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  1. Vince193

    Raheem Edwards

    Looked really good in his debut for the fire, getting an assist too. I really hope to see him finish the season strongly. Will be a very good option off the bench for Canada.
  2. The CSA scheduling more games? That's fantasy talk!
  3. I shall be going for sure. Very excited. Canada has won every time when I've gone to games. šŸ˜Ž
  4. Vince193

    CristiƔn GutiƩrrez

    no big news or anything but he's now listed as Canadian in FIFA 18šŸ˜Ž
  5. Vince193

    Alphonso Davies

    He's an HG so all of it. Montreal kept all of Tabla's transfer fee I believe.
  6. Vince193

    Ballou Tabla

    Canucks Abroad reporting that the Ivory Coast want him for their first team.
  7. Vince193

    Position Group: Centre Backs

    If Sadiki gets game time with Lokomotiva this season he shoots up the depth chart immediately. Although I haven't seen any updates with his status with his team in pre season.
  8. Vince193

    General Discussion on CMNT

    Does anyone know if Herdman has sent out feelers to guys like Eustaquio?
  9. Vince193

    Liam Millar

    Like a loan? If he's leaving Liverpool for Sunderland, who are a mess right now, on a permanent transfer I'd be a bit worried.
  10. Vince193

    Mark-Anthony Kaye

    I just want the dude to have a few good seasons in MLS before we think about him moving abroad.
  11. I forgot you're kind of a dick. My bad.
  12. Vince193

    Charles-Andres Brym

    It is a huge help that we have the World Cup. Don't be surprised if we see young prospects gladly rep us if it means they can be a part of that 2026 squad.
  13. Vince193

    Charles-Andres Brym

    https://www.losc.fr/actualites-foot-lille/premier-contrat-pro-pour-charles-andreas-brym signed with the Lille first team. Has he represented Canada at youth level?
  14. It's funny how we live and die by many of these dual nationals but then they don't really turn out into these great players once they choose Canada. He was really poor at the Toulon Tournament and as for this move, as long as he gets regular minutes that's good.