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  1. Blue Bombers SC.
  2. Our CB situation is spooky. Most of our guys don't play much or play in lower level where they would get out classed internationally. James is our current bright spot since he's been good in important games. We are missing Edgar big time but him (and Vitoria) aren't getting any younger, and who knows how he is when he returns in the fall. Ferreira would fix things but that is a long way off.
  3. Rob Gale is looking over these. I thought he got axed.
  4. I hope we see Aleman in this friendly. He's playing sub minutes for one of the best teams in Costa Rica.
  5. Is he permanently at Korona or simply on loan from Ludogorets?
  6. To make things more Spooky Wilmots isn't scared of calling in MLS players like Ciman and oh would you look at that Ciman is a teammate of Tabla.
  7. He met with Cavallini?
  8. My timeline is probably mixed up since this is all after the fact.
  9. Of note with Begovic too. I think he got tired of playing in better leagues but still being second fiddle to the usual favourites of the coaches of CanMNT at the time, where as Bosnia offered him the starting position right away.
  10. I once made a page for Dylan Carreiro that was rejected because he hadn't played at a level high enough to be considered notable at the time. Cordova plays as a pro in D2 Chile which is professional enough according to Wikipedia guidelines.
  11. Gotta use all sources I've cited Lord Bob before in one article.
  12. I made a wikipedia page for him, feel free to add to it and to critique it.órdova
  13. I made a wikipedia page for him, just wanted some critques from people on anything I should add, thanks!érrez_Zuñiga I'm going to make one for Juan Cordova too.
  14. Has signed with the SF Deltas.
  15. Either him or perhaps Ricky Gomes.