of rumors of a Quebec team, maybe another BC team or a Sask team. All rumors and speculation so far, but thats what makes the forums hum like a little beehive.
  3. Bison44

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    Kudos to the Caps for not packing it in once it started getting out of hand and fighting back, showing a little CDN grit. I had some bad flashbacks to the dark times when TFC would seemingly invent new ways to screw it up every season. Good ole Ricketts finally put it to bed.....kind of fitting.
  4. Bison44

    Tommy Robinson imprisonment

    So he isnt a soccer player?? Why are we talking about him?
  5. Roberts just returned from injury, just played his first couple games of the season. Last year he was a mainstay for Richmond. But if we are dipping into USL levels we can talk about Beckie, Didic (making the 18 alot but no games for SKC), Skyler Thomas, Attakora etc.
  6. And to make sure we do qualify!!!! How can we expect kids with options to commit when we dont even commit to this stuff ourselves. If we made the last one, maybe Tabla, akinola or Tomori might have been enticed into the CDN program. Even if Davies, Millar David etc are going to be playing with the full CMNT from now on they owe it to the program to try and get Canada into that next U-20 WC...even if have grown beyond it by that time.
  7. You are assuming that Hutch even comes. At this point in his carer we are lucky to see him suit up at all. I really dont expect him to be in both of these fall window CONCACAF games. We better get used to winning these games without him. I dont think you have to worry about it nam, one of those 4 starters you mentioned in midfield wont show. But just to make it harder for you though, what if Piette doesnt come...who do you stick in def-mid then (kaye out for season)?? And for RB, Petrasso played fairly well in the gold cup, why cant he handle USVI??
  8. Bison44

    CPL General

    And if you do have green card problems, they can make you leave country and go through the process again. After working/living for several years in USA had to move back to canada for over a year after green card problems. He was very lucky the company still wanted to keep him on after all the BS, these things are serious and you cant just move back and forth and not expect to have problems.
  9. Maybe Herdman/Biello were blown away by him in Toulon?? Even if he doesnt get a cap, coming to another camp would get him fully integrated into the system and ready for the U-20 in the fall.
  10. Bison44

    Jonathan David

    There was a push several years ago on here for him to get a shot, when he was having stellar years with FCE/NASL and was in his mid 20's. Now he is almost 30 and everyone is looking for younger options with an eye on 2022.
  11. Bison44

    Marco Bustos

    Dont get too settled in OKC. Come home to WPG!!
  12. Bison44

    Kamron Habibullah

    Where has the Collyn kid been playing?? Whitecap youth etc?? Seemed like in the preseason he was on the path to the big club.
  13. Bison44

    Tommy Robinson imprisonment

    What team does Robinson play for and how old is he?? Is he canada eligible and is he a RB or CB??
  14. I cant argue with anyone you've picked Namaste (except for hutch at CB), but experience tells me we never get the entire squad out, especially with the european leagues just getting into swing and MLS in the playoff push. SO I would guess we'll see a couple of the starting 11 stay with their clubs, ie Larin or Cavallini, Arfield or Hoilett, Davies or Osorio etc etc. So we might see Godinho (if healthy enough, Cordova, Edgar, Awuah, Akindele, AJH and maybe 1 of the Choiniere brothers round out the call ups.
  15. Bison44

    Atiba Hutchinson

    I coached alot of under 16 baseball and softball, half the kids didnt want to play the outfield. The only way i got my nephews to play "defense" in soccer was to tell them they had to stay close to the goal to keep the goalie company or he wouldnt have any fun when the ball was in the other half for extended periods.