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  1. It's on Wikipedia but I can't find confirmation elsewhere but apparently Milovan Kapor joined Hapoel Hadera in the Israeli 2nd division.
  2. Liga MX is better than MLS. MLS sides can hold their own against the teams, but more often than not the MX sides will prevail.
  3. I suppose it depends if he plans on playing until he's 39, which is how old he'd be come WC time.
  4. Don't know why Mallan Roberts isn't getting any calls.
  5. The GK picks are quite frankly disappointing. Thomas rides the bench in 2nd div Norway. Leutwiler is also 2nd choice and I don't even know what Pantemis is up to these days. Irving, Ingham and Farago were all available and are playing regular, particularly Irving.
  6. I wonder if Miller leaves FCE if Boakai would return.
  7. Vancouver as of late is pretty bad at bringing through their academy products, typically just burying them in USL. I'd rather see them leave.
  8. That's really odd, he signed for RoPS and then is immediately leaving for Scotland?
  9. Scott Arfield vs Will Johnson
  10. Awesome to see him playing again!
  11. Is Wotherspoon even going to join Canada? Has Zambrano talked about him?
  12. Dude hasn't had much pre-season so I hope it's just him needing to settle in.
  13. I was also on Twitter and saw Gomes and Leutwiler on the bench with Haber also out of the 18, but you're right it's really an overreaction to opening day.
  14. I do love how we usually get optimistic about the new season an then boom *not in 18* *on the bench* *on the bench* *not in 18* *not in 18*
  15. I hope one day to see more Canadians in Liga MX.