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  1. *sees they finished third last season and almost got promoted* *checks if they are on the same track this season* *sees they are in the relegation zone* *falls out of chair*
  2. He should be, especially if Jakovic and Straith keep getting called.
  3. David Doe

    Just came on for Edmonton to make his pro debut.
  4. General Discussion on CMNT

    He mentioned their terrible showing at Euro 2000.
  5. CMNT depth chart by position

    Oso plays in the middle for Canada. And Corbin-Ong is a FB.
  6. Jonathan Osorio

    He stuck a middle finger as a joke. Relax people.
  7. Alphonso Davies

    He's been pretty poor as of late for Vancouver. He's 16 but a world of difference his form for Canada.
  8. Does the CSA actually follow this board though? There's a lot of players who we've pointed out who it seems the CSA has ignored despite being perfect additions to the pool, like Andreas Vaikla who would probably come to play for Canada if asked.
  9. Canada vs El Salvador - Sun Oct 8th - Houston TX

    Their defence is a bunch of reserve players and Oscar Sorto. Maybe Larin will be able to pot in a goal finally.
  10. Bryan Cristante

    Can't really be mad. Dude is Italian and just happened to have a Canadian dad. I will be rooting for him because of that connection.
  11. Abraham Dukuly

    Just came on to make his professional debut for FC Edmonton!
  12. not lower than Portugal's.
  13. I don't see an MLS team signing him. CPL seems like a safer bet.
  14. If Santa Clara are promoted and he plays regularly in their top flight he should get called up.
  15. Honestly his situation is reminding me a lot of Stanese's at Augsburg. Usually if a player is good enough for the 1st team they are 20 or under when they get called in, Elva is playing regularly with the second team but he's 21 now and will be turning 22 in 2018. Stanese was making appearances for Augsburg's second team then "graduated" and was released.