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  1. I'd love to see this personally, but we won't see it because of Hoilett. -Borjan- -James- -Straith- -Vitoria- -Aird- -Arfield- -Bernier- Piette- -Edwards- -Jackson-Hamel- -Cavallini- This is a pretty fun looking team.
  2. I really want to see him on the left for Canada but we won't because of Hoilett.
  3. Looking at the squad for French Guiana we shouldn't take them lightly. A # of players are in Ligue 1 and 2, and seem to actually have a decent amount of appearances.
  4. How I figure this team lines up -Borjan- -Aird- -James- -Vitoria- -De Jong- -Piette- -Arfield- -Bernier- -Edwards- -Cavallini- -Hoilett- I figure if AJH is hurt Zambrano won't start him, also as we've seen he's better of the bench.
  5. That's all just Cheap Talk.
  6. I'm having flashes of Aird trying to defend Bryan Ruiz and Joel Campbell at RB.
  7. Because if I'm thinking like Zambrano, Arfield can do what WJ does but better, and most likely Bernier/Osorio and Piette are the other two in MF.
  8. Technically there isn't an Unattched player on this team since Aird will get listed with his last club before the season ended by CONCACAF and FIFA. Canada just lists the up to date current teams, of which Aird has none.
  9. In all honesty I'd rather see Arfield on the field over Will Johnson.
  10. His big issue and he has mentioned it a few times is that he is often away with Canada, and it is about to happen again as Vasas has Europa matches that he will miss because of the GC.
  11. I believe those rosters are smaller as a whole.
  12. Both Fraser Aird and Mark-Anthony Kaye tweeted they are on their way to Toronto. So they are both in.
  13. I looked into the team and damn I didn't realize this was the same Sedan from Ligue 1 a few season ago. They went full Energie Cottbus.
  14. I assumed he was going to move up a level.
  15. I'm done predicting games for Canada. Especially at tournaments. I just want a goal. I don't care if we lose 5-1 to French Guiana. If we score a goal then at least we can stop saying that the last goal we scored in a GC was in 2011.