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  1. Kwame Awuah

    I think they see him as a MF not a wingback or fullback.
  2. Atiba Hutchinson

    They rested most of their main players.
  3. Marco Bustos

    Bout sums up coaching in this part of the world, doesn't it?
  4. Marco Bustos

    The guys at TopDrawer have always loved Bustos.
  5. La'vere Corbin-Ong

    wow well that ends his chance at an NT career.
  6. Stephen Eustaquio

    Honestly he's never given an indication that he wanted to represent Portugal for the long term. This was probably him going in for the experience of playing in a camp and come March I'm not surprised at all if he files his switch and is called-up by Zambrano for a friendly.
  7. Kadin Chung

    The Vancouver academy is so overrated especially in regards on how they treat their players. They always tout them as graduates but really that just means "didn't make the first team"
  8. Alphonso Davies

    In Davies case I think Robbo is the real detriment to him rather than the MLS system.
  9. Michael Smith

    This is all assuming Canada even knows about him.
  10. Mark-Anthony Kaye

    doubt it. He's not a starter for his team.
  11. Stephen Eustaquio

    He's not eligible for any Canadian youth teams anymore, not any meaningful ones anyway.
  12. Stephen Eustaquio

    We losing everyone!
  13. Patrice Bernier - more to give to club and country?

    damn the more I think about the more I get really disappointed Canada squandered that mid 2000s midfield.
  14. Canada's Friendlies

    I remember asking Squizz a few years ago why Canada only does one friendly per fifa date and he told me that usually teams don't want to come to Canada for games and that the CSA doesn't really have the money to get decent opponents on the regular.
  15. Fraser Aird

    Sure but with TFC Vanney has emphasized his wing play and I like having him as an out and out winger since Junior, Aird like to hold on to the ball more and make their way into the box.