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  1. So is this his league debut for Palestino?
  2. Forrest?
  3. I think he might do well with a non-academy USL side, a la Kacher.
  4. The interest from Primera teams is interesting. My friend's family is obsessed with the Santiago Wanderers. I would love for them to be one of the team looking at him.
  5. We have an unfortunate trend with a # of players where they are at a good team during their development teen years and then boom they transfer to a third or fourth division team never to emerge again, yet still get called up regularly to the national team. Piette being the obvious example.
  6. As a hockey fan what always amazed me was how well Swedes picked up English, guys like Henrik Lundqvist and Niklas Lidstrom have no real non-english accent when they speak it. They almost sound American or Canadian when they speak English.
  7. We don't have an excuse to not get out of that group since CR and HON won't be sending their best to this tournament because the Hex is still going on for them.
  8. One point implied here is if Canada gets the WC this might be a huge incentive for a number of dual nationals to commit to the program.
  9. If it's grass though will the powers that be in Vancouver be willing to tear up the turf in BC Place and install grass?
  10. This certainly was out of nowhere. Reminds me when we were linked to that player. What was his name? Oh ya it was Mankind and in 1998 he was thrown off the top of Hell in a Cell by the Undertaker.
  11. Looks more like a 4-2-3-1. Bustos in the hole.
  12. *Looks at midfield* *screams*
  13. *sees Larin goals* *looks at Scotland call-ups* *screams*
  14. Chris Nanco has signed with Bethlehem Steel
  15. We don't really have an excuse if we fail this time around. Both Honduras and Costa Rica will probably send weakened squads because they are in WCQ.